The Exigent Duality
I'll Buy His Ticket - 15:56 CST, 11/17/19 (Sniper)
I saw an advert today on television where global regime change, banker and corpotocracy cartel establishment progagandist shill Steven Colbert apparently visited New Zealand's (female...) Prime Minister: "Can I come live here??", he asks with a smirk. Hah hah, funny comedian that guy!

Meanwhile peaceful parenting, pacifist non-aggression principle "treat everyone as an individual" Steven Molyneux visited that same country earlier this year; he had his venue shut down due to bomb threats, with a mob of violent Leftist agitators trying to flip over and start fire to a bus of innocent people who had come to hear him speak.

There couldn't be a stronger case for secession than this contrast: pack your bags, Colbert.
Clever - 07:23 CST, 11/17/19 (Sniper)
Interesting hypothesis here, which says that Trump does things indirectly-- like taking a pill for its side effects only.

For example: ending the Middle East wars proved impossible directly-- so instead, just declare on Twitter that the oil reserves are all secured. Hah!
Population Control - 06:31 CST, 11/16/19 (Sniper)
Not very many people know that the current "climate change" alarmism is rooted in the same kind of eugenics programs the German Nazi party employed during the World War II period.

Think that's far-fetched? Hearken back to my post earlier this year about the UN's "2030 Agenda". It's all right out in the open.
The Real Victim - 15:32 CST, 11/15/19 (Sniper)
In the wake of the Stallman-related drama, there is yet more "cancel culture" SJW Linux-infestation occurring, this time regarding a guy who offered to sit down and have a coffee chat with someone who was upset with him for asking people to be calm.

Not kidding.

In response to his proposing an adult conversation, the person-- someone named "Kim Crayton"-- became completely unhinged, repeatedly telling him to go fuck himself.

I looked up this charming lady's Twitter feed, and she's quite literally a Marxist/Communist political agitator masquerading as some kind of techie. Her self-described job title is "CEO"-- "Chief Encouragement Officer" (lol)-- and she gives speeches on "Underrepresented and Marginalized in Tech". Oh boy.

I also found her Github page, and she's made zero commits in the entirety of 2019. Her repos are along the lines of "I did five minutes of a Coursera class on JavaScript five years ago." Basically all she does is go to conferences and give talks about "issues of diversity and inclusion in technology as a Community Engineer." That's like calling a garbage man a "sanitation engineer."

Less than 1% of programmers are black, and only 17% of programmers are women. Based on her toddler behavior and those statistics, I immediately assumed she was a total phony and rabble-rouser. But, I gave her the benefit of the doubt and did my digging... only to find I was correct. My intuition is usually spot-on, and so it proved again.

I wrote previously about the so-called "codes of conduct" at tech conferences these days, and here is a perfect example of someone losing their conference credentials and professional reputation for no good reason, while the nutjob issuing the F-bomb tirades is A-OK.

It's also yet another example of my "invasion of the hobby snatchers" post, where someone who isn't even interested in the area has infiltrated their way in for the express purpose of "social engineering" the group in accordance with their world view, from the inside-out.
What About... - 08:06 CST, 11/15/19 (Sniper)
It's easy-- and justified!-- to complain about "implied consent" to having your blood drawn, just because you obtained a driver's license. But what about "implied consent" to taxation, because you're breathing?

The reality is, no one "consents" to these things-- they just take the path of least resistance, and go along with it, which is better than getting shot.
Round One - 07:50 CST, 11/15/19 (Sniper)
Maybe cracking someone with a helmet is too far, but I enjoyed watching this-- it was like a hockey match! Gridiron needs more fights. They're all practically wearing full-on body armor anyway.

The pearl clutching from some of the players is kind of ridiculous. At least the announcers seemed to get into it: notice how they were local commentators. Everything is better local.
Small Trucks - 08:03 CST, 11/13/19 (Sniper)
Couldn't agree more with this. My father-in-law recently bought a current-generation Ford F-150, and its bed is smaller than that of the 2002 Ford Ranger he was replacing-- as is the engine, incidentally, which went from a V6 to a 4-cylinder.

Instead of being practical at doing what trucks do well, it has a huge cabin, where the passengers are sitting what feels like feet away from one another-- pointless waste of sheet metal, especially when it carves into the bed so much.

In other news, not only can Google have your fingerprint, your pulse, blood pressure, every single conversation you've ever had with anyone over the internet, cameras and microphones in your house always recording away, and just about everything else, they can now be your bank.

And people complain about Comcast.
Circus World - 15:54 CST, 11/12/19 (Sniper)
I watch a lot of evil American cop videos, and they are legion-- but this one is so incredible, it's straight out of "Idiocracy"!

"You are being detained." "Why?" "Because you're eating a sandwich." "What??" "That's against the law. Are you resisting arrest?" "No, I'm just eating!"
The J Word - 11:15 CST, 11/10/19 (Sniper)
Excellent interview here by Tom Woods, talking about Epstein.

I mentioned the dreaded "J word" here, and I simply have to bring it up again after listening to this interview: other than J. Edgar Hoover, every single person the guest mentioned throughout the entire video had names like "Cohen" and "Rothstein" and "Rosenthal", and involved the CIA and "Israeli Intelligence" teaming up with the mafia.

Which leads me to the next topic which has been on my mind.

When you ask a Conservative, "give me an example of a government controlling an entire landmass under a grip of total evil", they reply with real world examples: Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, East Germany, Mao's China, North Korea, and on and on the list goes. The above Epstein-related discourse is a prime example of just such real-life government corruption.

When you ask a Liberal, "give me an example of a corporation controlling an entire landmass under a grip of total evil", they write works of fiction, where they suspend the laws of human nature and social organization and contrive bizarro hypothetical fantasy scenarios, providing no plausible explanation to how this fictitious state of affairs even emerged in the first place.

The reason I bring this up now is that I've been trying to enjoy "The Outer Worlds", for which I posted my review yesterday-- and it's been uphill sledding. I found a picture of some of the development team, and let's just say there is more than enough blubber and red hair dye to go around. It's a great example of my "Invasion of the Hobby Snatchers" post, incidentally.

Nominally, "The Outer Worlds" is the exact kind of game I like best: a Western CRPG with stealth elements and fun dungeon crawling. But when the game's entire world and story continually plays out like an anti-West North Korean propaganda film... well, let's just say it's a lot to overlook. If any title needed a "new coat of paint" or a re-theming on top of its core design, it's this one.
Revenue Streams - 07:31 CST, 11/09/19 (Sniper)
Lots of people complain about "microtransactions" in games, but what they hardly ever seem to realize is that those are a hedging strategy against inflation.

The MSRP of games hasn't risen in over a decade. Meanwhile, the cost of putting together a government-compliant development team, complete with health care and following all labor plus hiring laws, has greatly increased.
A Good Thing - 06:48 CST, 11/09/19 (Sniper)
I remember Peter Schiff saying some years ago, "the end goal of markets isn't to have competition-- it's to have low prices and high quality." I thought of that quote when I read this article.

At the bug-out house, Walmart has been an amazing addition to the community there; they have stuff that no other store has, and for cheap-- not to mention, you can order extra obscure items and have them shipped right to the store.

Essentially everyone does their shopping there, because it's a great store, which led to it being "the only game in town". The person who wrote the article has the cause-and-effect totally backwards! And it will only maintain that "dominance" so long as it continues doing what it has been.
Gridiron Safe Space Crybabies - 07:53 CST, 11/07/19 (Sniper)
Read this 2017 post of mine, then head to this ESPN piece. See the connection?

To add to the hyper-reaction emotions-based rule making examples in my post is the more recent instance of New Orleans fans practically rioting because of one bad call in the playoffs, which led to-- you guessed it-- more rules and stoppages!

The solution is to pare back the rule book to the absolute minimum, and just let the athletes play. Then don't act like a two year old throwing toys out of the pram when your team loses.

Instead, the "solution" will be to add more rules, to countermand the flaws in the previous rules. The article says that the "refereeing bureaucracy" will "expand".

There are also lots of funny quotes in the article: the replay system is "highly cultivated" was one in particular. Also, a statement that these issues happen "in every sport"-- in football, controversy exploded only after the sport took the "replay" aspect from the NFL!
Wrong Job - 15:11 CST, 11/05/19 (Sniper)
There are honest people working at the news networks: what this anchor wouldn't have given to have had her "blow the top off" report aired! She should leave and get a job for an alternative news platform, where she can simply tell the truth.

Jews have a bad reputation for a reason. Epstein? Jewish. Dershowitz, Epstein's attorney who pressured the network into canning the report? Jewish. Goldston, the President of ABC news who surely played a central role in canning said report? Jewish.

In other news and for those who have read "Anna Karenina", remember the passage late on where Levin has to cut a check for liveries, and reflects how that one cost was something like eight peasant's productivity for an entire year? Then the next check he cuts "goes down easier", by the third time he doesn't even think about it? And then... he winds up in debt, with an empty bank account.

As I read it, that discourse reminded me of the national debt: a life-time six-figure earner like me pays about a million Fed bucks in taxes over his entire life. Meanwhile, the State will enact some program which is 46 billion Fed bucks per year! But no one even questions it-- it's Levin, writing his sixth and seventh totally unsustainable checks.

I'd be curious to see what the government would actually be if it were backed only by real productivity, and not magic unicorn fairy dust monopoly board game money-- there'd be nothing left after the hacksaw job! It'd be glorious.
Interesting - 06:55 CST, 11/03/19 (Sniper)
Interesting hypothesis here; it does seem probable that there is an ulterior explanation, in part or in full, for California moving back to the 18th century. It's easier to blame "fire" than a systemic design limitation of wind turbines.
The Left - 20:46 CST, 11/02/19 (Sniper)
You can tell just by looking at him that he's either a smarmy Communist, or your average Minnesota United supporter.

One thing is certain: it's the face of a person who would crack someone with a blunt object from behind. Have fun in prison! About time there are repercussions for these "Antifa" morons.
Dumb Argument - 17:21 CST, 11/02/19 (Sniper)
I just read someone defend copyright with, "is piracy depriving someone of their property, or is it depriving a seller of their power?"

It's the former; if someone puts their Honda Accord on sale, and then I also put mine on sale, I'm "depriving them of their power" by lowering the resale value of their car. Clearly, me deciding to sell my Honda Accord is not piracy.
Deep State - 15:26 CST, 10/31/19 (Sniper)
Nearly a year ago I wrote in disbelief about the use of these so-called "self-driving" cars. Turns out, Steve Wozniak agrees with me, even citing some of the exact same apprehensions and facts.

In other news, Epstein did not commit suicide, but was murdered. Anyone with half a brain already knew that, but now it's confirmed via evidence. Add this to Schiff's no-evidence secret back room "impeachment investigation", and it's obvious some seismic stuff is underfoot.
Wrong Priorities - 08:15 CST, 10/31/19 (Sniper)
Who would have known that the bizarro model of sending children on to stinking dirty multi-ton diesel buses at six thirty in the morning where they can be mass-indoctrinated in concrete prison-style complexes is not conducive to kids actually learning things.

But, mommy and daddy need to have their four thousand square foot mansion in the suburbs; no time for one of them to stay home and raise the kids. Or in the case of black kids, seventy two percent of them grow up without fathers, which carries over to their behavior and ability to focus in school.

And why the focus on raising scores of the least book smart kids? A better strategy would be to steer them towards the trades; they can make six-figure income doing that, and not be shoe-horned into things they'll be bad at and get frustrated with. Meanwhile in school, emphasize making the highest achievers as brilliant as possible-- "a rising tide..."
Grooming - 10:51 CST, 10/26/19 (Sniper)
My local, regular grocery store has been virtue signaling for the past couple of years, first installing general-purpose, vertical windmill-powered electric car-charging slots-- in the spots very closest to the store entrance incidentally; sorry disabled people-- followed more recently by an entire row of Tesla-specific chargers.

The store's customer base is at least fifty percent EBT-card toting, inner city blacks-- while every time I see a Musk-Mobile depart from a charger, it's some upper-class looking white yuppie, or an Indian doctor. I doubt they even go into the actual store.

In any event, I actively avoid that area as I drive into or out of the parking lot; there are dozens of videos of Teslas spontaneously catching fire, speeding up and smashing into parked cars, or actually running over pedestrians. I don't feel safe around those things, and neither should you. Check this out!

