The Exigent Duality
Better Without - 12:54 CDT, 10/12/18 (Sniper)
Of course, the solution to this is to just avoid women; follow the "Mike Pence Rule", and just generally keep things superficial.

I've been with wifey for nearly twenty years, and things weren't like this back then. If I were a young guy in my teens just coming through now, my first purchase would be a Fleshlight-like product. Then, I'd just resign myself to being a virgin my whole life. Those products are so life-like anyway, it sort of redefines "virginity" anyway.

I'm sure there are some decent women out there if you look hard enough, but is it really worth the risk, time, or money? Since there is a $50 substitute for sex, which you can have whenever you want with no risk or fuss, then what's the point? Not having kids is the only other bummer, but odds are you'd lose them in a divorce court anyway.

As for the horror show story, parents need to raise their sons with strong father figures, be compassionate and understanding, versus violent. And as for raising daughters, steer them as hard away from this Feminist "sleep around with chads in my twenties" bull crap as possible.
The Vault - 10:41 CDT, 10/08/18 (Sniper)
The more I read about Fallout 76, the more interested I am in it; it's shaping up to be "Skyrim with guns", except with full co-op support.
Fool's Game - 19:33 CDT, 10/07/18 (Sniper)
My dad was trying to "explain" to me the importance of voting: "But... but what if the Republicans don't keep Congress!!!" Like it's all some kind of sporting event, and I need to pull for the home team.

You can see what a sham all of it is just with this Kavanaugh ordeal as a microcosm: the key vote was cast by a woman named Susan Collins-- and she spent her entire nomination-day speech explaining that she voted for the judge on the basis of what a lousy "conservative" he is! It was 45 minutes of nothing but her recounting and praising his Leftist decision history.

And while we're at it, this Susan Collins herself is a Republican-- and after reading her entire rap sheet, I can't explain to you even a single one of her moral values or principles-- unless having no principles is some kind of a principle itself. She stands for nothing!

Like they always say, if voting mattered, they wouldn't let you do it.
Improvement: Turn Mario into Sonic - 07:52 CDT, 10/07/18 (Sniper)
Hilarious: if you re-do the Super Mario Bros. formula with a Sonic-esque aesthetic, it's instantly the best looking Mario game ever. Who'd have ever imagined? Not to mention, they took an intrinsically dorky, unlikable character design and made him cool.

As for all of the 3D Sonic remake business... let's just leave the whole "Sonic Adventure" formula behind-- the only thing those games share in common with the 2D ones is the universe.

The most interesting part is the Saturn engine-- but why mimic the obviously terrible, beta-quality stages from the unfinished "X-treme" work? What I wouldn't give to be handed the reins on designing a polygonal Saturn Sonic game-- I think I could come up with something really fun to play.
Growing Up Too Difficult? - 17:04 CDT, 10/06/18 (Sniper)
This is quite possibly the most cringe-worthy thing I've ever seen; party hats and streamers for a bunch of adults? Playing a stupid ass video game with Mario in it? Holy buckets.

Or, maybe these people are adult children? I bet the man looks like this and the wife like this.
Master League Progress - 12:56 CDT, 10/06/18 (Sniper)
I've continued building up my Master League team in Pro Evo 2019 from a payroll of less than five million, to just over nineteen million-- and in a totally sustainable way. Here is what the squad looks like presently:

I adore, and always enable, the long-standing series feature which respawns retired players in as sixteen year-olds, for them to re-develop and re-live their careers again. So far, I've acquired teenage versions of guys like Umut Bulut, Glen Johnson, Fernando Torres, Lassana Diarra, Mitsuo Ogasawara, and Justo Villar.

I also have two players rated over 80 now, in Nordi Mukiele and Lucas Tousart. Plus, my forward diamond of Levi Garcia, Nicolas Gonzalez, Matheus Cunha, and Mott are able to play intoxicatingly good football. In just another couple of seasons, several of these players are projected in-game to surpass ratings of 80.

Gonzalez specifically is developing into the next Cristiano Ronaldo, with his similar physique, pace, technical ability, and even acumen in the air. He's accumulated 22 goals and 14 assists in only 26 appearances so far for me this season, in all competitions. He finished runner up to that very Ronaldo in the "Ballon d'Or" votes last season, maybe he'll win it this year?

