The Exigent Duality
They Are Too Nice - 15:43 CDT, 5/05/21 (Sniper)
Imagine moving to China, and broadcasting to everyone there that "Chinese people are evil". Simultaneously, you start putting only Japanese people in all of the advertisements, to drive home the point that Chinese people are too evil to even look at anymore.

How long do you think the Chinese people would put up with that? My guess is that the marketers would find themselves in a gulag or ejected into the middle of the ocean very quickly.

So why do white Christians put up with it? They are passive to the point of being suicidal!
Check Your Thinking - 08:00 CDT, 5/03/21 (Sniper)
Any time you've got a double standard, you've got an error in your thinking. Related to today's Mark Dice video, I just got done playing and reviewing a literal Black Supremacist video game, which even has "black power" symbology, and even a "black power" suit with accompanying cut-scene! "He's our Spider-Man!", is the game's mantra-- I'm not even joking.

But some Mexican guy driving a truck with his hand hanging out the window is the country's big issue.

Another double standard example from today comes compliments of Boeing. You see, it's not hateful to wrongfully accuse a cop of being "racist", to call your white employees "racist", or to fire white people because of their skin color, and replace them with black people. None of that is hateful. What is hateful at Boeing is saying, "You know, I don't think the knee thing is what killed him." That will get you fired.
New Video Series - 09:10 CDT, 5/01/21 (Sniper)
I've kicked off a new video series, where I'll be playing through some of my favorite games of all time. Check out the BitChute and Rumble links above to see the first game on offer!

The WuFlu Strikes Back

In other news, back when I was a school kid, or when I worked in an actual office, or when my daughter was in school, or myriad other periods of my life, it was almost an annual event that I would pick up either influenza-- especially as a child, one time in particular I was delirious with fever-- or some Coronavirus or another, of which there are probably infinite varieties.

In my working adult life, it would usually take me about a month, or slightly more, to recover from those Coronaviruses, to the point where it was a joke in my house: "Here comes papa's annual sick month!" They tend to linger in my body, which is annoying. Eventually, I would just wake up one day and realize: "Oh, I don't feel sick anymore! Nice!"

These viruses are no big deal: they make you feel a little lethargic, there is a mild fluid buildup in the lungs leading to a cough; sometimes I would get little aches and pains, maybe a very mild fever. Elderly people can certainly die from them, but for everyone else they are annoying-- nothing more.

What people for sure don't do is get shot up with non-FDA approved, never-before-tested-on-human cocktails with totally unclear long-term side effects including potential infertility in women and permanent cell DNA modification, from multi-billion dollar Big Pharma corporations with 100% waived legal liability, promoted by people like Bill Gates, who experiments on children in Africa and who is an active proponent of eugenics to reduce the world's population.

If all of that sounds like the evil plot from a Bond movie, that's because it basically is. Rather, when people catch a cold, they just let their immune system handle it.

But back to the topic at hand: all of my getting sick ceased when I started working from home, and we started home schooling our kids: I went probably three whole years and didn't get sick even once. Glorious! However, a few weeks ago the company who puts on Spacemario's swimming lessons let us know that a kid-- with whom he was face-inches-apart for a half an hour-- had the WuFlu. Yes: they literally called us to say that a kid had a Coronavirus.

Sure enough, Spacemario got sick for about a day, followed by wifey for a few days, followed by... me.

And yes, the WuFlu is exactly what I thought it'd be: it feels precisely like having any other Coronavirus I've ever had-- lethargic, lingering, mild fluid build-up, and so forth. I've felt sick for maybe two weeks now, so given my usual pattern I'll probably feel vaguely ill for another couple.

The only slightly unusual symptoms I've experienced involved a rash on my back-- I've never had one of those from a cold before-- and now fluid buildup in my always-problematic right knee-- the one I messed up while inline skating-- which makes standing slightly uncomfortable. On an "annoying factor" spectrum, I would rate the WuFlu in the top quarter of all Coronaviruses I've had: not even close to the worst, but still enough to make concentrating in work somewhat frustrating.

A nice side benefit has been that I've been sleeping like a baby: best period of sleeping I've had in years! In net, I almost feel better with the WuFlu than without it, because I'm actually rested every day.

Next Plans

Spacemario and I are planning to do a video about some cool solar systems he's discovered. I'm also tinkering with how to get 1080p output from Rumble, which isn't going so well so far, unfortunately. As well, I plan to do a "Super Turbo" 3DO video soon, perhaps even today!

The Addition

One last note: the bug out house addition is back on, for good this time! I've decided that it is the best course of action, when all factors are considered.
Dredge Three-Player - 18:47 CDT, 4/28/21 (Sniper)
The kids and I recorded a video of us playing "Dredge" in three-player, check it out!

Also, this is superb news: hopefully more companies come to the same conclusion!
Dead Art and Clarifications - 17:02 CDT, 4/27/21 (Sniper)
After yesterday's intro piece, I have my first real video up:

I also want to clarify a post I made earlier, where I was discussing managing an intern this summer, how my life is at a crossroads, and so forth: I'd actually forgotten all about that post until a friend at work emailed me about it today, at which point I just went and deleted it.