But, Tesla are given a free pass, because they serve a useful "social conditioning" purpose, favorable to the globalist's ability to retain power and control-- sort of like the advertising I mentioned here.
Fuze Inventions - 19:22 CST, 10/25/19 (Sniper)
Random dungeon generators, MML parsers which produce better-than-Famicom chip music, fancy font libraries, polygonal terrain generators, and just about everything else imaginable. And this is with what's essentially a primitive, "early access" version of the product.

The best part is that unlike something akin to "Dreams", or making weird stuff with redstone in "Minecraft", Fuze is totally code-based-- which means the things made in it are maintainable, extensible, and easily shareable.
Insanity - 15:56 CST, 10/25/19 (Sniper)
The hardcore Minnesota United fans are a rowdy pack of collectivistic Leninist-Marxist sexual hedonists, with their Antifa masks, militant rainbow banners, and "punch a Republican" "Iron Front" flags. Meanwhile, the hardcore Lazio supporters are a rowdy pack of collectivistic Mussolini and Nazi-sympathisers, who march down the city streets of competing clubs giving the "Roman salute".

Fun lots, they are.

During Vikings games, eleven minutes of action gets you subjected to thirty five minutes' worth of seventy-odd commercials, conditioning the public to the globalist banker agenda of third-world immigration, Afro-centric black culture worship, emasculated white males, interracial marriage, and enough overall cultural degeneracy to make the denizens of Sodom or Gomorrah blush.

Good stuff.

Makes a man think there are better things to do than watch sports.
Amazing - 18:54 CST, 10/23/19 (Sniper)
Last night and on a whim, I decided to play the original "Street Fighter II" for the first time, and was unexpectedly greeted by this art when I'd beaten it. I haven't laughed that hard in absolutely ages; it's "Zodiac Killer Ken and his inflatable blow-up doll"!

I've always thought that some of the pre-Super SFII artwork is shocking-- just take a look at Blanka's losing character portrait. But this is so bad that I can scarcely believe the game shipped with it. It's almost like it was an eleventh-hour prank pulled by one of the developers!

You can tell they didn't know what to do with Bison yet: his character portrait looks like the Jenkins devil!

One of the things I liked and wish they'd stuck with was the palm tree in the foreground of Sagat's stage. I get that it's a little wide and obstructs the view a bit too much, but it really adds some much-needed sense of depth to the board. I also prefer the colorization of Vega's stage-- the lights beneath the stage really pop with the yellow theming.

One funny part is that you can tell the engine wasn't quite done yet. Ryu walked up to me and combo'd quite literally eight crouching short kicks into a dizzy!

Unrelated bonus joke: why do sumo wrestlers shave their legs? Answer: so they don't get confused with feminists.
Risky Strategy - 15:12 CST, 10/23/19 (Sniper)
Someone asked recently, "what's the future viability of Fuze on Switch?" Which got me thinking, "what's the future viability of the Switch in general?"

Right now, it's not too difficult to just add dynamic resolution scaling and lower resolution textures to a game designed for the 1.3 teraflops PlayStation 4, and get it running on the 380-or-so gigaflops Switch, at 30 fps. But I can't fathom approximating even today's "Metro Exodus" as it runs on my RTX 2080, on Switch-- much less actual "next generation" games, which will be targeting hardware ray tracing and 12 teraflops as a minimum target.

Compounding the problem is the presence of the Switch Lite, which-- being handheld-only-- is limited to about 150 gigaflops. That's a gap of 80 times in terms of power, between the minimum PlayStation 5 and Switch baselines! There's no amount of resolution scaling which will bridge that chasm-- not to mention the Switch will no longer support the same minimum hardware features as its competitors, as it does presently.

The Switch's installed base is already huge, so I don't think it's going to become a third-party wasteland like the Wii U was. But I think the library will shift to lower-budget mid-tier games made specifically for the platform, versus it continuing to get ports of actual mainstream titles. I could see this result in a flattening out of sales growth, because the value of the Switch as providing mainstream experiences will be seriously compromised.

Of course, we don't know what the rumored "Switch Pro" will be.

My current theory is that it will be a TV-only version of the hardware, but with tech specs intended to catch it up to current platforms by providing a solid 1080p experience, with much less dynamic resolution stuff going on-- not be some kind of PlayStation 5 competitor. On that note, I'm skeptical they can even really go PlayStation 4 Pro-levels (4.2 teraflops), because it'll be difficult for the Switch Lite to run those same games with an even close to equivalent experience.

I'd been thinking that Nintendo could incrementally add cores and increase clocks to gradually and smoothly shuffle people along to newer Switch hardware. After all, that's one of the beautiful things about having gone with ARM.

But the more I think about it, and with the complete strategy divergence of the Switch Lite, the more I think they will need to make a complete "break" via a "Switch 2", which would drastically update the handheld baseline as well as the on-TV format. In other words, the dock-less "Switch Lite" may buy them some temporary sales and praise, but could wind up being a real messy "ball-and-chain" scenario for them down the road.
Dimwit - 14:54 CST, 10/23/19 (Sniper)
I mentioned to someone in passing today that I like to eat meat. He replied with, "Well we can't have twelve billion people carving up cows, but once in awhile it's ok."

For someone who can't even get the number of people on Earth correct, I highly doubt this sanctimonious jackass has any even remote freaking clue how to back his assertion with actual math. But nonetheless, he deems that I still need his permission to eat a cheeseburger, in my own home.

Well guess what, retard: I buy my beef in cash, from friends, who feed their cows with hay mowed from their own fields. Oh, and did I mention that we're all heavily armed? Have fun trying to stop us, and the millions like us.
Fuzion - 21:11 CST, 10/21/19 (Sniper)
Making great progress on my "Fuze" game; I don't want to give away what it is yet, but I started by writing the engine without any graphics, instrumented instead with prints of all of the key variables. I tweaked the heck out of its parameters, even adding "joy-con" rumble support to the movements.

Once I got all of that working, I drew the player sprite frames. Then tonight, I wired the player animation and frame rendering to the underlying engine, which was already written. That kind of disconnected, "walk before you run" approach really helped me break the larger problem into smaller, more manageable ones.

My next step is designing stage tiles, creating an actual level out of them, then getting the stage and collision detection working around the now totally functional player. After that, it will be designing an actual game using what will have essentially been a tech demo to that point.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention: I wrote my own music-playing code, adapted from one of the built-in tutorials, and programmed four songs into my project, which I composed using this cool online sequencer. Some other people in the community are working on full-blown MML parsers, so I may swap to one of their "libraries" at some point. Kind of reminds me of the Genesis "sound driver" days!
Schism from Nature - 08:37 CST, 10/21/19 (Sniper)
Charles Hugh Smith is really on to something here; if modern-day society was purposefully designed, it couldn't be made to breed less happiness.

Take my job: I make existing, perfectly-functional computer systems .0001% better, increasing shareholder returns by an immeasurably small fraction of a fraction of a percent. Talk about fulfilling! What's bizarre is that I get paid good money to do it-- so good, that it's tough to stop, especially with the cost of living these days!

It's what Charles Hugh Smith calls "the landfill economy". The fact that I make more than 100k USD in what I do shows how far into diminishing returns territory the current system is.

In a way, this festering disconnect was already starting in the 19th century, at least for a certain class-- remember that poignant passage from "Anna Karenina", where Levin is working with the scythe, with the peasants? Now it's on steroids: everyone is Levin.

My mom had a parallel story from today; she was in Mexico a few years ago, and she saw all of the "peasants" walking back in a huge group from fourteen hour jobs in the "hospitality" business. She'd never seen such an authentically happy group! Meanwhile, the wealthy tourists were stressed out and grumpy.

We had an IT conference recently in a musty, almost horse-smelling building. I was so relaxed! Meanwhile, people around me were complaining about "the smell".
Surrounded by Cripples - 08:26 CST, 10/21/19 (Sniper)
The car industry is driving into the ditch in a way I never could have guessed even just a few years ago!

So many cars have "ASS" now, that I'm already half-way through the intersection and in second gear by the time I hear their engines fully crank up. It's hilarious! Now car manufacturers are starting to build "features" which will shut off people's cars altogether, or even call the police, if it "decides" it doesn't like their driving somehow!

Then you get stuff like this, where "cars" are essentially iPhones; chips fail, behavior randomly changes due to "OTA" updates, web services go down and people can't unlock their doors, and so forth. Imagine once the batteries on these things start failing en masse.

If I do need to replace the Z down the road, I think I'll try to find a refurbished car from the 1970s or so, with no electronics, a carburetor, and so on. That is, if the State hasn't made owning or driving one a gun-point enforced crime by that point.
Power - 11:32 CST, 10/19/19 (Sniper)
There's nothing my PC can't do. Part of that is because of DLSS, but even without that feature my 3600X-RTX 2080 duo doesn't come close to breaking a sweat at resolutions like 1440p with ray tracing enabled, at a locked 60 fps.

The reason I bring this up is because very nearly that level of performance is going to hit the masses just a bit over a year from now. People are going to love it.
Genetic Deviation - 06:21 CST, 10/17/19 (Sniper)
This week, wifey issued Duncan his first-ever standardized tests, in reading and math. He's six, and would have just started the first grade in a conventional school. Results: fifth grade level, in both exams.

They have a chart showing his percentile, for his age. It's so deep into the ninety-ninth percentile that their graphing tool can't even visually represent the precision.

Wifey and I are both in the 120s in terms of IQ; I took a "Mensa" practice exam once, and it told me that I should try for the real thing. But how did we produce Duncan? He's bogglingly beyond either of us at the equivalent age. And it's not just environment.
1984 - 16:37 CST, 10/16/19 (Sniper)
Obviously this was a "false flag" threat, with the corresponding newspaper op-ed all ready to go, probably even written and finished the night before. It's so phony baloney that it's clear they're not even trying anymore.
Fallacious - 09:25 CST, 10/16/19 (Sniper)
Molyneux's story at the 6:25 mark of this video explains what's going on with today's Democrats. There are millions of people in the United States today who still believe the Michael Brown "hands up, don't shoot" narrative, for Pete's sake.

Steven Crowder did that "CNN is fake news, change my mind" event recently, where a lady was point-blank, to Crowder's face believing that Trump "colluded with Russia", right after admitting in the same conversation that there was no evidence.

It's Scott Adams' "two movies" deal. Makes it difficult to have rational conversations.

About the so-called "deep fakes" concept, I know that there are algorithms which can detect if an image has been altered since its creation. Perhaps there is a similar thing for videos. I think we'll get to a point where all videos and images will be accompanied by an equivalent to SHA or MD5 checksums, proving that the content is authentic.
Uphill - 09:20 CST, 10/15/19 (Sniper)
Juxtapose this, this, and this together. Then consider: Google essentially runs the entire web, CNN is continuously blaring on televisions around the country, and Wikipedia is taken as gospel by hundreds of millions of people.
News Array - 08:59 CST, 10/12/19 (Sniper)
White men, cucking as usual. It's like that recent Scott Adams strip. There was also a "meme" I once saw, but can't find now, which juxtaposed "1919 - white men give women the right to vote", with a 2019 clip of a female feminist declaring "no more white men!"

In other news, here is a follow-up to my previous post. Most people I talk to have no clue what fractional reserve banking even is, much less how "money" is created. But encouragingly, people almost universally ask me to teach them how the system works, and find it very interesting.

In yet other news, years ago I wrote a blog post about "education and marginal utility". It's really stood up well I think, and is my final word on the topic. Read or skim it, then take a peek at this; as a society, we've done the opposite of my suggestion, and the outcome backs my hypothesis.

On a completely unrelated note, my wife's 2014 WRX takes this concept to whole new levels: not only do you not need to take your eyes off the road, but the controls are winter glove friendly: take a look at the chunky silver A/V knobs beneath the center vents, and the giant four-way flashers button.

And speaking of winter gloves, there is snow on the roof of my garage right now. Winter is my favorite season, and the same is true for Duncan. If the roads get dry enough, I think I'll bundle up and hop on the inline skates, while D can grab his bike: I've been using my skates between one and two hours per day-- I'm hooked.
Fake - 07:56 CST, 10/11/19 (Sniper)
I've noticed this same trend in my workplace; in security-related meetings or when conversation turns to "intellectual property theft", it's always "Russia" who are used as an example, despite the Russian economy being barely larger than Australia's or Mexico's.

One day, the "human resources" department released an infographic breaking down the employee base. To my total shock, twenty percent of the people working for my employer were based in China. Probably in plants, but I'm not certain.

Personally, I'm sick of the Chinese. At one point their central bank owned like twenty percent of their stock market; they've printed trillions of yuan building empty ghost cities; they're using their monopoly money to buy up football clubs like Inter Milan, which now has Chinese characters all over the San Siro.