When the opposition defense does clear the ball, my midfield destroyer duo of Tousart and Federico Valverde continually win the ball back, then feed it wide to my fullbacks, whom I have pressed high. In central defense, I upgraded my depth with Jonathan Panzo and a re-spawned Dario Dainelli, which means I can rotate four centerhalves who can all intercept the ball excellently.

But enough talk: here are some recent highlights showing off the current squad.

Nerds and Connections - 07:11 CDT, 10/06/18 (Sniper)
To go along with my previous post, there is this. I wonder if being fed a constant diet of "whitey and men are evil" has anything to do with these numbers? Not to mention this read, which is so applicable to my own experiences in America's schools that it's not even funny (for the record, I went from "nerd" to "freak" during high school, as I "opted out").

All of this is why wifey and I now home school our kids: no brain washing, no bullying, and engaging real-life work.

In other news, I find this to be interesting. Boy does it make the case for not just Free software, but Free hardware too: it would be tough to sneak motherboards like these on the market, where the entire spec's operation and firmware, down to the last chip, was fully documented.
Indoctrination is Forever - 18:14 CDT, 10/05/18 (Sniper)
Wifey and I bought a stack of books from a local home schooling store. The kids and I got about two chapters into a conventional school science text book, before I had to stop: "wait a minute..."

My suspicions were confirmed as I started flipping through it, taking pictures along the way. As you look at them, ask yourself: is this book actually designed to teach the facts of science? Or is it made for some other purpose?

From a purely academic standpoint, it's supposed to be targeted to a third grade level. But even Duncan, who would have just started Kindergarten, was laughing at repeated quotes like "birds have wings", and "plants need soil to grow."

And remember, in an actual school, your kid is getting this caliber and style of "education" in every class. And these pictures are just a subset, and from not even the first half of this (rather brief) book. I could have kept going and going, but got bored.

Needless to say, the book went straight into the dumpster.

Economic Illiteracy - 12:48 CDT, 10/05/18 (Sniper)
Republicans see socialism as increased control of the economy, by the State. Democrats then say, "No, it's just the government giving out 'benefits'!"

That is increased control of the economy by the State, you liberal morons!

"Benefits" are the State, at gun point, stealing money from Peter to give to Paul-- er, to Laquisha, who uses it to buy $2 packages of hot dogs for her six wedlock kids, and to funnel parts of it to Tyrone, Keyshawn, Tyreeq, and the rest of the fathers, under the table so they can buy booze and Fortnite microtransactions.

Any movement of funds from the private economy to State purview is increased government control of the economy.
Off Track - 07:34 CDT, 10/04/18 (Sniper)
A friend of mine at work just got a brand new "Kia Stinger"-- which for those not in the know, is an M3 competitor; in other words, a compact executive car engineered by the former head of Volkswagen Group's BMW "M" division, Albert Biermann.

It's a cool car for sure: nearly 400 lb/ft of torque, to counteract its girthy 4000 lbs curb weight; rear-wheel drive, with part-time torque vectoring to the front wheels (ala BMW's "xDrive"); close to 50/50 weight distribution; and a high-end interior, plus aggressive body styling.

It all nets out in .91g skidpad, and 13.3 quarter mile times. Excellent!

The flies in the ointment: there is no manual transmission option, which seems like a no-brainer in a fun car like this one; like seemingly all modern cars, it has blinking lights for everything, tries to keep you in the lane as you drive, has an always-on GPS system (perfect for government or law enforcement tracking), and fifty million other pointless "features" which are annoying at best, and actively harmful in the worst case.

"Well obviously Sniper, you moron", you might say. "It's an executive car! It's luxury-first! It's not supposed to be a pure driving machine." The problem is, even the modern-day driver's cars-- even simple little econoboxes, for Pete's sake-- are absurdly focused on all of these driver detachment mechanisms.