I'm sure you can easily find it archived if you want to read it, I'm not trying to hide anything-- I only removed it so it doesn't cause confusion in the future; the post isn't relevant anymore.


Look at all of the button links on the top of this site-- I've put in motion the very steps I wanted to take! As for work and after having talked to tons of family members and friends many days ago, I'd decided to just focus on the positive portions of my employer's mission, and my coworkers' shared interests.

At least until I can quit. I legitimately don't know how much longer I will be working there: if this video stuff takes off, or alternately if I do go ahead with the bug out house addition, then my departure will be sooner-- if not, then I'll need to hang on a little longer.

As for the intern, this person has a number of very redeemable traits too, and after all is very young: I will provide technical guidance as asked, but otherwise let them "sink or swim" on their own. I think that's more than fair, and it's the advice my co-worker friend and others have given me.
New Dawn - 21:08 CDT, 4/26/21 (Sniper)
Regular readers will probably have noticed that this site now features a series of buttons in its header-- from left-to-right: "CoinPayments" for donations, this site's "BitChute" content, its brand-new "Rumble" channel, and its "Gab" feed. Here is what I'm going to try as an initial streaming and recording setup:

  • Camera: NexiGo N930AF
  • Microphone: TONOR TC-777
  • PC: Ryzen 3600x, 32 gig. RAM, Gigabyte RTX 2080 OC
  • Operating System: Manjaro Linux
  • Editing Software: OpenShot
  • Recording Software: OBS Studio

I've recorded a video explaining exactly why, after over twenty five years of exclusively "blogging"-- dating back before that term was even invented-- I've decided to branch out. Check out the BitChute and Rumble links above to see my "Introduction" video.

As for video hosting, I also took a look at "Odyssey" since I hear that one mentioned a lot, but its "terms of service" has nonsense in it, similar to "MeWe", a site I covered in this post. From my experience, red flags like this are essentially foolproof. Versus Rumble, which has a sentence in its terms to the effect of "you will find 'offensive' stuff here, that's your responsibility."
Gubernatorial Contrasts - 12:02 CDT, 4/26/21 (Sniper)
This morning I was thrown an anecdote that "some people" in South Dakota think Kristi Noem is a "nutcase": hundreds of thousands of people live there, so I'm sure it's undoubtedly true that a subset of those-- 47% voted against her when she ran for governor-- don't like her. But to call her a nutcase seems pretty strong-- in fact, I'd argue she's far-and-away one of the most sensible of America's governors, by some margin. Here are her views.

Preface: I didn't tackle every single bullet-- there are just too many issues out there for me to know enough about them to formulate an opinion one way or the other. Both lists have only issues about which I'm already familiar:

Kristi Noem

  • (logical) Wasn't born yesterday: saw through the WuFlu nonsense, one of the best "responses" in the entire country.
  • (logical) Pro-Life.
  • (logical) Wants to audit the Fed.
  • (logical) Wanted to curtail spending if debt limit reached.
  • (logical) Protects anti-same-sex marriage as free speech.
  • (logical) Later, desired to end bulk data collection under "Patriot Act".
  • (logical) Thinks that porous borders and illegal immigration are threats.
  • (logical) Voted to allow compensatory time off for working overtime.
  • (logical) Member of the Tea Party movement.
  • (logical) Wanted to ban armed forces in Libya, absent Congressional approval.
  • (logical) Repeal Obozocare reporting requirements for small businesses.
  • (logical) Use tax money to encourage abstinence in public schools.
  • (logical) Wants to open up continental shelf to oil drilling.
  • (logical) Wants to ban the EPA from "regulating" carbon dioxide (lol).
  • (logical) Desires no expansion of EPA-regulated waters.
  • (logical) Condemned China's organ harvesting from Falun Gong prisoners.
  • (logical) Prohibit IRS audits targeting Tea Party political groups.
  • (logical) Essentially a pro-second amendment absolutist.
  • (logical) Wants to get rid of nationalized healthcare laws.
  • (quasi-logical) Desires a US balanced budget amendment.
  • (quasi-logical) Use State block grants for training.
  • (illogical) Supports ban on same-sex marriage.
  • (illogical) Supported Paul Ryan's "budget".
  • (illogical) Extended the "Patriot Act's" roving wiretaps.
  • (illogical) Extended the "renewable tax credit".
  • (illogical) Opposes private retirement accounts.
  • (illogical) Did not want to remove military from Afghanistan.
  • (illogical) Wants to "prevent" Iran from getting nukes, rather than "contain".

I agree with her on most things, but on the critical side she seems like a mild war hawk, and also a mild Christian theocrat.