As an American maybe I shouldn't be throwing stones from my glass house-- but China is the biggest bubble country ever.
In a Bottle - 17:06 CST, 10/09/19 (Sniper)
"We're not going to restart QE-- we're just going to expand our balance sheet by buying Treasuries!" Hah.

Most of the time with crazy people, you can just walk away from them. But with politicians and central bankers, there is no escape! You can't tell them, "I'm minding my own business-- leave me the hell alone."

In other news, H and I spent an hour outside weaving back and forth on our inline skates. And it worked: we're now able to turn and stop!
Balance - 17:04 CST, 10/07/19 (Sniper)
Only my second time on roller blades, and I'm already over the "constant struggle versus having fun" hump. Now I just need to learn how to stop without diving onto the nearest grassy patch!
Identical - 13:09 CST, 10/05/19 (Sniper)
Steven Crowder's talent at voice impersonations is phenomenal. Pieces like this really show off the convergence of his skills not only in that regard, but also in writing and acting. As a refresher, compare Crowder's voice in the parody to that in the original-- wifey and I were positively dying with laughter at how good he is!

His most recent show has some great examples of his President Trump voice, check out the 9:14 and 18:50 marks to hear those.
Off Kilter - 17:18 CST, 10/04/19 (Sniper)
Oof, Shenmue III looking totally off to me. The most closely-aligned quote from the comments: "its so odd looking... like those weird nintendo fan remakes in the unreal 3 engine". Indeed.

I think it has to do with the environment art being so generic; it's not stylized at all, so it's almost like a dump of assets from a 3d models demo disc or something. It looks very discordant with the highly stylized character designs.

The other problem is that the game's rendering is so obviously Unreal engine that it creates a certain mental expectation to what kind of game it is, only for the HUD and Shenmue-style movement to feel jarring and bolted on.

At least, they nailed the voice acting.
Surveillance Society - 08:09 CST, 10/04/19 (Sniper)
The government is doing mass license plate scanning, as are private companies like McDonalds. Just because something is possible doesn't mean it's a good idea...

The good part is that people will eventually rebel against this stuff-- hopefully in a peaceful way. Those will be suppressed for awhile, like this Democrat saying that people who "make fun of politicians" should be thrown in jail.

But in the medium-term, rebellions often work because the State enforcers can't keep their morale up.
Perfect - 08:03 CST, 10/03/19 (Sniper)
The shot at Cousins in this is absolutely hilarious. I also found this to be pretty funny.
Even Worse - 18:48 CST, 10/02/19 (Sniper)
I've long know that these tech companies are evil, and I have had as little to do with them as possible for years running, but the revelations in this article caught even me off guard. How about Eric Schmidt sitting on a Federal government board, selling himself his own technology with tax payer money?

The quote which really got me was Twitter's response to the discovery that the head of their Middle East division is a psy-ops agent with the British military, bold emphasis is mine: "we actively encourage all our employees to pursue external interests." Hah!

Amazon is also drafting legislation-- it's like a new branch of Congress!
New Connection - 19:33 CST, 10/01/19 (Sniper)
I've written about "global warming" before, but this is probably the best collection of totally conclusive charts and graphs I've yet seen.

In other news and after hours of tech support over the past two days, I've finally got the whole house, server included, cut over to the new fiber connection running to my house.

It sure is fast: 950 Mbps down, 890 Mbps up! Now I'm just crossing fingers that the reliability matches the bandwidth.
New Flight Simulator - 13:08 CST, 9/30/19 (Sniper)
Regular readers know I rail on-- and for good reason-- about the lack of ambition in today's games. But this is one of those stunning aberrations. I can't wait to get my hands on this thing.
Lacking Mental Stability? - 08:58 CST, 9/29/19 (Sniper)
I normally don't bother with these "Leftist tech elites praising dystopian futures while blindly trusting tech companies despite mountains of evidence to the contrary" articles, but this one is so bizarre that I can't help but link to it. Enjoy!

In other news, I had the Switch port of Dragon Quest XI reserved for like six months, only for UPS to botch the package deliver-- Friday turned into Saturday, which has now turned into Tuesday. Grrrr.

Finally, Lazio completely dismantling Genoa at the moment. Such a fragile team: when the "big four" of Sergej, Alberto, Immobile, and Correa are all playing together the performances are great-- but as soon as even one of them is absent, the team disintegrates.
Naughty or Nice? - 05:53 CST, 9/28/19 (Sniper)
Duncan and I finished our first application in Fuze, on Switch. The application opens up like this-- observe the "chip" song which we programmed. From there, you can input and view your data, flipping between months using the "L" and "R" buttons.

The premise is that we wanted a fun way to track Duncan's "strikes" each day; if he achieves a certain average over a minimum time period, he gets his new Ryzen, Windows 10 gaming PC.

It doesn't handle the correct number of days per month, or leap years, or anything like that-- it would take tens of thousands of lines to reproduce the entire equivalent of .Net's "System.DateTime" implementation. Our simpler approach meets our needs.

Light - 05:04 CST, 9/28/19 (Sniper)
There may be some downtime with the server on Monday. For the first time in fourteen years, I'm changing ISPs; we're at the point where companies are now running Gigabit-level bandwidth to people's houses.

Not only that, but it nearly cuts my existing bill in half due to a running promotion.

I vividly remember the 9600 baud dial-up days, so this is a strange state of affairs.
The Dark Crystal - 21:01 CST, 9/27/19 (Sniper)
Just a bit ago, Henrietta and I watched the classic Jim Henson film "The Dark Crystal". Imagine the most twisted "Star Trek" episode you can picture, done using puppets.

It's set on an Earth-like exoplanet. The life forms are vaguely like those on Earth, but the entire evolutionary tree is different, making everything extremely unsettling.

One of my favorite parts about it is that the film doesn't overexplain things; lots of gaps are left for the viewer's imagination to fill in.

I don't think the human race is capable of producing something like this movie anymore. I've heard that the Netflix series does a good job mimicking the original film, but that's not the same, nor is it the equivalent technological achievement.

This makes me want to look up more classic films for H and I to watch together. I think I'm going to show her "Blade Runner" one of these coming nights.
Rules for Radicals - 15:35 CST, 9/27/19 (Sniper)
2016: Hitlary pays Russian sources for dirt on her political opponent through Fusion GPS in an attempt to steal an election. Democrats perform a two-plus year witch hunt falsely accusing Trump of trying to steal an election using Russian sources.

2019: Video surfaces of then-Vice President Joe Biden bragging about how he used mafia-style shakedown tactics on the Ukrainian Prime Minister to get the prosecutor of his shady son fired. Democrats falsely accuse Trump of trying to use mafia-style tactics to shake down the Ukrainian Prime Minister.

Incidentally, I'll be attending Trump's upcoming rally in Minneapolis. It will be fun to hear his remarks about this topic, told in his usual trademark style.

He's not a Libertarian, but he has good instincts and is receptive to new information. And after all the shit this guy has gone through, it's impossible not to like him.
Fools - 08:25 CST, 9/26/19 (Sniper)
Hah, ran across this chart; currently, carbon dioxide consists of .038% of Earth's atmosphere-- and man's contribution in the entirety of his time on the planet is 14%, of that .038%.

At its peak, carbon dioxide was almost 9% of the atmosphere: that's 237 times the present level-- and no Venus-style run-away "greenhouse effect" took place, as evidenced by the fact that we're here now.

Bozo O'Rourke, Commie Bernie and his motley pals tell us that if we obliterate the world's economy and plunge the very least fortunate of us into desperate, crushing poverty, the black line on that graph will basically only go up one fifty-fifth of a pixel, versus one fiftieth.

Meanwhile they had tens of thousands of hysterical kids engaging in truancy from school, over... nothing.

And all of this is assuming that carbon dioxide isn't a trailing indicator of temperature levels, caused by variations in the sun's activity. It's also not taking into account the role of water vapor: even the "one fiftieth of a pixel" estimations assume that water vapor is a multiplier-- which is unconfirmed.
Mediocre at Everything - 11:45 CST, 9/25/19 (Sniper)
Excellent "Switch Lite" review here by Richard Leadbetter. It's humorous how the consensus now seems to be that a focus on just one or the other-- handheld-only, in this case-- makes such a superior product, considering that I had that inclination up front; better to specialize than to be a master-of-none.

Perhaps the "Switch Pro" is going to be a console-only rendition, trading the costs of screen and "joy-cons" for 1440p-capable graphics hardware and HDR? Considering that Switch games on the current hardware hardly ever even meet the target LCD's native resolution, especially in handheld mode, a console-only version which can draw game frames which don't look like rubbish would be great.

Which leads me to one area of concern for the "Lite": I played some games-- most notably "Xenoblade Chronicles 2" and "Fire Emblem: Three Houses"-- virtually exclusively on my TV, because they ran at Nintendo 64-era resolutions in portable mode, minus the art assets intended to be viewed at those resolutions. This meant there were two fidelities: decent, and terrible. With the "Lite", only "terrible" is available-- which in essence means the entire system's library needs to be re-evaluated on the graphical front.

Henrietta's special edition "Pokemon" unit arrives in November, so I'll soon find out how big of a deal this worry is.
Root Analysis - 08:13 CST, 9/24/19 (Sniper)
I dug into the most recent hoopla regarding Stallman here. But this analysis takes it one step further, following through on all of the "accusations" of "intellectual malfeasance".

I put "accusations" in quotes and use the term "intellectual malfeasance" because Richard Stallman never actually hurt anyone: he wrote words, on his personal web site. That was his "crime".

As someone who was recently threatened over "words on his personal web site", I'm sympathetic at how hysterical the Millennial Mob is these days.
Crooked Arrows - 19:58 CST, 9/23/19 (Sniper)
I really liked this interview with Molyneux, and particularly enjoyed the interviewer, a fellow named "Harminder Singh"; he disagreed with Molyneux on certain points, but stayed calm and focused strictly on ideas, versus ad hominems and silly cheap shots.

One thing which struck me was that this Mr. Singh seemed to agree with Molyneux ideologically in general, but appeared ready to throw all of his principles overboard as soon as a personal sensitivity was brought up: in this case, the cost of housing in Hong Kong. "Perhaps Singapore, where eighty percent of housing is controlled by the State, is the correct model?"

Those who are proponents of the free market are speaking for one hundred percent of people: in all human hearts, everyone agrees that they should not be coerced-- and thus should no one, derived from the principle of universalization. It's one hundred percent accepted common sense-- it's stating the obvious! The only reason anyone has ever argued against it, is because they personally want something they can't have right at that moment. And they are willing to be complete and absolute hypocrites to get whatever "it" is for them: willing to lie, steal, cheat, and pillage if necessary, while decrying anyone who would dare do the same to them!

Freedom-- people voluntarily exchanging goods and services-- maximizes the most utility for the most people, most of the time. But that's totally different than everyone getting what they want, whenever they want it! In the case of Mr. Singh, maybe young people should find someplace else to live, other than the expensive main city? So what if rents are high for ten or fifteen or twenty years: things always reach equilibrium and markets will always clear, as long as the State doesn't interfere. If there is demand for lower-cost housing, it will be built, if not now then later! He needs to learn patience.

The irony in all of this is that a popular ad hominem thrown at free market proponents is "utopian". But it's the critics and Statists who are "utopians"! The second they reach any kind of discomfort, they are willing to start swinging around the nearest rifle! By contrast, no freedom advocate claims that all things will be perfect all of the time-- only that people left to maximize their own utility is the optimal way to achieve general, aggregate social utility.
Keen Observer - 13:58 CST, 9/23/19 (Sniper)
I'm not the only one who gets it; check out Scott Adams in this one!
The Weather - 07:51 CST, 9/23/19 (Sniper)
Want yet another dead give-away that the "global warming" hoax is just another form of Cultural Marxist-inspired social engineering? Notice how they guilt trip white people into not having kids, while not saying a peep about Africans or Muslims.

White culture birth rates at large aren't even at replacement levels. Whereas projections show sub-saharan African populations essentially taking over the world by 2030.

Even in my own family, between my wife's side and mine the five of us have only produced two grandchildren, both of which are mine-- not even close to replacement level.

To reinforce the true motivations of the "movement", Comrade Bernie says that if he became President of the USSA, he'd sign an executive order to carte blanche let all of those Africans and South Americans come into the country, unimpeded. Of course, that's to create a permanent voting bloc.
DMA - 19:06 CST, 9/19/19 (Sniper)
I wonder if this is one of the things modern game creators are getting wrong: they're trying to design a game first, then figure out the technology bit later-- and that's a big part of why the creativity is so low, and why they get hung up on pre-existing genres?