But I'm not one to merely complain; here is my perfect car. Spoiler-- it doesn't exist, that I know of:

  • Naturally aspirated V8, or some other large displacement engine

  • Quarter mile time in the 11s minimum, skidpad at least .90g

  • Mid-engine, all-wheel drive layout (for Minnesota winters)

  • Manual transmission

  • Either no power steering, or created to maximize road feel some other way

  • 40/60 weight distribution

  • Curb weight of less than 3000 lbs

  • Cable-driven throttle to eliminate "rev hang" and other phenomena

  • No Transformers-inspired styling; simple yet aggressive lines. Either 80s-style angular or 60s-style curvy is ok

  • Total amenities: windshield wipers, defrosters, anti-lock brakes, and cruise control. Some kind of basic traction control system for the snow would be nice

  • Features I don't want: a radio or speakers; air conditioning (I never use it, just adds weight and complexity); roll windows and manually-adjusted seats are fine. Absolutely no to any kind of GPS system, or blinking lights
In Reverse - 15:28 CDT, 10/01/18 (Sniper)
As in nearly every aspect of my life, I took the opposite trajectory as most people. Most men are fit in their twenties, then get progressively fatter after that. Whereas in my case, I was 265 lbs in college at age 22, and 146 pounds now at age 36.

To illustrate the difference, I recently had my government driver's license renewed:

Left: my driver's license pic from 2014, at 235 lbs.
Right: my driver's license pic from 2018, at 146 lbs.

Losing the weight was easy: I just ate 1600 calories per day, and lost 80 lbs in 12 months. Piece of cake. Er, more like fewer pieces of cake. The hard part is now stopping the weight loss! Conservatively, I'm supposed to eat around 2200 calories to maintain my current weight, but that's an insanely gross amount of food compared to what I'm now accustomed.

So, my wife has helped me come up with healthy snacks to fill the calorie deficit. I think it will be sustainable; for example, here is what I'm eating right now, between meals:

Frankfurt School - 20:32 CDT, 9/30/18 (Sniper)
This is probably the best article I've ever read regarding "Cultural Marxism". For anyone who still doesn't understand the concept, start with this video, then read the article immediately after.
Strange World - 17:07 CDT, 9/30/18 (Sniper)
Why would the game planners for an NFL match run out a Dutch flag with stars on it...? It makes no sense: as in, it's not that the message is dumb-- it's that I don't get what the message is! Are they drawing some parallel between Americans and Afrikaners or something? It's just plain weird.

I saw this commercial today, and I swore that Wallace had a new side gig, in advertising! He must not be feeling the job security at Lazio.

In other news, more mainstream media BS, this time from Fox News; Blasey Ford credible?! There are more holes in her story than in a colander. I haven't heard such a silly disposition since Trayvon.
Pointlessly Wide - 07:40 CDT, 9/30/18 (Sniper)
In 2007, 16:9 "high definition" gaming was revelatory. But today? Aside from film watching, "wide screen" aspect ratios seem pointless to me.

In games, it just means my eyes have more area to scan. And for reading and writing text, or even editing images, I naturally tend to size my windows into a 4:3 area anyway, leaving dead real estate "bars" along the sides.

For example, here I am in Windows, working on my "Star Control: Origins" review. Observe my "working" aspect ratio:

Another disadvantage comes when emulating older games, such as with console emulators, or DOSBox: I hate playing 4:3 games with 16:9 dead space on the screen.

I notice that a lot of commercial collections will "fill" that space with artwork, which makes things even worse, because the static art is disorienting when put next to moving pixels. There just is no good solution, which is one of several reasons why I play older games on a 4:3 CRT.
Truth - 09:05 CDT, 9/27/18 (Sniper)
Mark Dice on a roll the past two days. I know it's difficult to remember, because it's been going on for so many years, but: these are supposed to be television news stations!

Instead, they're full-time, hyper-partisan editorializing all day, faking live interviews, busing in plus makeup-artisting phony protesters, kneeling or even rowing in and across ankle-deep water to make the President's "disaster response" look bad, faking "satellite" interviews with both participants in the same parking lot, and on and on and on.

It's to the point where you quite literally can't trust a single thing you see on these stations, or similarly read in newspapers for that matter: it's all carefully-- or not, half of the time, due to sheer incompetency-- crafted and sculpted propaganda. Trump nailed the situation in that prescient speech on the campaign trail almost two full years ago-- and that is what this is all about; he is an existential threat to the establishment.
Dee to the Enn to the Aaa - 07:37 CDT, 9/26/18 (Sniper)
I ordinarily wouldn't post something like this-- I mean, who cares? But prodigy fascinates me, no matter its form: this girl is a genetic freak of nature, like a Mozart, or that little boy who was once super muscular.
Reminder - 08:06 CDT, 9/25/18 (Sniper)
With elections coming up, I need to remind everyone to not vote.