Simultaneously, the hosts of the popular Minnesota conservative radio show "Justice & Drew" throw similar epithets at Tim Walz-- but Walz is very moderate in fact compared to the DNC proper: I only call him "Kim Jong Walz" because of his radical totalitarian reaction to the WuFlu, the most pressing civil rights issue since the 1960s-- otherwise, I don't find the guy to be particularly objectionable, compared to most Democrats. Here are his views:

Tim Walz

  • (illogical) Completely botched the WuFlu: last state in the area requiring Burqas, making my life miserable.
  • (logical) Wanted to ban job discrimination based on sexual orientation.
  • (logical) Desires to eliminate the death penalty.
  • (logical) Wants prisons to expand rehabilitation programs.
  • (logical) Supports medical marijuana.
  • (logical) Wants to open continental shelf for drilling.
  • (logical) Opposed NAFTA and CAFTA.
  • (logical) Wanted to repeal automatic Congressional pay raises.
  • (logical) Supports concealed carry permits.
  • (logical) Desired to ban gun registration laws in DC.
  • (logical) Did not want to expand "Patriot Act's" roving wiretaps.
  • (logical) Wanted Congressional oversight of CIA interrogations.
  • (logical) Ensure an achievable mission in Iraq.
  • (quasi-logical) Supports vouchers for public schools.
  • (quasi-logical) Wants so-called "path to citizenship" for illegals.
  • (quasi-logical) Voted to curtail business resistance to labor unions.
  • (quasi-logical) Wants to let shareholders vote on executive compensation.
  • (illogical) Did not want to terminate NPR.
  • (illogical) Did not want block grants to be used for training.
  • (illogical) Wants anti-male sexism, Kool-Aid drinker on phony "wage gap" myth.
  • (illogical) Wants to ship money to Mexico to "fight drugs".
  • (illogical) Wishes the EPA could "regulate" carbon dioxide.
  • (illogical) Supports every "green" energy tax payer boondoggle under the sun.
  • (illogical) Liked the "cash for clunkers" program.
  • (illogical) Wanted to send money overseas to Pakistan to "support democratic institutions".
  • (illogical) Does not want to cooperate with India because they have nukes.
  • (illogical) Wants Washington DC to have electoral votes.
  • (illogical) Other than not wanting a GM and Chrysler bailout, has not met a single increase in debt he hasn't liked.
  • (illogical) Openly endorses anti-white racism in multiple contexts.
  • (illogical) Desires "green" public schools.
  • (illogical) Wants the US to have a health care "system" like in Canada, or the UK.

In fact, the gap between Walz and Trump is not as wide as one might think.

They both love Keynesian-style big spending, and debt; they both have pronounced populist streaks, with a distrust of so-called "trade agreements" and globalization; they are both pro-Second Amendment. To me, they are both "center-moderates", with Walz being slightly Left-- he's a "anthropogenic climate change" Kool-Aid drinker, and also at least somewhat has bought into the "Cultural Marxism" nonsense-- and with Trump being slightly Right, for example in being "pro-life". Heck, they even agree about the WuFlu: Trump stood day after day after day right behind Dr. Fausti, as the latter spewed his incoherent nonsense: Trump could have shitcanned the guy three days in for being the actual nutjob Fausti is.

In general, I give Noem something like a B+ in terms of her views, and Walz a C-- I don't think either one of them are "nutcases".
Dredge - 08:49 CDT, 4/25/21 (Sniper)
The kids and I are finally ready to take the wraps off of our "Wireframe Magazine" Fuze competition entry-- check out the BitChute and Rumble links in the site header above to watch me play through it in single player.

My webcam and microphone are supposed to be here tomorrow, at which point the kids and I will record a three-player session-- then you'll also get our remarks and commentary as we play, which will be fun.
The Myth of Pluralism - 15:18 CDT, 4/24/21 (Sniper)
You know that usual deal with politicians: "are they evil, or stupid?" In Sadiq Khan's case, I think he's just an idiot.

When Breadline Bernie visited the Soviet Union in the 1980s, he came back ecstatic about how great the place was. Meanwhile, other people who visited during that same time-- who were perhaps part of the same entourage even-- were laughingly remarking behind his back, "What in the world is he on about? I've never seen a more dilapidated dump in my life!"

Bernie was looking at the same scenes, but seeing them differently, through his Commie Red-tinted glasses: he could see, but was blind.

So it is with Sadiq Khan. He's so deep into having drank the "diversity is our strength" Kool-Aid, that he's incapable of questioning the totally and obviously wrong mantra, or even of producing evidence to support it as he promulgates it!

"Our many identities don’t contradict each other, rather they make us stronger", he says. "That's why...", he goes on, "...we must reject those who claim to be patriots by trying to narrow what it means to be English as a way of excluding others."

How does it make "us" stronger? No evidence is forthcoming: he merely drops these unsubstantiated statements, and moves on.

This is such a backwards take on things it makes my head spin. Try dropping a practicing Christian into Sharia Law, and see how long it takes for them to wind up getting executed. Similarly, take a strict adherent to Sharia Law, and see how long it takes them to wind up in jail in a Christian nation-- or not wind up in jail, since this is England we're talking about... but that can be a topic for another day.

In my own country, the Left believe in Cultural Marxism, while I'm an adherent to Classical Liberalism. The two world views are literally "contradictory", to use Khan's word-- they are diametrically opposed! They, again quite literally, can not co-exist at the same time! Take a trip to North Korea and try not worshipping the "Dear Leader"-- let me know what happens, if you can get a communication out before the anti-aircraft gun discharges in your direction.

I could go on and on: the examples proving my point-- and proving Khan wrong-- are nearly inexhaustible!

Getting now to his table-flipping sophistry about how the common Englishman-- born and bred-- is somehow the aggressor: other people-- foreigners-- have come into their country, and codified into law values which are not compatible with their own.