Whereas Mike Dailly says it used to be, "cool, I wrote this weird engine, now what can I do to make it like a game?" Seems like that inherently lead to more design inventiveness. It's also fun to listen to him talk about the PC Engine, and how it was multiple times faster than anything he'd programmed for prior.
Science? - 07:40 CST, 9/19/19 (Sniper)
I've long held the impression that the "global warming" nonsense had whiffs of a cult-like movement. "Climate denier!" But just check out the 3:51 mark of this video-- it's a confessional booth!
The Strange Case of Dr. Stallman - 15:02 CST, 9/18/19 (Sniper)
I may not like his politics, but long-time readers will know how much I admire Richard Stallman's contributions to personal computing. I frequently advocate for "libre" software, and sit here transcribing this very post into GNU Emacs, running on the GNU operating system.

When I read that he "defended Epstein" and consequently caused a virtual earthquake by resigning from both MIT and the Free Software Foundation, I figured I owed it to him to see if the accusation was true.

After a little digging, I unearthed the email chain in question. Below, I've reproduced the relevant part of the conversation verbatim, bold emphasis is mine:

Stallman: "We can only listen to what is said to us.

All I know she said about Minsky is that Epstein directed her to have sex with Minsky. That does not say whether Minsky knew that she was coerced. It does not report what each said and did during their sexual encounter. We can imagine various scenarios.

We know that Giuffre was being coerced into sex-- by Epstein. She was being harmed. But the details do affect whether, and to what extent, Minsky was responsible for that."

And that's it!

Quite literally all he said was, "Hey guys, let's not throw Marvin and his legacy under the bus quite yet, until we know more details." But because this is crazy-eccentric Richard Stallman, he made zero efforts to sugar coat or offer disclaimers.

It didn't help that in the same thread he went on to to engage in abstract philosophy. Only Stallman would think this was the ideal time and place:

Stallman: "I think it is morally absurd to define 'rape' in a way that depends on minor details such as which country it was in or whether the victim was 18 years old or 17.

I think the existence of a dispute about that supports my point that the term 'sexual assault' is slippery, so we ought to use more concrete terms when accusing anyone."


At least someone did come to his defense in the email chain. But it evidently wasn't enough:

Redacted: "No on in this thread has accused Giuffre of lying. Rather, the discussion has been of whether Giuffre actually accused Minsky of sexual assault or not. I will not step into that discussion, but will instead ask the following meta question: 'If someone in csail says in this discussion group that Minsky was accused of sexual assault, a very serious accusation, and someone else in csail thinks that he was not, should the latter person refrain from saying so in this same discussion group out of concern that the conversation will leak and be misconstrued by the press?

The 's' in CSAIL stands for 'science'. The job of scientists is to evaluate evidence and seek truth. We have a social responsibility to do that as well. I hope that we scientists will never evade our social responsibility to seek and defend the truth out of fear that the press will misconstrue our search.
Not Equivalent - 14:12 CST, 9/18/19 (Sniper)
There is one significant difference between the Sega of yore, and the waxing poetic observations about today's blue team: in its glory age all of the games mentioned were original and first order, whereas today's Sega is merely rehashing the same tired old series.
Gemini - 16:17 CST, 9/15/19 (Sniper)
I'm zero-for-two so far today, with both Lazio and Vikings laying more eggs than my daughter's chickens... it's all up to Minnesota United now!

On the car front, four completely brand new sets of brakes, a fixed wheel bearing, plus a brand new exhaust system later, and my 350z feels like a brand new car! Combined that with the mind-bogglingly good tires I've got on it, and I'm sure the car would generate materially superior across-the-board benchmark results to when it was even brand new, seventeen moons ago.

About the "Invidia Gemini" exhaust specifically: it sounds more-or-less stock above thirty five hundred RPM or so-- but below that range, which is where ninety nine percent of driving generally happens, it's not just substantially louder than the stock system, but the low-pitched growl it generates makes the car intensely satisfying. My research paid off!

Beyond that, the car feels way up on power, partially because this is an actual dual system versus the fake Y-piped stock one-- but also because I think the old system had so many small leaks and holes, that the back pressure management was all messed up!

And the best part: my car doesn't need to comply with any of the bullshit new cars do; no freaking "backup cameras", no blinking lights or steering wheel wrangling when changing lanes, no GPS whatsoever, no "black box"... heck, my specific car's throttle isn't even drive-by-wire! And what few interventions it does have (ABS, STM) are either tastefully non-intrusive, or can be defeated with the press of a single button.

If my exact car were offered brand new on the market today, it's what I would buy! Feels good.
Mass Delusions - 08:21 CST, 9/14/19 (Sniper)
Sometimes I forget that people haven't figured this stuff out yet.

  • Conservatives: America is the best and most free country. Except I need a permit to take a dump, or I'll get beat by the police.

  • Liberals: Socialism is what America needs. Just kindly step over the two hundred million corpses please.

  • Libertarians: Central bank trillions straight to the regulatory capture and Israeli-run war department.

"Good models can explain past events, and predict future outcomes."

I discovered Libertarianism in my twenties after Neoconservatism got everything wrong, and it was the first time that the entire world made sense. It was like Copernicus: "Maybe the Earth revolves around the sun?"

And that's not even getting to Marxism, or "Social Democrats" as they call themselves these days. How those people can even get through an entire day without getting crushed by cognitive dissonance is beyond me.
Massive - 16:45 CST, 9/12/19 (Sniper)
I've been jumping between "Fire Emblem: Three Houses" on Switch, and "Metro: Exodus" on Windows, and I'm not sure that the gap between the top-level of handhelds and the top-level of all platforms has ever been wider.

On my PC, I'm getting 1440p at a locked 60 fps, with HDR, DLSS, and hardware ray-traced lighting. Truthfully, I could probably push on to 1800p or even more, and still keep 60 fps. On Switch, I'm getting a 720p, fourteen year-old Xbox 360-era game chugging away at 20 fps much of the time. Going back-to-back between them is jarring.

Whereas, compare the Turbo Express to the Sega Genesis: hardly a gap at all. Heck, even the Game Gear wasn't too far behind the Genesis when you really boiled it down. Or take the PSP, which was very nearly on-par with the then-current PlayStation 2 and Xbox.

The only other chasm I could point to this wide would be the very brief window where the NeoGeo Pocket Color was going head-to-head with the Dreamcast-- that was obviously enormous. But then the 32-bit Game Boy Advance and N-Gage quickly followed up, then almost immediately superseded by the aforementioned PSP.

Whereas today, I don't really see anything on the handheld horizon even approximating today's top-end, much less whatever the top end will become in the next couple of years. I suppose we'll have to see what the "Switch Pro" is-- but my guess is it won't even be PlayStation 4 Pro territory, much less PlayStation 5.
Lineage - 09:30 CST, 9/10/19 (Sniper)
Lots of really nifty chronologies here. Some of the systems mentioned as "first-ever platforms":

  • Fairchild Channel F
  • Texas Instruments TI-99
  • Coleco Vision
  • Amstrad CPC 464
  • ZX Spectrum
  • Amiga 600

Pretty sweet! My boss at work started with the tape-loaded 8-bit Atari machines as a kid back in Belarus, in the late 1970s.

I'm a little more boring; 37 years old, and my linear sequence went like this: Atari 2600 -> Atari 7800 -> Sega Genesis -> 3DO -> PSX -> Dreamcast -> Xbox -> Xbox 360 -> Wii U -> Switch -> PlayStation 4 Pro.

Of course, that's totally excluding the stuff I've bought out of sequence; I owned an N64 for a brief time circa 1996, a PlayStation 3 for a short while prior to my Wii U purchase, bought and built an extensive library for the Sega Saturn starting in 2006, did the same for the PC Engine some years later, then yet again for the Atari ST just a few years ago. Not to mention countless handhelds, and continuous gaming PC building from 1989 to present day.

I keep waffling on whether I should save up for a PlayStation 5, or continue to dedicate myself to the Switch. Sony's stuff has always been a lot more appealing to me than Nintendo's, and as you can see from this thread I share a more common lineage with PlayStation 4 owners. But Nintendo has done a fantastic job of releasing just that "one more piece" of Switch software which I can't resist buying. Kudos to them!
De-Evolution - 07:57 CST, 9/10/19 (Sniper)
Speaking of prescient novels, how about Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged"? Just take a gander at this article, then think back to her descriptions of the gradual collapse of cities; she didn't specifically call out fecal matter for Pete's sake, but she was close otherwise.
Favorite Albums - 13:57 CST, 9/09/19 (Sniper)
Like my top games of all time list, here are my favorite albums:

  1. Rising Force - Yngwie Malmsteen (1984)
  2. Invictus - Virgin Steele (1998)
  3. Rust in Peace - Megadeth (1990)
  4. Dust to Dust - Heavenly (2004)
  5. Epica - Kamelot (2003)
  6. Images and Words - Dream Theater (1991)
  7. Odyssey - Yngwie Malmsteen (1988)
  8. Hall of the Mountain King - Savatage (1987)
  9. Land of the Free - Gamma Ray (1995)
  10. Crystal Logic - Manilla Road (1983)
  11. Ecliptica - Sonata Arctica (1999)
  12. Sign of the Winner - Heavenly (2001)
  13. Defying the Rules - Hibria (2004)
  14. The Odyssey - Symphony X (2002)
  15. Chapters from a Vale Forlorn - Falconer (2002)
Diversity and Inclusion - 12:39 CST, 9/09/19 (Sniper)
Karl Marx saw the world as divided into two groups: the oppressive factory owners, and the oppressed workers. Black and white. Good and evil. He predicted that "capitalist" countries would collapse, with the economically crushed "have nots" proletariats overthrowing the bourgeoisie.

In 1920's Frankfurt, a group of bald white guys sat around trying to figure out why Marx's predictions were going wrong. Far from a revolution, the standard of living was rising in "capitalist" countries for the workers! Rather than admit that perhaps Marx's patently ridiculous painting with a mile-wide stereotype brush was incorrect, they doubled down on his claims, saying that he didn't go far enough!

You see, what Marx didn't realize was that oppression takes many forms: what about whites-- aren't they a bunch of evil colonialists, after all? Or how about men, keeping women down for all of those years? Or-- hello!-- Christians; ever heard of the inquisition?

This umbrella of thought became known as the "Frankfurt School", and needless to say its failure of even basic logical deduction meant that it didn't catch on. Until, that is, the "boomers" started rebelling against their "silent generation" parents in the 1960s, whereupon they resurrected these ideas as part of what became known as the "New Left".

The idea is simple: if whites are oppressive, then promote non-whites; if men are oppressive, then promote women; if Christians are oppressive, then promote Muslims; if heterosexuals are oppressive, then promote homosexuality and "transgenderism". Of course!

These "boomers" then went on to become parents, school teachers, and college professors, putting into action what "Frankfurt School" luminary Max Horkheimer described as thus:

"The Revolution won't happen with guns, rather it will happen incrementally, year by year, generation by generation. We will gradually infiltrate their educational institutions and their political offices, transforming them slowly into Marxist entities as we move towards universal egalitarianism."

In the past ten or fifteen years, this encroachment has shifted into private companies, specifically through their "human resources" departments. The policies include explicitly hiring and promoting non-whites and females, purely on the basis of their skin color or sex, while simultaneously dismissing critics as people who have "unconscious biases" against those who "don't look like them". Clear as mud?

These programs are then given "lipstick on a pig" euphemistic handles-- commonly, "diversity and inclusion"-- because of course, only a racist or sexist would be opposed to those values, right? This line of thinking then provides a false moral high ground for its proponents, while simultaneously providing cover as to what the policies actually are.

Contemporary Leftists in Hollywood and elsewhere excuse their relentless shoving of propagandistic, one-sided narratives with the explanation "it's impossible to separate the politics from the person creating the work of art anyway." Similarly, corporate HR departments are now pushing "initiatives" telling employees to "bring their whole selves to work"-- meaning, it's not only ok but encouraged to push for "social justice" politics within the office.

What so many of these "human resources" pawns fail to realize, is that they are merely channeling Herbert Marcuse, another "Frankfurt School" member:

"The small and powerless minorities which struggle against the false consciousness and its beneficiaries must be helped: their continued existence is more important than the preservation of abused rights and liberties which grant constitutional powers to those who oppress these minorities."