First: It's tempting to think you're "sticking it" to the other side, or that you need to counteract the libtard votes with your own. But just remind yourself that it's all a racket: the State grows just as much, if not more, with Republicans in charge as it does Democrats. Do you think that's a coincidence? You're being manipulated.

Second: It's deeply immoral to vote. Politicians of all stripes openly advertise about all of the natural rights violations they are going to commit: giving them your explicit stamp of approval by helping them get into power makes you an active enabler, if not a full-blown accessory to their crimes. Remember: If you vote, you have no right to complain later.

Third: Universalize the behavior; if no one voted-- meaning, participation rate of zero percent-- the obviously illegitimate State apparatus would collapse immediately. It's like Ayn Rand said: they can only operate with your sanction; expose them by refusing to give it. Don't help them pretend that they are something they're not.

Finally: Here is a major red flag-- look at how hard, and to such propagandistic long lengths, they go to try to get you to vote! Look at how all of the "events" are specialized to manipulate little tribes: college students; women; black people; white people; Native Americans; Latinos. Don't be one of Stalin's "useful idiots"-- see the game for what it is.
Breaking Point - 07:42 CDT, 9/25/18 (Sniper)
It's absolutely astonishing that rank and file Leftists in American no longer believe in the principle of presumed innocence; if I say you're a space alien from Alpha Centauri, with zero evidence or facts, then by golly.

As an experiment, the United States is completely unsalvagable: it is not possible to coexist with people who do not believe in natural rights, rational thought, presumed innocence, and who think emotions exclusively in their head morally justify acts of violence against others-- that everyone must "validate" their "feelings", no matter how nonsensical and ludicrous their position.

The only way to solve this now is through recursive secession: let the libtards have one part of the geographical landmass, conservatives another part, and libertarians the last.
Polymega - 15:15 CDT, 9/24/18 (Sniper)
I want this to be real so bad-- but given my limited knowledge regarding the hit-and-miss compatibility, low-performance state of Saturn emulation, until I see this thing sitting in a room, obviously running on a television from the actual system, I'm skeptical.

The other Saturn-specific question is whether it will be able to run unsigned discs; presently, collecting for Saturn essentially requires a "Pseudo Saturn"-flashed "Action Replay" cartridge, so that CD-R based repros can be used in place of $250-$500 original game copies.

Presumably, the thing can emulate Saturn ROMs-- with accompanying audio track data-- off of its internal storage. If so, it should be able to do the same off of a CD-R. But it would be nice to get confirmation.

At least, this system will no doubt work as advertised for the eight and sixteen bit systems, since emulation for those is extremely mature. The notion of having sexy physical hardware, with modern design reliability and sensibilities, but using authentic controllers and game media, is my definition of the perfect video game system.

And with a simple, thirty dollar HDMI-to-S-Video box such as this, the system should be pitch-perfect on a CRT-- which is how I would play it of course; I have zero interest in playing old games on modern televisions. If it all comes together, I could quite literally get rid of the entire rooms full of systems, in both houses, and replace them with this little system! 3DO-excepting, unfortunately.
Rulers - 08:03 CDT, 9/24/18 (Sniper)
And these-- the best, brightest, most sagacious and wise individuals which humanity has to offer-- are those to whom Statists see no problem granting monopolies on the use of force.
Death of an Institution - 13:33 CDT, 9/23/18 (Sniper)
For the second time, I'm giving up on the NFL. First it was the NFL-EA exclusivity deal in 2005, this time it's the NFL's own management. In one quarter of today's Vikings-Bills matchup, the following happened:

  • While pass rushing, the giant armored dome around Linval Joseph's head unavoidably touched the giant armored dome around the quarterback's head. What was a text-book third-down sack and forced punt turned into a touchdown, two plays later.