How many times do you need to be told you're a racist because your ancestor ten generations ago went across the ocean and beat up a Native American, before you start to get frustrated-- right after you were nice enough to let the very person making this absurd claim into your country? Is not the totally logical and rational response, "Fine, then go back to where you came from!"

Even the word "pluralism" is a contradiction: the only way it "works" is if everyone shares that value-- which means it's no longer a pluralistic society-- rather, it's a monoculture, of shared values!

The mistake the English whites made was buying into this "pluralism" myth in the first place, propagated by sophists like Sadiq Khan: "Sure, we'll just let everyone in, our values aren't contradictory!" As I've written before, "diversity" is a weakness, not a strength. Brexit was a great step in the right direction, but now the world needs about one hundred more such events to transpire.
She Dindunuffin! - 06:57 CDT, 4/23/21 (Sniper)
One would have to be crazy to be a cop in America today: here were black people kicking in each other's heads and trying to stab each other, and somehow it's white people's fault. Hah!

They could have put Derek Chauvin up for execution through quartering via first degree murder in cold blood, and he would have been found guilty.

If I went to a bus stop let's say and started trying to stab people, I too would get shot by either a cop, or one of the people at the bus stop-- obviously the outcome would have and has nothing to do with race. But also obviously, that's missing the point: Marxists gonna' Marxist.

Cops should stop going to black neighborhoods: let them knife and shoot each other. The non-problematic blacks would then flee and migrate into civil society.
Man, or Woman? - 18:41 CDT, 4/22/21 (Sniper)
There is a game I've been playing on my Murderapolis walks which I call "Man, or Woman?" At the bug out house, it's easy: the men have masculine gaits, ruddy thicker looking skin, actual muscle mass, and a variety of other traits which makes them easy to pick out.

But in the cities, the "men" move like women-- pronounced hip movements, with their palms out-- and even dress in extra tight pants and shirts. Sometimes they are riding little bicycles, with dorky helmets, like small children.

Even with frontal looks, like when a pair of people are walking towards me, it's difficult to tell until I get very close: pointy chins, pudgy skin, narrow faces, and the prevalence of lesbian-like buzz cuts among the women means that the two sexes are almost indiscernible in metropolitan areas.

If T levels continue like this, I won't be at all surprised to see "men" sporting actual breasts in the next ten years.
Branch Covidians - 07:20 CDT, 4/22/21 (Sniper)
The image headlining this article is hilarious-- it's what cuckface looks like with a WuFlu Burqa! They also sort of remind me of these dudes from "Resident Evil 4"-- and just as blind, albeit figuratively!

On an unrelated note, I could go to web sites like "Limited Run Games" and order just about everything on them. I've got this and this in my crosshairs at the moment.
Future Plans - 09:55 CDT, 4/21/21 (Sniper)
I've been thinking recently that rather than hide who I am, I need to lean into my identity: why not start a full-on recording studio, from where I could run an exclusively "new tech"-- as Styx now calls them-- video channel, covering video games from the perspective of a "Xennial" right winger? I could also go full-bore on GNU/Linux tech tips, politics, football and Lazio more specifically, and so on?

My daughter is also getting interested in politics, plus I could bring her in to cover animal and art-related subjects. My son could do some videos about outer space phenomena. I have a brother-- well, a brother plus a "virtual" brother of sorts-- who are both big time into motorsports, that could be yet another subject.

I know that streaming and videos are an oversaturated market-- but outside of the "Video Game Critic" dude and someone like "Metal Jesus Rocks", almost all game-related material is from soyboy "Gen Z" and "Millennial" types. And I have never seen a single person who has the mix of super vocal right-wing politics, with a heavy coverage of video games; "Vee" sort of does that kind of thing, but focuses more on the politics, less on the actual game design analysis.

Besides that, people often tell me that I'm a pretty funny guy. I have the most bizarre voice I've ever heard-- in a normal setting it's kind of grating, but in the right context it flips into a positive: many people over the decades have told me I should go into radio. I also have one of those "rubber faces" which famous comedians often have. I'm certainly no professional in terms of talent or imagination, but I could definitely play into a bit of a schtick, and get viewers that way.

Imagine then "John Linneman" meets "Metal Jesus Rocks" meets "Video Game Critic" meets "Don Adams" meets "Styxhexenhammer" meets "Richard Hammond"-- a sort of fusion of all of those people and their subject matter.

I might start asking around to see who would be interested in this kind of thing. The biggest dilemma is where to set up: the obvious choice is the bug out house, but if the law I mention here came to pass, then I quite literally couldn't live in Minnesota anymore. Further, there are rumblings Keith Ellison might run for governor: he's like one of those central African warlord-cum-dictator "el presidente" types, who institute "land reform" and oversee tribal slaughtering civil wars. There is no way a white person could be safe in Minnesota with him in charge.

My mom and I were debating state viability this morning, and while she favors Florida, I've been looking at Mississippi: Florida is attractive in the extreme short run, but has a significant enough libtard percentage in it, that once the retirees start to die off I wouldn't be surprised if the state government completely turned "woke" and began abusing the rural indigenous whites, like what's happened in Minnesota.