Reflect on that quote for a minute: as a value, whites, men, Christians, and so forth having "rights and liberties" and "constitutional powers" is not as important as the promotion of women, blacks, homosexuals, and others. Meaning, the entire "equality under the law" approach encouraged by people such as Martin Luther King Jr. goes right out the window.

Re-worded to reflect the HR "diversity and inclusion" policies then: "the continued promotion and hiring of women and blacks is more important than the preservation of equal employment opportunities for white males."

Sounds fair to me!
Throwback - 19:41 CST, 9/08/19 (Sniper)
Want to see a perfect example of the falling testosterone levels in men over the past forty-odd years? Check out present-day 49'ers coach Kyle Shanahan, versus his dad Mike Shanahan, at the same age of thirty nine years old. Pretty shocking difference-- we're talking strong double-digit gap.

In other news, this was basically my PC in 1999, right down to the Sony Trinitron monitor and Riva TNT2. I loved the TNT2's 32-bit color. Except, I went the AMD route that generation-- the Athlon 700 was faster than the Pentium 3 700, and was cheaper to boot. It too used the "cartridge" form factor. Interesting fact: I met my now-wife on ICQ using that PC. In fact, I still have that computer sitting in the basement-- albeit the once beige Antec chassis is a bright yellow now, and the CRT monitor is long gone.

I freaking hated "Half-Life". I didn't like Dudebro "cinematic" games right from the word "go". "Shogo" was my 1999 story-based game of choice, and I played it so much that I had it 100% memorized. Like "Half-Life", it had a cutting-edge graphics engine, except it had a huge anime influence with the art direction and soundtrack, which was really appealing.

It's incredible how John and I had the same video card path in the 1990s! We both went Matrox Mystique to PowerVR PCXS2 to Riva TNT.

The Mystique was an interesting card: people called it the "Mistaque", but in its defense it had "hit the ceiling" 2d RAMDAC performance, so it was great for DOS gaming. On the 3d front though it had no OpenGL or Direct3D support-- remember, this was circa 1996 or something. Instead, it used Matrox's proprietary API, which games had to specifically be written to use. The only hardware accelerated game I remember playing on it was the Matrox-funded port of "MechWarrior 2", and it was pretty amazing.

I'm also with John on how LCDs are a big step backwards from CRTs. Not to mention it was a pure signal, versus the rubbish DRM and handshake-filled cables used today. If CRT monitors make a comeback like mechanical keyboards have, I will be first in line to buy one.

1998's "Unreal" is a better looking game than 2019's "Fire Emblem: Three Houses", even if the triangle counts are obviously higher in the latter title. I guess display technology isn't the only thing which has gone backwards. Sound is similar: my dad's 1970s era wood-panelled stereo still works and sounds great (it has a physical string and pulley which pulls the radio frequency needle back and forth!), whereas my modern receivers and "sound bars" distort things and keep breaking.

The same goes for CRT televisions. Lots of my friends have been playing emulators on LCDs for so many years now, that when I show them a Sega Genesis game on my Toshiba CRT TV they are floored at how amazing it looks.

It's fun watching John play "Unreal"-- I too bought it on day one, and spent a lot of time in UnrealEd. In fact, you can still find references to some of my maps to this day: "DM-Ponikus2", published on June 13, 1998 baby.

Last anecdote: I remember playing the demo of that weird "Jurassic Park" game in 1999 with my friend Cake-O-Demon! We were busting a gut at how silly it was: we kept grabbing the crates, jumping, letting go, then running beneath them. Hilarious! Still, it's the kind of novel idea we just don't see in today's gaming corporatocracy.
Best of Bad Options - 09:54 CST, 9/08/19 (Sniper)
I'm craving a sports game at the moment, but none of the options seem very enticing.

Not enough changes in "Pro Evo" from year-to-year to make it worth buying annually. Plus, it sounds like they turned "Master League" into some kind of cinematic mode, whereas I'd rather see a shift the other way towards more of a "football manager", mouse-driven spreadsheet interface. Incidentally, the game also got a bizarre name change this season-- "eFootball"? I guess they're trying to differentiate from "FIFA".

I haven't bought an NBA-based game since 2002 on the original Xbox. However, WNBA players were added to "NBA 2K20"-- but you can only use them in single season mode, so what's the point? Maybe next year. The game also has a Colin "hands up don't shoot" Kaeperdick-inspired single player mode, which is a real turn-off. Even if I chose to just ignore it, why pay money to support the creation of such nonsense?

That leaves the latest "Madden", which I guess is a copy & paste of last year's game, with a new menu theme. I didn't buy the 2019 version, so it could be worth it. And I'm sure it'd run at native 2160p on my RTX 2080. But the rap music in the menus and overall emphasis on ghetto rape drug-dealer culture drove me nuts in the 2018 edition of the game-- not sure I could fight through that again.

Maybe I just need to toss my copy of 1994's "FIFA" into my 3DO and call it a day!
Make like a Banana - 08:52 CST, 9/07/19 (Sniper)
Secession is a dirty word, and it shouldn't be. All it means are two-or-more people voluntarily going their own way, because their lives would mutually be better that way.

Take this Eric Peters article, for example: one part of the country wants to force their world vision on the other part, while simultaneously telling the victims that they aren't allowed to leave.

Or use these two vomit-inducing articles; how would everyone's lives not be better by simple saying "sayonara"? Thank goodness for home schooling, let's just say that.

The Federal Government already blows 5.4 trillion USD per year on who-knows-what. Why not buy some one-way tickets to California for Lefties who want pedophilia grooming for kids or the consumption of hamburgers to be a prisonable offense, or flights to Texas for Conservatives who just want to be left the hell alone?

Another take: Which is preferable-- secession, or civil war?
One-Way Street to Crazy Town - 18:21 CST, 9/06/19 (Sniper)
The so-called "codes of conduct" governing events like this are insane.

You harrassing me, and aggressively screaming in my face demanding that I address you as a Toaster Strudel: it's all good! After all, it's just you "communicating in a more blunt tone" about your "different lived experiences" as an organic food substance.

Me politely suggesting that you take a deep breath, and explaining to me why you think you're a Toaster Strudel: get your ass out of here! That's just me having an "unconscious bias" against breakfast pastries, "putting the burden of education" on you, and "critiquing your tone".

It's no wonder 97% of heterosexuals would not date one of these people. Pro tip: Being a violent bully is not a good pick-up strategy. Especially when your entire gospel is based on the self-defeated research of this monster.
Hmmm... - 16:34 CST, 9/03/19 (Sniper)
After seventeen years of loyal road-going service, my 350z finally needs some money put into it, starting with a new exhaust: the bracket holding my catalytic converters recently rusted out, and the whole pipe system is hanging on by threads!

I think I've narrowed the choice down to two options. Here is choice number one: a "Motordyne TDX2". The second option can be heard here: an "Invidia Gemini".

Both Duncan and I prefer the first one. In fact, it sounds so good it brought tears to my eyes! The only problem is the cost; can we say double the MSRP? Is it really twice as good?
Partial Truth - 12:32 CST, 9/03/19 (Sniper)
It's an interesting hypothesis and maybe there is a little truth in it, but ultimately I think Eric Peters has this one wrong-- or at least as it pertains to my home state of Minnesota.

Where I live, adults frequently cycle to virtue signal that they are on the "green" team: the alien-head helmets and tight clothing are their side's uniform. And they deliberately ride on the roads just to slow down car traffic, even in the presence of massively wide, often-times even lane-marked "sidewalks" running alongside the car street. These "sidewalks", which are more like miniature bicycle roads, are so large that they force the car roads to get cut-down to one lane each direction, further discouraging driving.

Another give-away is how militant and aggressive are many of these adult bicyclists to car drivers, for basically any excuse. Imagine "road rage", complete with shouting and the flipping of the bird, but while riding a bicycle.
FUZE4 - 08:55 CST, 9/02/19 (Sniper)
It's finally out! The cool part is that it will apparently detect and utilize a USB keyboard plugged either into the Switch dock, or directly into the unit itself. This will be perfect for when Henrietta gets her Switch in November.

For Duncan though, I could see Francois Lionet's upcoming "AMOS 2" being a better option, since it will let him work on programming from the new PC I'll be building with him this fall.

Having been an enormous fan of game creation systems since the very early 1990s and ZZT, expect full reviews of both of these aforementioned releases from me over time. And don't forget my already-written take on the PS4's "Dreams".
Scammed - 14:59 CST, 9/01/19 (Sniper)
Cat was bleeding heavily out the anus. Four hundred and twenty dollars and four hours later, we're told that he has diarrhea. Reminds me of the time I went to the doctor complaining about lack of sleep, and was told I had insomnia.

The medical profession at large is such a swindle that unless something absolutely Earth-cracking is happening, it's best to just diagnose and treat problems at home. I had thought "bleeding profusely out the ass" was one such moment where they would actually be helpful.
No Simple Answer - 15:43 CST, 8/31/19 (Sniper)
The frustration with this fellow is palpable; "white dominated capitalism" and "black-voted government" both have got him down.

The urge is real to hop on a plane to LA and go help people. But how? Molymeux once said, "anyone who thinks helping someone is easy, hasn't ever tried to help anyone". I have personal experience in trying to help someone with mental illness-- it's like being a dog and chasing your tail in circles.

Whatever the solution, it'd been to be private charity so it'd efficiently use resources, and it'd need to be highly personalized; some people need a check, whereas to others cash will just enable them.
Ten Reasons Against "Unconscious Bias" - 16:58 CST, 8/30/19 (Sniper)
It's a hammer without a nail. Is there some explosion of employees engaging in racist behavior which suddenly needs to be curtailed? If a specific employee is having performance-related character flaws show up on their annual appraisals, then it should be addressed through the appropriate performance review channels, and for the specific individual involved.

It's pure psychological projection based on a five year old's conception of the world; an "interactive training" we had to take at work finger-waggled me for assuming a picture of a white guy was a CEO-- except that I'd actually clicked on the black woman. Whoops!

It's a tautology. Your denial is proof that it exists. It's "unconscious", see?

It assumes differences in outcome are due to "bias", even when there are more rational explanations. It's like the person who thinks there's a ghost every time the curtain flutters. 80% of NBA players are black not because of anti-white racism, but because black men often have physiological advantages which suit the particular sport, because black youths tend to practice the sport more, and so forth.

It focuses too much on Cultural Marxist bogeymen; a brow-beaten NBA player singled himself out as the "one with the problem", despite being literally the only white guy on his entire team. What about the "bias" of his black teammates? Meanwhile, the marketing department in my workplace is predominantly female; why are they not explicitly hiring and promoting men? Why are men in commercials presented as bumbling and effeminate, while women are shown as masculine and strong and in control? And so forth.

The "IAT" research upon which this is based is bunk; even the people who made it had to admit that it showed very little connection to anyone's actual behavior. Not only that, but the test results are not even remotely repeatable, even when issued to the same person moments apart. There is no way it could be used as any kind of clinical diagnosis of any kind; results could probably be randomly generated, and come out similarly.

It conflates "facts" with "hate". Completely variable-adjusted, repeatedly and scientifically sound studies show material IQ differences between racial groups. 37% of violent crimes in America are committed by a racial group which is just 13% of the population. 92.1% of nurses are women. Women make more money than men when income data is normalized by variable. I routinely see the "unconscious bias" crowd flip their wigs at numbers. Can't we have science and treat eveyone as an individual?

It's brainless and bandwagoney. Companies are doing this because other companies are doing it. Ironically, the "training" is telling people to understand the deep reasons for their actions.

It's creepy. Just in the 20th century, Communist regimes from Vietnam to North Korea to Romania and elsewhere used "re-education" camps to "correct" wrongthink. The Chinese government runs them today, and reports say there may be as many as 1.5 million Uighurs in them. It seems really tone deaf for a private corporation to start down the road of pre-emptively thought probing its employees.

It's ultimately insulting and demeaning. If I were to round up every employee at my company and tell them they are all "unconscious pedophiles", and asked them to click on pictures of small children based on whom they were most attracted, how do you think people would react?
Day Has Come - 09:09 CST, 8/28/19 (Sniper)
Inevitably, it has arrived in my back yard: my employer has been pushing so-called "unconscious bias training". I plan to do an entire blog post about the myriad of problems with it, but in a nutshell and just to set the stage, it works like this: "Did you know that you hate people with moles on their arms?", to which you of course respond confusedly, "...? What?". The response: "A-hah, see? It's so unconscious you don't even realize it!"