  • Terrified to make any contact with the quarterback in the open field, Anthony Barr waited for the player to slide. Taking advantage of the situation, the quarterback leapt through the air, over Barr, throwing his body into three defensive players, picking up the first down. This drive-extender led to a field goal.

  • Because he had just gotten burned by the rules, Barr-- once again chasing the quarterback-- was more aggressive, legally grabbing the player's shirt. As the player started to fall over backwards, Barr relinquished his grasp-- and was still called for the foul (a so-called "horse collar" tackle)! This foul gave Bills first and goal, which led to a touchdown.

The rule changes, which Harrison Smith described as not being "physically possible" to follow, directly led to seventeen points. And as a cherry on top, Vikings were also flagged by the new kickoff rules, when two players had the audacity to block the same guy. What an egregious episode!

This doesn't excuse the Vikings' poor pass protection, which led to two turnovers, putting the defense in a hole. But in a game where the margins are tenths-of-seconds razer thin, these rules directly swung the game in spite of those other mistakes.

I've written about the mentality and origins of why this sport is heading in its present direction, here and here. I'm really starting to think that this sabotage is deliberate Leftist "convergence": the NFL is killing its own ratings, yet keeps drinking the poison. How could it not be by design?

And the sport is only going to continue to get less and less recognizable: the announcers in numerous games have already let the cat out of the bag, asking hypotheticals about "when" the NFL bans kickoffs altogether after this season-- despite the fact that I've literally never seen a player get injured on kickoffs.

Combine all of this with the every-five-minutes commercial breaks, with Cultural Marxist advertising (glorifying black men, making white men look like idiots constantly, women being the wise and calm purveyors, and so on), the anthem-kneeling debacle... there are better things on which to spend my time.
Haven - 10:35 CDT, 9/22/18 (Sniper)
This is startlingly good advice for wives out there.

Even though I've been working out of my home office for the past couple of years, I spent well over a decade doing the daily commute-office, stressful career grind: having the main path of the house all picked up, the noise minimized, the children cleaned up so I can give them big hugs, and a nice dinner on the table means that I can in turn be an equally wonderful husband and father.

The funny part is that those are the kinds of things which I sporadically maintain throughout the day, when I take my usual once-per-hour, ten minute stretch break-- so that when I'm done working for the day, the house and family is in that kind of state!
Conversation Street - 09:47 CDT, 9/22/18 (Sniper)
Wait a minute... 44% of "millenials" prefer socialism to freedom yet simultaneously, 76% of these same people say that "pay or salary" is the most important factor when considering a job.

In other words, either these people have no clue what "socialism" actually is-- so, Nazi Germany, Stalinist Russia, modern-day North Korea and Venezuela, and so on-- or they have a staggering lack of self-awareness. But no matter: as always, it's other people who should forego profit, not myself.

In other news, how much of this "defense" bucket is actually defense? In my entire life time of nearly 40 years, America has never been attacked by another country, with "9/11" being the only possible exception. And even then, the reflexive counter-action didn't even target the culprit (the Saudis, probably). In other words, I have never seen this country's military act in self-defense.

As I wrote about a couple of months ago, Google's search results have an absurd Left-bias. Here are more examples to throw on the fire.

Finally, and most astonishingly: the new Star Control game is actually good! I'm not a big fan of the aesthetic, and it doesn't do anything particularly interesting from a technology standpoint. But, it's the first game in its sub-genre since 1996-- so the novelty of once again exploring solar systems, having no idea what will happen next, is back in full force.
Suspicious - 07:36 CDT, 9/19/18 (Sniper)
From my studies, I think Xenakis is completely missing the point, whether deliberately or otherwise: Israel is the corrupt theological regime which wants to be the master of the Mideast, and it is using the United States-- its puppet country-- as the means.

To put it another way, it seems extraordinarily off target, to the point of comedy, to point to a map of the Middle East, and say "A-hah! Here is where the power mongers are!" while pointing to Iran. Say what now?

It makes me wonder if he is, in fact, Jewish: I've seen lots of Jews in the past with those kinds of Hebrew-Orthodox Greek names.
Handhelds and PCs - 16:22 CDT, 9/17/18 (Sniper)
I can't wait to run this on my actual PC when it comes out. Incidentally, only three more days until my RTX 2080 ships!