Texas will be completely lost in less than ten years; I think Florida could be the next big domino to topple, after that.

The reasons I like Mississippi are that it has the lowest percentage of libtards in the entire country-- 13%!-- and also the lowest cost of living. Another "feature" is that the entire state basically looks like a giant trailer park: no metrosexual soyboy or Karen would have any reason to touch the place with a ten foot barge poll-- what in the world is there in Bible-belt Mississippi for people like them? The entire place is filled with metal pole barns and barely-paved roads.

If the states fell one-by-one, Mississippi and Alabama will probably be the very last two left standing. In the Northern territories, South Dakota is probably the best choice: again, no libtard would ever want to go there.

But enough rambling: here's a funny stock image-- a multi-racial thot on her phone not paying attention, obligatory crazy-haired black lady, former-Tyrone-turned-middle-ager, new Black Panther-styled college graduate, two white thots, and the single white male in the room, who has lower T levels than a Buzzfeed employee. Notice the absolute zero representation of the average, every day indigenous white person, and the absolute zero-alignment to actual, real-world United States demographics.

When I see advertising, I think I'm living in Nigeria half the time, and in "Cyberpunk 2077" the other half!

Remember: "anti-racism" means "no whites"; "feminism" means "no men"; "have the discussion" and "just listen" mean "you're only allowed in the room if you agree with us": white males are ok only if they are cuckfaced soyboys-- white women are ok only if they are brainless urban e-thots or corporate suburban lapdogs.
Case for the Black Pill - 07:14 CDT, 4/21/21 (Sniper)
I like Styx, but this is the second major event he got totally wrong: he thought Trump would be in office for a second term, and he thought Chauvin would get acquitted. He's also frequently creating commentary like, "well in the mid-terms this-and-that, and in the next Presidential election, so-on-and-so-forth".

Simultaneously, he makes fun of people who are "black pilled".

I've been writing a bit about Ancient China lately as I've been studying that topic, and what happened over and over again on that landmass was that some political and social structure would take root, be in place for maybe two hundred or-a-bit-more years-- sometimes for far less-- then slowly melt down and transform into some new set of structures.

These transitions often took place over many decades, and it's not like the landmass sunk into the Earth's core when they did. For most people living there, their lives probably didn't radically change from one day to the next, like is presented in overly dramatized Hollywood movies and video games.

In terms of a background of civilizational sophistication, North America is where the Chinese area was a few thousand years ago: until Europeans arrived in this zone, people were essentially living in huts, eating tree bark-- in other words, the North American landmass is only in its "first cycle" of the kind of change I alluded to in the previous paragraph.

This "first cycle" is now complete-- the "United States" as the entity we've known it to be, is kaput.

Historians and their students two thousand years from now will observe that during the current period, the election system completely collapsed and was no longer functional, there was a mass exodus of hundreds of thousands of people from Central America to the North totally changing the demographics of the area, the culture became prone to hysteria and paranoia, the policing and judicial outcomes became controlled by violent mobs, and that the indigenous whites mass-migrated and consolidated to rural areas or certain states, away from the increasingly dangerous urban areas.

Since North American has not been through a transitional period like this before, it seems like the end of the world-- but as I stated above, it's not like the continent falls into the ocean or gets sucked into a black hole: the soil will remain, and the people living on it will continue to do what they've always done-- live life one day at a time, and dynamically make the best of life as they can.

For some people-- namely, those cheering on the current persecution, such as my co-workers-- life won't change at all: they are on the "winning team", so they will be left alone, at least for now. For the people on the receiving end of the persecution, such as myself, life will be altered more significantly, as we're forced to physically relocate in order to live life according to our values.

People like Styx can call this whole perspective "black pilled"-- fine by me. But in my view, it's simply an objective reflection on the larger-context state of affairs, and an acknowledgement of reality.
Baseball Striking Out - 13:05 CDT, 4/18/21 (Sniper)
I've never been a baseball fan, from hating "tee-ball" as a kid to trying to watch the sport as an adult-- but boy can I sympathize with the sentiment here. Via a quick search I found this article, which corroborates their complaints.

The sport is even toying with having a machine call the balls and strikes! This is what you get after you allow the precedent of NFL-style instant replays, "VAR" in football, and so forth, all things I was opposed to on day one. Why not just replace the players with robots? No more injuries! No more mistakes! No fatigue! Inch-perfect play, every second!

The quotes about the inexperienced people coming into the sport mirror my reflections about the greater society as a whole.

If you're under the age of thirty five and went to college, there is a ninety-five percent chance you're a complete idiot (if you're reading this odds are I'm not referring to you, to be clear). If you're a Lefty, there's almost a one hundred percent chance you're an idiot (again, if you're reading this, probably not you I have in mind). So why is it that young Lefties, the worst of all combinations, are the ones being handed boxes of matches and gallons of gasoline? They ruin everything they touch.

On that note, I finally finished my "Wireframe Magazine" Fuze competition entry, which freed me up to get back to my game backlog. I started "Miles Morales", and I don't know if I can keep going.