Funnily though, it only ever seems to work one way: it's always white men who have the "bias", even in situations where such a suggestion is patently absurd. Of course, this is because the Cultural Marxist theology says that white men are evil. Incidentally, wouldn't that be an example of conscious bias, by the by? But never mind!

As an example of this, my work place invited some white NBA player in to speak about how he needed to repent on bended knee at the SJW altar for having "unconscious bias" against black people-- despite having just been traded onto a team as the only white guy in an all-black squad! He wasn't just the "racial minority", but literally a member of one!

Interestingly, there is a significant perception that white men aren't good enough to play in the NBA. Why didn't my workplace trot out one of this fellow's black team mates, and examine his "bias"?

Of course, it's wrong to corral people up at random and call them racists without any kind of evidence. I'm merely pointing out the double standard.

Also to be fair, there are physiological reasons-- other than just height-- as to why black men are better at basketball on average. I can't remember the fellow's name, but there was a researcher who pointed out that the proportions of the bodies of black people, specifically to do with their legs and hips, typically lets them run faster, and jump higher. Cool! It's sort of like if you look at a cat: it's easy to see why they can leap many times their height.

There's nothing any more "racist" about pointing that out as an explanation of why there are so few white NBA players, as there is pointing out that black men typically aren't as smart as Asians on average, hence why fewer of them are Astrophysicists. Neither of those things are "bias"-- they are facts. But as I stated above, I'll write more on this topic at a later time.
The Beginning - 16:17 CST, 8/27/19 (Sniper)
I've been plucking my way through the original "Dragon Quest". If you take a look at the game's influences, none of them remotely resemble what we know today as a "JRPG". I'm going to mark the game down then as one of those rare genre-birthing moments.

It's really doing it for me too: the simplicity reminds me of my favorite Genesis RPGs while the atmosphere is cool, like how the music gets scarier and scarier the more floors you descend into a dungeon.

I did print out some maps though; the overworld and tomb dungeon in particular are very confusing to navigate without some kind of reference. I'll probably do the same for its sequel, after I beat the original and am ready to move on.

In other news, spent the entire day yesterday at the Minnesota State Fair. For those who don't know, it's the country's largest such event when looked at by daily attendance. The kids and I went on a Ferris wheel, and the whole party ate way more sugar and carbs than the average person probably needs in a year!
Snowflake - 17:04 CST, 8/26/19 (Sniper)
Once in a while I'll get a particularly unhinged message from a reader, and I got an interesting one a couple of days ago. Maybe instead of "Dear Abby", I should start a "Dear Sniper" column? Anyhow, I can basically distill the ad hominem-strewn tirade down to this:

"Dear Sniper: Why do you think cucks and betas are losers? I find your views extremely upsetting!"

Dear reader: Thanks for the message! I'm not sure how familiar you are with computers, but modern web browsers have this really cool feature, where if you don't like what I have to say, you can just click this big "X". Pretty neat, huh?

No one has ever accused me of not being helpful, don't you know!

I just did a free text search of this blog's database, and I have never called cucks or betas "losers". They do get on my nerves though: more on that in a minute.

I'm a Libertarian: if full-grown men want to sit around their house knitting, then more power to them: I have zero issue with that, in and of itself. One of my best friends growing up has never been particularly masculine, and is now a happily-married gay man. Good for him!

Mostly, I just make observations. Numerous studies, not to mention anecdotes from popular social observers, shop owners, and corporate marketers all confirm that men are becoming increasingly effeminate. I've picked up on that, and on these pages I call it how I see it.

My frustration with these people comes in with situations like this, starting at the 17 minute mark. Predictably, the woman is about her emotions: "I can't explain why for the life of me, but no wall for sure!" Traditionally in the past, the man would then chime in with "Yeah, but law and order is important, and besides you have a fenced in yard, right? And why do you think castles had walls around them?", and all sorts of other rational arguments.

Instead nowadays, you get the guy in the video piling on with the woman! In fact, when you boil it down at almost every level, what's the difference between him and the woman he's with? Because I can scarcely tell!

"So what, you patriarchical Nazi?" Here is why it matters:

According to one of the world's very leading experts in Dr. Simon Baron-Cohen, women are typically better at empathizing, whereas men are usually superior at systematizing. A healthy world needs both empathy and logic, in the same way that the Enterprise needed both Deanna Troi and Worf.

What do you think would happen if huge swathes of the traditional systematizers were transformed into emphasizers? Most likely, you'd wind up with an ochlocracy-style "mob rule", with knee-jerk emotional reactions governing society. Sound familiar?

And believe me, this is not going to have a happy ending for anyone, least of all the effeminate men, who will be the first ones tossed over the cliff by the more militant feminists once their usefulness has passed.
Narrow Perspective - 11:38 CST, 8/25/19 (Sniper)
I love Eric Peters, but like all people who for one reason or another like crude, ugly, lousy-handling American muscle and pony cars of yore, he can be sort of eye-rolling whenever he makes a statement about automobile performance.

Here he is trying to paint the picture that a 5.7 foot tall (!), over two-ton, front-wheel drive platformed, 0-60 in 7.3 seconds, seven-seat SUV is some kind of performance vehicle. His basis is comparing it his 1976 muscle car Trans-Am, which I can virtually guarantee you drove more or less like a boat even brand new. The best numbers I can find are .83g on the skidpad, and 7 seconds 0-60.

In other words, comparing a modern car to his old muscle car is not exactly the highest bar.

It's like when my father-in-law was bragging about how quick and fast his father's old Ford Mustang was, putting down my 350z in the process (he hates my car, because it has a Japanese badge despite being designed in California). I looked that Mustang up, and it did the 1/4 mile in like 17 seconds, and 0-60 in over 8-- it was slower than the front-wheel drive Scion tC I used to own! It also had a live rear axle, so I'm sure handling was rubbish.

I'll go ahead and put my money where my mouth is: let's set a more reasonable bar then.

How about my .91g skidpad, 5.5 second 0-60, 14 second 1/4 mile 2003 350z? It's sixteen years old, so it's also not the best handling or quickest car around by today's standards. But if you're going to go on about the "performance" of some stupid SUV, why not compare it to a car which at least has some semblance of actual performance?

On new summer tires, I've comfortably taken my 350z at 60 mpg around cloverleafs: because of the car's 50-50 weight distribution and rear-wheel drive layout, it felt great! Try that in the afore-referenced SUV, with your butt sitting several feet off the ground, and with 60% of the weight over the front axle, and let me know how quickly you piss your pants-- after you're rubber-side up in the drainage ditch.

In any event, just felt like a rant over what's in reality a pretty minor pet peeve. The rest of his article is great, like pretty much everything he writes.
Teetering - 20:43 CST, 8/24/19 (Sniper)
Check this out: the 1974 Scudetto-winning Lazio, versus the 2018 rendition-- so, an apples-to-apples context (professional football, same country, same club, just different eras). And holy buckets! There are a couple of less-manly guys from the 70s team, but on the balance... look at Pulici, or Wilson, or Nanni, or Chinaglia, or Polentes... even the coaches, Maestrelli to Inzaghi! This isn't any kind of attack, I love our current team, and can't wait for the opener tomorrow. But it's still shocking how much men have feminized due to dropping testosterone over the decades.

On that note, I haven't been watching much English football over the past several years, but I did see part of a Leicester City game a week ago, and I saw this guy-- "Hamza Choudhury"-- for the first time; I'd never even heard of him. I was captivated by him during the match, and I couldn't figure out why. Then finally, it hit me: he looks like a man! It was like he was plucked straight out of the 1960s and dropped into 2019.
Little Dragon King - 20:55 CST, 8/23/19 (Sniper)
Remember less than a month ago when I lamented the fact that there was no modern-day equivalent of something like the Game Boy Advance-- a tiny, light-weight, cheap handheld that could easily fit in your pocket? Turns out, I wasn't looking hard enough. Behold the yellow wonder, right next to the aforementioned Nintendo classic incidentally!

As I've discovered over the past few weeks, 2018 saw a renaissance in the area of "open source" portables. Why? Because the Chinese got interested. And being in that part of the world, the Chinese have cheap, easy access to mass-bulk acquisition of MIPS knock-off system-on-chip designs, including the Bejing-made "Ingenic JZ4760" powering this tiny device.

To be clear, this is not a fast chip: it's a nearly decade-old design, and it's hilariously built on a 130 nm process. To put that in perspective, some of Intel's Pentium III variants were also 130 nm-manufactured chips! Nonetheless, this plucky bugger has pretty decent battery life so far as I can tell, and doesn't generate much heat. It's also paired with 128 megabytes of DDR2, which is plenty for this sort of thing.

Just don't expect Dreamcast emulation-- or even 32X, truth-be-told: it's a PC Engine SuperCD or SegaCD-and-prior platform. And that's just fine: most of the best video games ever made came out before 1994 anyway. Although, the Game Boy Advance emulation is pretty speedy, and that's a turn-of-the-millenium 32-bit system-- so there is that!

I've read that these Chinese firms are able to acquire chips like these for less than 5 USD per unit, and the screens for little more. Fab some cheap plastic housing, and sell the thing to wealthy Americans abroad for dirt cheap: the LDK goes for 55 USD, while some competitors such as the "Bittboy PocketGo" are available for as low as 35 USD-- and that price includes trans-Pacific shipping if you buy from a store like RetroMiMi!

On the software side, the little yellow wonder runs an obscure, extremely light-weight GNU/Linux distribution called "OpenDingux". Like all GNU operating system variants, the whole thing runs on total transparency: nothing more than shell scripts and simple utilities. Check out the initialization script, and one of the application launchers. And who said software couldn't be self-documenting?

Those screenshots were taken from my PC. But I could practically have taken them from the system itself! Yes, this is a terminal emulator on the actual system, plus a full-fledged file manager. It doesn't get much cooler than this. Check out that kernel version-- 2.6! Brings back those halcyon memories of 2005, when Torvalds was still an asshole-- thems were the golden days!

The system has two SD card slots: one beneath the battery, and one on the unit's side. The internally-slotted one is clearly intended to contain the primary, system-oriented partitions, while the external one is meant for user-space data. It doesn't have to be that way though, since the operating system and supporting tool chain is quite customizable, even outside of needing to compile anything:

As I've gotten older, I've learned that how nice something is up front, when it's all brand new and working, isn't nearly as important as how easy it is to mend when it inevitably breaks. That applies to operating systems (GNU/Linux over Windows), household appliances (simple toaster over WiFi one), cables (S-video over handshaking DRM-saddled DisplayPort), cars (big V8 and carburetor over "hybrid"), and yes, even computers (PCs over laptops). When that battery in your 800 USD smartphone breaks, you're fucked. But this little baby? Just pop the battery out with a butter knife or switch blade, and drop in a new 5 USD one from eBay! Problem solved.

There are already fifty billion videos on CensorTube of people showing off games on the system-- but no one illustrating the TV-out functionality, which is the primary reason I wanted one of these little doggies in the first place! My goal was to replicate what the Switch does, but for "classic" games: play it on the TV (a 4:3 CRT, baby), or on the go (and it actually fits in your jeans pocket)!

But not-so-fast, slugger: you've got a choice to make. Either you stick with the abandoned, dead-end stock firmware-- now referred to as the "Useless" firmware-- and get TV-out; or, you leap to the current developmental pathed "RetroFW"-- which hasn't re-implemented TV-out for some inexplicable reason! I asked about this regarding the "Bittboy", and let's just say the notion was shot down quicker than me asking for a date in high school.

On the other hand, it's not like these devices are even Internet-capable; they're like the non-networked 386 you had in the 1980s-- the only security you needed was a password on your "After Dark" flying toasters screensaver. And it's not like these old roms change, many of them being over thirty years old at this point! So if the emulation is solid with the stock firmware, then we don't need no stinkin' new firmware anyway.

So back to that TV-out thing... I've decided to be that one guy on the entirety of the inter-tubes to focus on that aspect. How is it? Turns out, rather glorious. There's a bit of overscan, but the colors are vibrant, and the fidelity isn't too bad! Much better than my Atari ST's RF modulator, that's for sure:

How about the emulators themselves? Do you like Super Mario Bros. 3? Who doesn't! How about on both the Super Nintendo, and the Game Boy Advance?