Last evening, wifey and I were reflecting on how the Nintendo Switch is such a good complimentary device to my PC: both are Nvidia-based, making the comparison even more apt. In fact, it made me think back to the days when my dad used to come home from work and throw me off of his PC, whereupon I would go grab my Sega Game Gear, and lay in bed playing "Ax Battler".

For fun, how do the two sets of hardware stack up anyway?

The Olde Days of Yore

Zilog Z80 Sega Game Gear versus a 486DX2 66 PC with a 2 meg "Hercules Dynamite Pro" ISA video card:

  • PC processing 51 times faster: 0.506 MIPS @ 3.5 MHz vs. 25.6 MIPS @ 66 MHz
  • PC graphics 34 times, 8 times more pixels, colors: 160x144 @ 32 colors vs. 1024x768 @ 256 colors
  • PC memory 768 times greater: 24 total kilobytes vs. 18 total megabytes

Despite the enormous power disparity, the Game Gear delivered very good "little brother" experiences: for instance, compare Sonic Triple Trouble (GG) with Jazz Jackrabbit (PC). Yeah, "Jazz" has more colors and significantly better "Sound Blaster" audio-- but the overall experience is not that different really.

The Modern Age

Tegra X1 Nintendo Switch versus a Ryzen 1600, RTX 2080-powered PC:

  • PC power 19 times greater: 15 watt TDP vs. 290 watt TDP
  • PC graphics 17.5 times more memory bandwidth: 25.6 GB/s vs. 448 GB/s
  • PC floating point math 27 times greater: 393 gigaflops vs. 10.6 teraflops

Again: a huge power disparity. And yet, compare Splatoon 2 (Switch) with Battlefield V (PC). Between increased pixel counts, physically-based rendering, and real time ray tracing, there is really no comparison. And yet, clever aesthetic choices mean Splatoon 2 delivers a very comparable general experience.
Total Control - 12:13 CDT, 9/17/18 (Sniper)
So, the tax reform worked-- sort of ; companies repatriated tons of cash, but then spent over half of that on buying back shares, versus actual investment. It doesn't really surprise me though: the world today is one giant Big Business-Fascistic Corporatocracy-- and by "Fascistic", I mean the good ole "mixed economy", or "public-private cooperation" euphemisms.

Cumulatively representing so many trillions worth of wealth already, why bother taking major risks? Only the most conservative investments make sense: the rest of the shareholder value can be "managed" through stock buybacks and lobbying, sort of like how the Fed "manages" thing through the money supply and interest rates.
Turing - 16:17 CDT, 9/14/18 (Sniper)
I've been reading "Tom's Hardware" since the mid-90s, and I can say categorically that this article is one of the best they've ever produced.

Not only does it provide future-reference material in the form of spec tables for the three new "Turing" cards, but it summarizes features-- such as "mesh shaders" and "variable rate shading"-- which I hadn't even heard about until now.
The Windy City - 11:58 CDT, 9/12/18 (Sniper)
As is often the case with Zero Hedge, the comments take the cake.

Is this not perfectly in-line with the Left's acted-upon principles? If not, how is it different?

"This UBI scheme is a half-measure and is doomed to failure.

It just isn't fair that ten families of illegal guatemalans are having to live in a one bedroom apartment while those fucking empty nester white boomers have 3-4 empty bedrooms each.

I propose a Bedroom Equality Program where the white devils are required to take in an amount of illegal immigrant families equal to the number of vacant bedrooms they possess now that their children have left for college.

And I'll bet the Pritzkers and their ilk have even more spare bedrooms. No reason 17 yo Shaniqua and her five kids shouldn't be able to move in and maximize this wasted space.

Think of the children!!!

Or are you just a selfish deplorable white supremacist, neo-nazi racist that got all of your free shit through your #whiteprivilege?"

But you can never promise enough free stuff:

"Universal basic income?
What, exactly, is Cash+food EBT, Section-8 free rent, & medicaid for, then? Switch them out?

Wouldn't one-way bus tickets to California be cheaper & mmore effective? They already vote like californians.
Fit right in.

And the 'dignity' that more free gubbmint money brings will make all those bad economic choices welfare recipients make dissapear instantly.
It will be spent well.
Dignified $300 nikes
Dignified Hennesey Cognac
Dignified 72" TV
Dignified cartons of smokes
Dignified casino trips to Gary
Endless dignity."