It's not so much that the game is woke per se-- it's more like it's just dopey Millennial values; multi-racial families filled with "Mary Sue" characters, obvious villain arrogant white guy, NPCs with environmental dialog lines like "I need to buy gifts for 'Kwanzaa'", and on and on. The whole experience is drenched in this "written by IGN Twitter blue checkmarks" vibe.

I might just write my review and move on.
Feet to the Fire - 14:30 CDT, 4/16/21 (Sniper)
Here is why I regularly listen to Vee: he's a genius. He once pointed out, "the perpetrators won't change their behaviors until it impacts them personally." In the aforelinked video, he prescribes the means of doing so: don't protest Delta by pointing out their wokeness-- they'll just take that as a badge of pride: "We like that a bunch of racists Nazis don't like us!"

Rather, take a page from Saul Alinsky's playbook: protest in front of their headquarters by holding them to their own rules: "Don't fly Delta! They are racist and exclusionary by requiring an id to fly on their planes!" The reason Alinsky correctly saw this as a useful tactic is because the target organization or individual can no longer use their principle as a defense: the people attacking the organization agree about the principle! In fact, they are holding you to account for not taking it far enough!

The only way out from there is to throw the principle under the bus-- "game over"-- or try to live with the principle, which is also "game over" because the notion was never intended to be realistically practicable in the first place, as it was only being promoted for propagandistic purposes.
Authoritarian Monoculture - 11:28 CDT, 4/16/21 (Sniper)
The local Murderapolis newspaper-- "The Red Star and Tribune"-- ran a supplementary piece which just showed up in my mailbox, "asking Minnesotans" what it will mean for them when it's said that the "pandemic is over".

One guy said "when I can stop wearing masks in public". Gee, that's funny, I'm not wearing them now. A woman said, "when we can stop telling people they must be 'vaccinated'". Well guess what lady-- you can stop the behavior, right now! "I hope we can stop burning witches soon", as she pours gasoline on the pyre...

How about this one? "When political dissidents are allowed to see a doctor again." No one in the article said that. And here all this time the Left was telling me that "healthcare is a right"! Not when you disagree with Joe Bi Den, Kim Jong Walz, and Dr. Fausti I guess: some animals are more equal than others.

One thing which is very striking to me right now is how authoritarian everyone around me is. Outside of a dwindling few, almost-totally-censored voices to which I go out of my way to listen-- Eric Peters, "Vee", and a couple of others-- it's automatically assumed by everyone that Fascism is the "correct mode".

Process that for a minute: we're not even eighty years from the fall of the "Third Reich", yet every single idea I hear proposed today is very literally a fusion of State and corporate power-- enforced by Stasi tactics like snitching, destroying dissident's livelihoods, institutionalizing racial inequality before the law, and so forth.

Great ideas! I bet they've never been tried before!

Especially with young people: I just about never meet anyone under the age of thirty, or even thirty five, who isn't a flaming libtard. I get the sense that they have quite literally never had a single influence in their lives who has said, "hold on a minute-- you're making a lot of assumptions there, have you thought those through?", or "did you know there is another way to look at this?"

It's especially annoying being a computer programmer, since from my experience software developers are predominantly in their twenties or maybe early thirties, before then moving on to management-- which means an old hat like me with kooky ideas about, you know, individual liberty (whatever!) being continuously surrounded by complete inanity-- inanity which can be undermined via simple reasoning in about thirty seconds, but which can't be said out loud, or the monoculture purge operation will go into overdrive (destroy the infidel!).
Crazy People - 08:04 CDT, 4/14/21 (Sniper)
I once fell prey to the thinking error John Linneman mentions here: for a long time I had to fight urges to smash my Switch into the blunt corner of the nearest desk surface, not because I didn't enjoy the platform, but because I couldn't shake the association between the hardware and the culture surrounding the system-- it took me years to get over it.

I also had a friend growing up who loved "Pink Floyd". Over time I noticed he wasn't listening to them anymore, so I asked him why: "I don't want to be associated with their fans." Same mental mistake: just because some obnoxious people like something shouldn't preclude you from liking it too.

On a Switch-note, I'm so close to finishing my "Wireframe Magazine" Fuze competition entry that I can taste it. I think the game is coming out really well, I will be fascinated to see what the judges make of it. It's not the most incredible game I've ever played, but given its extremely short development timeframe and the fact I've been chipping away at it in evenings after my day job, it's certainly not a bad effort.

Changing topics and as a continuation of my "cringey SJW yard sign" series, I took a slightly different Murderapolis walking route the other day and saw this house:

The yellow one reminded me of Steven Crowder's "I'm a poor black trans single mother with rickets" schtick. The middle one is... Black Supremacist John Travolta impersonators donning WuFlu Burqas?! I'm also curious as to why this person is flying the flag of a foreign country in their window... I'm sure Australia or whatever would just love to have them back, I'll pay for the one-way plane ticket!

One flew over the cuckoo's nest... incidentally, I'm sure everyone saw that the primary "BLM" founder did what all self-proclaimed Marxists do as soon as they get power: become totally bourgeoisie, buying a multi-million dollar house in a neighborhood without a single black person within one hundred miles.