You might notice that the Game Boy Advance pixels look a little wonky... actually, a lotta-bit wonky. And it's not your imagination: the stock firmware comes with a port of the "gpSP", and while performance is good provided you feed it a slight overclock to 624 MHz, the "aspect" scaler looks rather terrible. It's usable on the tiny screen, but blown up to a TV, and... well, you can see for yourself:

The binary for the scalar option-rich "reGBA" emulator are on the file system, but beats the heck out of me how to get it running! Executing it from the terminal revealed that it was missing a config file-- so I dropped just such a file in place, and it "freezes" while processing it. Nonetheless, I created an icon launcher for it, and I've by no means closed the door: I'll provide an update when I inevitably get it going, I just need to put some more elbow grease into it. Hopefully it will turn this baby into a perfect GBA replacement.

Thankfully though, the other emulators-- "OhBoy" for the Game Boy and Color, "Temper" for the PC Engine, and "SMS SDL" for the Master System and Game Gear, just to name a few-- look so great on the TV that I didn't even bother taking pictures. And let's not forget the Sega Genesis!

Er, actually, forget about that one-- like some of the more sophisticated "smoke & mirrors", programming wizardry Atari ST games, this "PicoDrive" emulator sends some kind of crazy frequency that my conventional TV doesn't support. I bet it would work on my fancy, more versatile Sony PVM security monitor, but I haven't tried yet.

While we're speaking of "PicoDrive", other than the TV-out problems, it's easily the best emulator of the bunch that I've tried: you can tell it does some incredible bare-metal assembler, as it not only pixel-perfect fits the screen's native resolution somehow, but it's so unbelievably butter smooth-- locked at 60 fps, permanently-- that it almost beggars belief. It's no wonder it doesn't work on my TV!

Special shout-out also to "Temper": playing something as complex and rich as "Rondo of Blood" with pitch-perfect emulation on my TV, Red Book-included, means that this tiny Chinese knock-off might actually be able to replace my actual PC Engine Duo-R. I need to try more games to be sure, but it's looking promising so far.

And I've barely scratched the surface: there are dozens of emulators, and I've tried maybe six. This deal even has DOSBox-- how much you want to bet I can get "One Must Fall: 2097" working? It even has an Atari ST emulator! Hmmm. STOS programming, anyone? Or why not get even nuttier: spiritual successor to the Diamond Rio PMP300?

Speaking of old DOS games, perhaps surprisingly the best part of this system are the native ports, which are absolutely astonishing. Just check out "Chocolate Doom"! It kicks the lousy Switch "Doom" and "Doom II" ports right in the nuts, on every level. It even displays the ASCII post-exit splash screen!

Or how about some "Jazz Jackrabbit"? Crazy:

There are loads of others which I haven't tried yet, including "ECWolf"-- regular readers will know that I marginally prefer "Wolfenstein 3d" to "Doom", so that will be a treat, if I can figure out where to drop the danged data files!

And that about wraps it up! In summary, I am thrilled to death with this device: with the exception of Genesis emulation, it does everything I want both "on the go" and "on the big screen", like the classic-games oriented Nintendo Switch I've been craving! And best of all, it's deliciously hackable, washing that disgustingly proprietary closed ecosystem flavor right out of my mouth. It's like digital Listerine! Just make sure to floss the bytes out of your gums.

And this might be as good as it's ever going to get: I strongly suspect that once newer, faster chips start circulating in this community, everything will switch to 16:9, analog sticks, and digital-only out via HDMI. So get these babies while they're hot-- they might be big collectors attractions in the not-so-distant future!

My daughter has a "Bittboy PocketGo" coming any day now which she bought with her own money, and while the firmware doesn't support TV-out, as I mentioned earlier, I'll at least take a few pictures of it and write up some impressions. Until then, I'll be playing some Game Boy Color "Dragon Warrior".
Was Not Aware - 07:45 CST, 8/22/19 (Sniper)
Holy buckets, this reminds me of the "George Zimmerman" and "Michael Brown" instances: Leftist media narrative is completely contrary to the facts which emerge during the investigations and trials.

Those two cases are why the terrorist organization "Black Lives Matter" exists: note that they didn't dissolve the group once they were proven wrong. It'd be like me continuing to hate someone for losing my car keys even after I'd learned they'd merely fallen out of my own pocket.

Between Molyneux's "truth about Castro" presentation some years back and Mark Dice's daily videos over the past few years, it's astonishing to me how evil Big Media is. "Fake news" indeed.
Traits - 16:09 CST, 8/21/19 (Sniper)
Apparently a bunch of layoffs occurred at "Game Informer" yesterday. It sounds like the cuts were due to GameStop's bigger-picture issues-- yet at the same time, part of my wonders if it was an example of "go woke, get broke"; regular readers will remember me pointing out how the magazine has become overly politicized. I'd be interested to see their subscription numbers over the past couple of years.

It's weird to think of how divided the country is today. I actually met Andy McNamara a couple of times in the 90s, and I never would have known he and I were on the opposite sides of a political schism-- we were just two dudes who liked games. Yet today, he's turned a video game magazine into a veritable extension of CNN-- to the point where I think it would be difficult for he and I to get along, trying to avoid the elephant in the room.

In other news, I was reading the other day about the roles which hormones play in the development of facial features: higher testosterone leads to more square and defined jaws, closer set and smaller eyes, larger noses, and a more pronounced brow line-- lower testosterone, the opposite. I've been paying close attention to that whenever I see a picture of a Left-leaning male, and almost without fail they have the pointy chins, larger wide-set eyes, and weak brows.

At the same time I'm not saying you can predict someone's political affiliation just by levels of testosterone: I was analyzing the player's faces on the sideline during the last Vikings game, and many of them-- especially the black players-- were almost at parody levels of the above male-typical features: oozing testosterone! And yet, most of those black players are probably liberals. Still, I'm sure there is some correllation between these traits and political outlook, even if it's one set of factors among many.

But back to the topic: I've never been to art school, but it looks like they teach artists these things: I was paying close attention to the character portraits in "Fire Emblem: Three Houses", and the facial traits mirror the apparent mascuilinity of femininity of the character's personalities and voice actors! For instance, Ashe is pretty effeminate and passive-- take a look at how they drew him! He even has freckles, which is usually a trait of thin, more feminine skin. Next, take a look at Dedue: smaller eyes, square jaw, brow-line. Then at Flayn. The best one-- since they're related, but of opposite sex!-- are between Gilbert and his daughter Annette.

As for me, I've always had pretty masculine hobbies: sports (playing and watching), cars, and military stuff like tanks and airplanes. As for my face, I have a strong square-like jaw, a big nose, small eyes (my tiny eyes have always been a running joke with my wife), and a pronounced brow (to the point where one eye examiner's equipment couldn't reach my eyeball from my brow, so deep was the set). Then again, I do have a higher-pitched voice, although part of that is due to constant nasal drip. So does Mike Tyson incidentally, and I don't think anyone would call him feminine. To be fair, I do have some less masculine hobbies too: reading classical literature, and working indoors on computers.
Dust Bin - 11:51 CST, 8/20/19 (Sniper)
I've had this on in the background as I work, it's interesting to note that all three of them learned how to program, in the 1980s, using STOS! Well, the fellow on the right learned on AMOS, but same thing. STOS indeed is one of the best pieces of software I've ever used of any type, across any computing platform, ever. Which reminds me, I really need to get back to finishing my racing game...

On the flip side, I don't get why they made so much fun of the Jaguar controller's keypad-- it was a brilliant idea; as they even showed, you'd put game-specific, 1980s PC keyboard-style inserts over the top of it. Along with the 3DO's daisy chaining, I don't get why the Jaguar keypad concept didn't become the industry standard. I think it's a superior invention to the analog stick, frankly.
Every So Often - 17:25 CST, 8/19/19 (Sniper)
Ahhh, it's another one of these idiotic things! In the spirit of the upcoming Minnesota State Fair, it's Fascism on a Stick; "private-public" collusion, great model that.

Signed by close to 200 businesses, huh? I've never mentioned my employer by name and I never will, but let's just say that they're surprisingly not on this list, despite usually participating in such nonsense.
Facepalm - 14:02 CST, 8/19/19 (Sniper)
Lesson numero uno: when the SJW mob comes to destroy you, never ever apologize: these people are not your friends, and they will take a mile out of the inch you give them.

They have absolutely no power over you. Worst case scenario, you find another job or some other way to earn money, of which there are thousands-- big deal.
Mini-Documentary - 09:07 CST, 8/16/19 (Sniper)
This is a really cool video, been watching it out of the corner of my eye as I've been working. "Castle of Illusion" is one of the best platformers of all time-- easily-- although I was never huge on its sequels, or "Fantasia", all of which I owned back in the day. I will say that "Quackshot" is phenomenal though-- I remember renting that at the time with my best friend Tim, and being really impressed.
Fox Guarding Hen House - 08:25 CST, 8/16/19 (Sniper)
I don't think Windows 10 is sending off personal data-- but that's based on me and others sitting there running tools like "Wireshark", then inspecting the results; it's not totally conclusive since it's not like I logged everything for weeks-on-end-- heck, I don't even run Windows for those kinds of durations, as I do 99% of my work in Manjaro Linux these days. But the point is, to make the claim that Windows "respects privacy" requires some kind of independent, third-party audit.

Then you get to people like this fellow, who asserts "Windows 10 respects privacy because Microsoft put little toggle switches into the control panel." Yes, but how do you know they do what they claim to? In GNU/Linux, I can independently look at the source code and see exactly what configuration GUIs and scripts do. But in a closed-source proprietary OS, simply saying "company XYZ has a control panel which does ABC" is almost totally non-verifiable.
Different Places - 08:26 CST, 8/15/19 (Sniper)
Wifey is as hard-set as they come with regards to these so-called "red flag" gun restrictions, and recently made every one of these arguments to me, but derived all on her own. So it's interesting to see them in writing in an actual article! The point she emphasized the most was number seven.

Part of the reason Leftists and Conservatives are arguing about whether or not "white supremacy" is on the rise is because they are operating from different definitions. To a Conservative the term means "white people are superior to all other 'races' and should rule over them", which is a tiny set of people; to Leftists it essentially boils down to "anyone who says anything I disagree with", which is a much larger-- and growing!-- set.

Excellent Eric Peters article here regarding so-called "anthropogenic climate change" theory. I've also researched the topic, have written about it before, and arrived at many of the same conclusions.
Dystopia Today - 11:01 CST, 8/14/19 (Sniper)
Behold a real-world consequence of virtue signalling; this is your automated electric car future.
Stretched - 18:27 CST, 8/12/19 (Sniper)
You know that feeling you get when you're standing in a long line at the bank, or in your car at a fast food drive-through, or at a grocery store cashier-- how the sensation of impatience and frustration morphs into an almost physical pressure after awhile? That's how I get when playing modern video games.

I'm trying to trudge my way through the new "Fire Emblem", and it's so bloated that it quite literally feels like a trip to the DMV-- like they're not respecting my time at all. It'd be like playing chess, and every move involves fifteen minutes of dialogue and menu sifting.

I'm debating whether or not to keep my "Dragon Quest XI" Switch pre-order. It's listed at an unbelievable 87 hours for "Main + Extras", which is the column on this site for which I'm usually most closely aligned. Ugh.

It's a shame, because there's a lot to like about some of these games. I usually just wind up quitting before I get to see most of it.
Infinite Loop - 12:14 CST, 8/11/19 (Sniper)
William Strauss's and Neil Howe's "The Fourth Turning" makes the essentially irrefutable case that history really does repeat itself, and in regular cycles at that, with each point in the cycle reflecting certain values in society.

At present, America is a cesspool of hedonism, post-modernist thought, violence, hypocrisy, totally inauthentic virtue-signalling, and narcissism. A few weeks ago I wrapped up Dostoevsky's "Crime and Punishment", and was startled by the character "Lebezniatnikov", who is a carbon-copy of today's Millenial college student!

And when I say "carbon copy", I mean it in very specific ways-- so specific that it's like ticking through a list of Cultural Marxist talking points, as if somehow Dostoevsky traveled forward in time to 2019 America, watched for a few days, then went back to his own time-- 1860's Russia!-- and reproduced the dysfunction in his novel.

My next step is to figure out what was happening in Russia at that time, and what came after. I know that the Bolsheviks rolled into town and started the country's eighty or ninety year reign of abject Socialist terrorism-- but that wasn't until thirty or forty years after "Crime and Punishment" was published; what happened in between?