And for pure "not far from the real Chicago truth" comic relief:

"Just quizzed Marquan on his daily schedule. I don't see how $500/mo is going to cover the bills.

1pm - Wake up, roll over, fuck my ho, smoke a blunt and get out of bed
2pm - KFC for some wings, drink a 40, smoke a blunt
3pm - Roll over to my side ho Shaquanda, fuck her and smoke a blunt
4pm - Bible study - just kidding
5pm - Loiter out on the street with my homies, drink a 40, smoke a blunt, sell some crack
8pm - Gots a meeting with my home boyz to score some new artillery
10pm - Roll by that motherfucker Tyrone's crib to test the new artillery
Midnight - Smoke some crack and visit my side side ho Shaniqua, fuck her and smoke a blunt
2am - Grabz my homies, steal a truck, drive it thru the front door of the local gun store to stock up on ammo and nines
3am - Stop for some Newports and shoot the dot head on the way out for looking at me funny
4am - Bedtime, fuck my ho, smoke a blunt and get my 9 hours

Comes in Eleven Days - 16:52 CDT, 9/09/18 (Sniper)
You know those guys who upgrade from a Ferrari 458 to a Ferrari 488? The 488 is unquestionably the better car, with improvements all over the board-- but is it truly worth the cost for just a one-generation leap?

I just joined that camp: I pre-ordered an upgrade from a GTX 1070 to an RTX 2080. Yeah, I'm leaping from 1920 CUDA cores to 2944, odds are the new card will be at least 60% faster, which is a pretty incredible leap. But is it really necessary?

In my defense-- and this is the entire reason I bought it-- the 2080 isn't just faster: it's a total paradigm changer, with the DLSS and ray tracing. The better Ferrari analogy would be upgrading from an Enzo to a LaFerrari: the latter isn't just a better car, it's practically from another planet.

And even that is understating things, because at the end of the day, the 2080 can literally do things that aren't even possible at all with the 1070. It's like going from a traditional automobile to a hovercar, or something along those lines.

And now, my eight year old daughter gets a 6.5 teraflop GPU for... Roblox. Talk about first-world territory.
Found a Debate - 11:58 CDT, 9/09/18 (Sniper)
Several pages into the YouTube search results, which I mentioned in my previous post, I found what I was looking for: a reasoned, open-minded debate, from 1995, put on by an entire organization which shares my values: the "Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust"! I've only listened to the opening remarks so far, but it's wonderful already.

Of course, being Google, it's accompanied by an absurd "Encyclopedia Britannica" link-- "we'll let you watch this video, but remember, it's White Supremacy!" But at least the video contents itself seem to be unaltered. And boy was my moon landing comparison accurate! In that case, men really were landed on the moon, but many of the details were embellished or out-right lies.

The same goes here: after listening to the fantastically fact-driven Mark Weber-- on the "skeptic" side-- and the phenomenal Michael Shermer-- on the "establishment" side-- it's apparent that these camps did evolve to be used for the extermination of political dissidents by the end of the war, Jews among them, but that the scale and timing taught in the "official narrative" is preposterously blown out of proportion.

In general, I've observed that there is the objective history, then there is a "mythology veneer" which is painted on top of it; in the case of the moon landings, the acts of the Europeans towards Native Americans, the so-called "holocaust", and everything in between, there is truth in the core substance of what is taught-- the gist of it is at least partially correct-- but then that truth is morphed and molded through lies of omission, embellishment, and selective minimism to serve political and social agendas.

Michael Shermer talks about this in his opening remarks: he was on an Auschwitz tour, and people were uncomfortable with him asking questions-- because, he soon gathered, the point wasn't to analyze or act as a historian doing a study: it was to participate in the social ritual of memorializing the dead. In other words, the facility doesn't serve the "objective truth"-- it serves the mythology.

You can find this anywhere, from a "liberal Democracy" in America, with its Abraham Lincoln cult-of-personality mythology, to North Korea, with its truth (America bombing the shit out of their country and mutilating thousands of civilians in the process) mixed with the "and then the Great Leader rode out on a white pegasus" mythos.