On yet another topic, I hardly use my Android phone-- I probably touch it once or twice per day-- but on one such occasional a few days ago I noticed that the "Google Play Services" daemon was chewing through battery like there's no tomorrow. Then yesterday, I got this message:

Apparently, this is malware which Google itself back-doored onto everyone's Android phones. It can't be (easily) removed, and can only be shut up by turning off all notifications from the aforementioned daemon.

And "daemon" is just about the right term for this crap. Next thing you know base Android system services will be spamming me with CNN headlines.

Android as software was really cool back when it came out over a decade ago: totally libre and minimalistic. Now huge components of it are "closed", to the point where I've no clue if turning off Bluetooth, LTE, or "location services" actually turns them off, or keeps them off: I'd need to get specialized equipment to intercept the signals and packets emanating from the dumb thing over time, to make sure it's not snooping on me.

Probably easier to just buy one of those metal cases that doesn't let any waves in or out. Or toss the phone into a lake and re-buy a "Nokia N-Gage". I wonder if GSM service still exists?
The Power of Propaganda - 16:20 CDT, 4/12/21 (Sniper)
With just a couple of exceptions, every person I routinely interact with at my workplace has very vocally signaled-- as in, virtue signaled with lots of smiley and clapping "emojis", obnoxiously broadcasting their personal and private health choices to as many people as they can-- that they are getting shot up with the experimental WuFlu injections.

"Hey guys! I'm getting prostate surgery tomorrow! Yay!"

Most of these people are under the age of thirty: according to the CDC's own numbers, these young people stand a significantly higher percentage of dying from the seasonal flu or a car accident-- or probably by getting struck by lightning, or tripping over their dog while we're at it.

So why the heck would they get an "approved for emergency uses only, never before tested on humans" cocktail injected directly into their bloodstreams? Especially when I've now heard several of them complain that the shot itself gave them terrible, flu-like symptoms which lasted for multiple days!

As high as seventy percent of people who get the WuFlu itself don't ever get any symptoms-- how is getting a shot that makes you sick the superior choice over a virus you probably won't get anyway, and which probably won't make you sick at all even if you do get it?

Totally nonsensical-- until I read this article. The full piece is worth a read, but the short end of it is that young people have been systematically propagandized and programmed from day one to be deathly afraid of this thing, while simultaneously having the actual numbers and statistics either hidden from them altogether, or wildly misrepresented.

I suppose, the fact that my coworkers refer to these injections as "vaccines" is in and of itself a symptom of their programming. "Vaccines" are known things with long histories, and a positive connotation: it's a great term to use if you're trying to disarm someone to get them to hold out their arm.
Too Close for Comfort - 09:44 CDT, 4/12/21 (Sniper)
You can always tell how close to the truth you are, by how frenzied your opponents get: Trump, Tulsi Gabbard, and Bernie going after the military industrial complex is a great example, and here we see-- after all of the myriad things Tucker Carlson points out on his show-- the Twitter mob going bananas over the "population replacement" operation underway.

It's worth noting that the thing the Left fears the most is collective "white" action: white Europeans after all invented pretty much everything worth inventing, have contributed the greatest artistic works ever achieved by humanity, and were even the best at combat, which is how they easily conquered other people who essentially specialized in brutal warfare, such as the "Native Americans", or the Aztecs-- not to mention the fact that white Europeans had the technology to get across the ocean in the first place.

You'd need about four hundred consecutive "white history months" to get through all of the accomplishments.

To be clear, I'm an absolute proponent of liberalism: living in a country full of Thomas Sowell's or Ben Carson's would be plenty fine with me, and beyond that there's so much cross-breeding at this point that the concepts of "white" and "black" oftentimes aren't clear anyway: I personally know two "50/50" people-- one looks totally "white", the other totally "black". There was once a study which asked people to identify faces by "race", and the results were hilarious.

To me nothing is about "race"-- but to the Left, everything is about "race", and to them the idea of "whites", specifically of the rural variety who can build houses with their bare hands, who provide all of the food the city dwellers eat, and who are the experts of both self-sufficiency and firearms, is terrifying. Collective "white" action is the hottest of the hottest buttons for them, because it's the thing which would put an end to their shenanigans. That's why they devote so much time to mocking rural people: it's pure fear combined with self-censuring feelings of personal inadequacy.

It's also why the Left's priority numero uno is importing as many non-white illegal immigrants as humanly possible, as quickly as humanly possible: it's their way of "stacking" the voter base, to as-rapidly-as-possible disenfranchise the hyper-competent, independent-minded, strong white rural base, which is the existential threat to their power.

On a slight change of note, I've continued my reading of Chinese history, and today's America reminds me a lot of the period following the collapse of the Han.

The Qin were so warlike that their entire civilization was built around serving in the army, from the top to the peasants at the bottom. The second wealth would start to accumulate, they would intentionally start a new war just to drain the coffers. The Han, while not as extreme, retained a significant military aspect, with access to government positions based mostly on competency.

But during the subsequent "Three Kingdoms" period, the pendulum finished its swing to the opposite side: society became very decadent, to the point where young men spent their lives serenading each other and reading poetry. Meanwhile, court positions were doled out not to those with the most substance, but rather to those who had the best conversational skills.