In any event lest you, dear reader, think I'm exaggerating the similarities of the times, I've reproduced a selection of passages, which form a conversation the Antifa BLM fellow was having with his friend, who was rightfully mocking him regarding his views. All bold emphasis is mine:

"He found him incredibly inattentive and irritable, though he, Andrey Semyonovitch, began enlarging on his favorite subject, the foundation of a new special 'commune'... but the 'humane' Andrey Semyonovitch ascribed Pyotr Petrovitch's ill-humor to his recent breach with Dounia and he was burning with impatience to discourse on that theme. He had something progressive to say on the subject which might console his worthy friend and 'could not fail' to promote his development."

Right from the get-go we see that Andrey Semyonovitch Lebezniatnikov is a radical, hardcore Socialist. Sounding familiar already? His job in the world as he sees it is to "promote" the "development" of those around him. Leftist in-your-face preaching? Who'd have thunk it. Let's continue with him talking:

"You don't understand; I used to think indeed, that if women are equal to men in all respects, even in strength (as is maintained now), there ought to be equality in that, too. Of course, I reflected afterward that such a question ought not really to arise, for there ought not to be fighting and in the future society fighting is unthinkable... and that it would be a queer thing to seek for equality in fighting. I am not so stupid... though, of course there is fighting... there won't be later, but at present there is... confound it! How muddled one gets with you!"

A familiar theme indeed: that women and men are totally identical, and that all differences in outcome are due to "societal fighting" and "inequality". And that in some kind of "future world", no one will fight, even as the character himself is doing so. The cognitive dissonance is hitting him so hard even as he speaks, that he becomes flabbergasted. Very familiar! Let's resume:

"Certainly not insult, but protest. I should do it with a good object. I might indirectly assist the cause of enlightenment and propaganda. It's a duty of every man to work for enlightenment and propaganda... I might drop a seed, an idea... and something might grow up from that seed... they might be offended at first, but afterward they'd see I'd done them a service."

Does this sound like CNN's Jim Acosta, or what? It's the mainstream media's job-- no, duty!-- to use propaganda to "enlighten" the people. Same with people who make movies, TV shows, or video games. And to what end? Why, radical Leftism of course: no family unit, no countries (open borders!), no privacy (we'll get to that), but behind closed doors it's all Harvey Weinstein:

"You know, Terebyeva (who is in the community now) was blamed when she left her family and... devoted... herself, she wrote to her father and mother that she wouldn't go on living conventionally and was entering on a free marriage and it was said that that was too harsh... I think that's all nonsense and there's no need of softness; on the contrary, what's wanted is protest."

A thot abandons her family and children because she wants to ride the cock carousel? Why was she blamed? It's society's fault, not hers! More:

"Varents had been married seven years, she abandoned her two children, she told her husband straight out in a letter: 'I have realized that I cannot be happy with you. I can never forgive you that you have deceived me by concealing from me that there is another organization of society by means of communities.'... That's how letters like that ought to be written!"

Boy is this one familiar: "I cheated, but it's my man's fault that I did it." The other character in the conversation engages in some ribbing:

"Is that Terebyeva the one you said had made a third free marriage?"

Our social justice warrior becomes flustered again, even going so far as to herald prostitution as a noble act, even though it's by definition a strong independent womyn who don't need no man slutting herself out in the most disgusting, degrading, personal way possible for a few rubles:

"No, it's only the second, really! But what if it were the fourth, what if it were the fifteenth, that's all nonsense!

As to Sofya Semyonovna personally, I regard her action as a vigorous protest against the organization of society, and I respect her deeply for it; I rejoice indeed when I look at her!"

His opponent is having none of it, ribbing once again:

"I was told that you got her turned out of these lodgings."

Admits it, but tries to explain it away:

"Lebezniatnikov was enraged. 'That's another slander... I was simply developing her, entirely disinterestedly, trying to rouse her to protest... and Sofya Semyonovna could not have remained here anyway!'"

His opponent hits the nail on the head: he was grooming her for sex!

"And you, of course, are developing her... he-he! Trying to prove to her that all that modesty is nonsense?"

A hilarious "defense":

"Not at all, not at all... setting aside the general question of chastity and modesty as useless in themselves and indeed prejudices, I fully accept her chastity with me, because that's for her to decide. Of course, if she were to tell me herself that she wanted me, I should think myself very lucky..."

Hah, "of course if she did happen to want to sleep with me because I'd been brainwashing her, who would I be to say no?" On to another one... deep state much?

"Now I am explaining [to Sofya] the question of coming into the room in the future society."

A sardonic response:

"And what's that, pray?"

No right to privacy:

"We had a debate lately on the question: Has a member of the community the right to enter into another member's room, whether man or woman, at any time... and we decided that he has!"

Oh! Just decided that! That's all it takes! And I guess it's his duty to engage in propaganda to "enlighten" others that what's theirs is his-- even their most intimate moments, like Google and Amazon spying on people having sex with those 1984-like, always-on in-home speaker systems?

But we're not done yet: what about kids? Any of this sound familiar?

"Children? You referred to children. Children are a social question and a question of first importance, I agree; but the question of children has another solution. Some refuse to have children altogether, because they suggest the institution of the family..."

As Hitlery would say, "it takes a village. And holy buckets does the "not having kids" point hit close to home-- straight out of any of America's present-day college campuses or "progressive" web sites. And to top things off, how is this for Leftist logic?

"When the deception is open, as in a free marriage, then it does not exist... I mean if I were to marry, legally or not, it's just the same, I should present my wife with a lover if she had not found one for herself if she had not found one for herself. 'My dear', I should say, 'I love you, but even more than that I desire you to respect me. See!' Am I not right?"

"If we 'decriminalize' crossing the border illegally, then there will be no more illegal immigrants! Hurr durr." And what about the unbelievable parallel with the cucking! It reminds me of this.

There is also another scene in the novel where the enlightened, women-loving Lebezniatnikov beats up his own land lady in a dispute-- but I haven't reproduced that in this post. I bring that up to illustrate the the parallels don't end with the above.
Anger - 12:18 CST, 8/09/19 (Sniper)
This drivel is exactly everything that is wrong with video games today. The short version: "I had a bunch of selfish, narcissistic friends who were 'thots' and 'chads', and they didn't like video games-- so I think the whole industry should start bending over backwards to make non-games to rope these people into the hobby, instead of 'catering' to the 'white male nerds' who are the only reason the hobby even exists because they've been there since day one."

It's my "Invasion of the Hobby Snatchers" post, written from the very kind of person who is propagating such madness-- a smoking gun. I despise this term, but I'm going to use it just so I can speak a language they can understand: I find the whole notion offensive.
At Least It's Transparency? - 15:21 CST, 8/08/19 (Sniper)
The Fascistic Leftist pro-censorship crowd isn't even trying to legitimize their actions anymore.

First there's the 8chan situation: actual killer uploads "manifesto" to Instagram. Someone else re-posts it on 8chan. 8chan gets taken down, Instagram does not. And about 8chan as a site, it had a wide range of political discourse on it, as explained perfectly here, not just right-wing stuff.

Second there is Mitch McConnell: the "just stab the motherfucker in the heart" #MassacreMitch posters do not get banned. Mitch McConnell does for pointing out the "hashtag".

Third there is the Gab scenario: radical Muslims, Antifa, BLM, and other Leftist radicals routinely user Twitter as a platform to coordinate. But, Amazon pulls the plug from Gab, which had quite literally nothing to do with either shooting.
Can't Last - 10:43 CST, 8/07/19 (Sniper)
I'm always one for the "things are complicated", and "there are many gray areas", and "the real world is messy", and so forth. But sometimes I see something which makes me consider whether or not I'm overthinking a subject, and that the explanation really is pretty simple.

Recently, I've wondered whether the bias against hiring and promoting males in my workplace is a result of women simply expressing in-group preferences. Now, put these charts into play-- they clearly illustrate how women, who statistically vote for bigger government far more than do men, has resulted in a one-way flow of resources.

Personally, with the exception of one month when I was 22 years old, I've been employed in one-or-more-simultaneous-jobs contiguously since my 15th birthday, and other than my tax payer-subsidized "Stafford" student loans-- which were relatively miniscule since it was almost twenty years ago, and I went through the much-cheaper state college system to boot-- I've received zilch in terms of government freebies, yet have paid in some incredible amount in taxes, a sum which I don't even really want to think about. Not only that, but with the exception of a computer lab job in college, 100% of my work has been in the free market, with my value being the only thing maintaining my positions.

Even with the "greater than Middle Ages peasants-to-kings" levels of wealth confiscation-- I recently took home $5800 in cash out of a $10,400 work bonus (to be fair, there were 401k contributions in there too)-- my wages do support a very comfortable life style for my family. See? I'm fair and balanced. But on the flip side, as a strong introvert working in a stressful career for decades so I can subsidize abortions and single motherhood, and maybe even "free $1000 per month for people who won't work" if Trump loses in 2020, makes it very difficult to not pull an "Atlas Shrugged".

At some point this is all going to reach some kind of breaking point: a society where one half is pulling the wagon while the other half are sitting in it is not sustainable in the long run. On top of it, in Minnesota where I live, I found that 78% of people either work directly for the government, or for one of its cartels. If you factor that in, it's a tiny percentage of the population who is actually contributing the real, net productivity in the economy.
Diminishing Returns - 08:12 CST, 8/07/19 (Sniper)
I saw this image today; graphical progress over 10 years, in the 2000s:

So I decided to make this corresponding image; graphical progress over 7 years, in the 1990s:

Mainstream - 11:54 CST, 8/06/19 (Sniper)
This conversation reminds me of the "Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus" marketing, which was verbatim quoting Antifa propaganda about killing "Nazis" in America. "#NoMoreNazis!" When that kind of rhetoric is in the mass marketing of a video game, you know how mainstream is the Leftist normalization of violence against political opponents.

Of course that's not surprising to me, given that any time Marxists get into power, the first thing they do is take people behind the garden shed and shoot them in the back of the head, execution style: just check out people like Che Guevara to get the idea.

I wish things were different. Most of my best friends and their parents were card carrying Democrats when I was a kid, and I shared lots of values with them-- it was easy to find common ground. But that was back in the 1980s and 90s: the Democrats have shifted so far to the Left on average that it's rapidly becoming one of those "secession is the only option where values are literally incompatible".
An Option - 07:27 CST, 8/06/19 (Sniper)
Sergej should just stay, and I mean for the long run. We've won a lot of trophies in our history, including some very recently. And as Lotito has been carefully and methodically upping the wage budget, we've been perennially challenging for the top spots.

So why not view Lazio as a destination, versus a stepping stone? Beyond that, think of all the players who left, and what happened to them: Hernanes and Candreva each went from superstars to "filling out the roster numbers"; Keita Balde has fallen off the face of the planet; Stefan de Vrij is riding the pine at Inter. And that's just a small sampling!

To players like Milinkovic-Savic, Correa, Luis Alberto, and Immobile: why not just stay and see how far you can take this club, while simultaneously being superstars and focal points of the project, with the adoration of the fans, and playing in every game? Making an extra 0.5 of 1 million EUR per year is tempting, I get it, but there are other values at play too.
Revealing - 12:06 CST, 8/05/19 (Sniper)
In this post I discussed how modern Democrats are Marxists. To support my view, take a look at the "Democratic Socialists of America": they refer to each other as "comrades", and say that their goal is to "defeat capitalism".

Remember: modern Democrats always hide behind the "we're not socialists, we're democratic socialists" explanation. But unsurprisingly, in practice it's a distinction without a difference.
Missing Glue - 10:58 CST, 8/04/19 (Sniper)
One thing which I think is contributing to how miserable people are in Western countries is because the societies aren't structured enough.

Conventionally, and influenced at least in part by Marxism, people judge society vertically-- meaning, how "equal" are people. So they compare billionaire hedge fund managers to single moms and thus use the term "neo-Fuedalism", implying that if society were less vertically stretched, people would be happier.

But I've discovered that society can also be looked at horizontally-- that is to say, how tightly-knit are its communities, and how strongly do its members see that they have a well-defined purpose and role within the group.

I've been reading a lot of Dostoyevsky and Tolstoy, and while the nobility-peasant spectrum was rather vertically stretched, it was horizontally very dense. My impression from those various novels was that people-- yes, even peasants-- were much happier than in socieities like today's America, which are vertically pretty short-- even "poor" people have air conditioning, their own cars, running water, and even iPhones and flat-screen TVs-- but horizontally very stretched.

I don't think what makes the single mom unhappy is that she doesn't have a yacht like James Simons-- that would be a vertical concern. Rather, I think the source of her misery are the conditions which led her to become a single mom: a lack of good role models, a lack of religion, a lack of community, a lack of strong parenting especially from a firm father figure, and a lack of a sense of purpose. Those are all horizontal concerns.