The parallels to present-day America are obvious: Trump has substance but not smoothness of words, so he's bad; Cuomo murders elderly in nursing homes but wins an Emmy for his press conferences, only put under pressure after the scandal becomes so large it can't be hidden; young men who don't know how to replace a light bulb sit around on the internet all day posting about racist freeways and obscure video game plot points on Twitter.

Heck, there was even a period during the Han collapse where the court was run by a bunch of eunuchs! Another parallel.
Rebel Ancestry - 17:22 CDT, 4/09/21 (Sniper)
Excellent-- a hero! All it takes is a little bravery. Of course, he should refuse to play WuFlu theater himself under any circumstance, but I give him a ton of credit for sacrificing his job for his principles. I would have liked to hear the full, uncut audio that the reporter recorded with him-- but I suppose that's asking too much.

A partial aside: I don't recall if I've ever posted this before, but as it's been passed down through the family and relayed to me, I'm evidently a direct descendant of Severyn Nalyvaiko-- apparently, there are statues devoted to him in the very village from which my mother's family emigrated a few generations ago. I can't write my mother's maiden name online due to "cancel culture", but the name is very close to "Nalyvaiko", which lends further credence to the story.

It would also explain why my family is so filled with anti-authoritarian, independently-spirited people: my great grandparents-- my mother's father's parents-- were moonshiners during "prohibition", and my grandfather had many amusing stories of his parents evading the police during his childhood, one involving the flattening of a hot pie into the face of a cop entering the house; my grandfather himself was notoriously opposed to doctors, police, and other "authorities"; all eight of his children, my mother included, have strong libertarian or anti-authoritarian leanings.

And then of course you have me. It's too early to tell with my son, but judging by my daughter's "no nonsense" disposition and character, she's well set to carry on the family character.

Back to Nalyvaiko himself: it's too bad there was no concept of a photograph in his time, it'd be fascinating to see a picture of him. Interestingly, Fedir Mazepa, who was executed alongside Nalyvaiko, has confirmed descendents who look an awful lot like my own family, especially Anna Politkovskaya who in many photographs could pass as an aunt of mine: so minimally, the Ukrainian look runs deep in my blood.
Prepare for Trouble! - 16:42 CDT, 4/08/21 (Sniper)
This made me laugh, especially the bit about torque wrenches and air compressors being classified as tools not usually found at a home residence. I'm not even handy, and I not just own but routinely use both of those things. Can you imagine the gestapo enforcing this?

"***pshhhhh*** 'We've had a report of what sounds like the unauthorized use of an air compressor in the vicinity. Please confirm, copy.' ***pshhhhh***

'No officer, that was just my refrigerator coming on, it's pretty noisy you see!'"

It sounds like they are trying to crack down on people running quasi-car shops out of their homes, like a Murderapolis neighbor of mine. But it's still absurd. Almost as absurd as getting one of these WuFlu-related injections. As often is the case, first comment nails it:

"Colorado Health officials, following the closure of the site, stressed that getting the vaccine is 'far safer than getting severely sick with COVID-19.'

How do they know that? They don't know the long-term effects of this drug and besides it has never been tested using normal approved FDA criteria-- it is emergency only for this version of Sars-2 virus. And their comparison is apples and oranges; getting the shot cannot be compared to getting severely sick with Covid-19 because they are not exact opposites to begin with."

My workplace-- a multi-billion dollar "woke" international conglomerate-- keeps setting up "events" where you can get shot up with these cocktails. Evidently they are doling out this exact "Johnson & Johnson" one soon-- you know, the one which made that one guy's skin fall off.

Give me some of that! Maybe I'll even be like Team Rocket: "Make It Double!"

And just wait until birth, cancer, and who-knows-what-else statistics come out ten, fifteen, and twenty years from now. "It's funny, women of child bearing ages year 2021 and later have half the fertility rate of women before then... I wonder what was going on in 2021... having a tough time remembering".

Interestingly, my employer is always very careful to say that "we will not be requiring vaccination to work here....... unless it's required by local governments."

Now why in the world would they be so persistent with that disclaimer-- because after all, couldn't that sentence apply to anything? "We won't be requiring binky the clown noses... unless the government mandates it." Or, "We won't be requiring you to break dance nude in the lobby... unless the government mandates it."

But they only use that sentence when it comes to the WuFlu cocktails. Why? One obvious theory readily presents itself, but I don't want my mind to go there yet.

Or maybe it doesn't matter: I'll soon be out of Murderapolis for good, running a canning operation with a huge flock of chickens and who knows what else. I'll only need enough income to cover basic utilities-- electricity and internet access, plus the occasional septic tank emptying-- and property taxes. And we're going to be splitting those expenses across five adults.

There won't be much they can even lord over me at that point: I'll barely even be leaving my own property, much less traveling anywhere. What can they possibly even take away at that point? I'll be like one of those ascetics who existed in China after the fall of the Han, who lived "off the grid" sixth-century style, in protest of the decadence of the court and its society.
Stand Your Ground - 08:21 CDT, 4/04/21 (Sniper)
This is why I've refused to wear a WuFlu Burqa since day one: notice how despite their protestations, they all obeyed and left the church-- while wearing their Burqas!
Death of Sports and Culture - 07:32 CDT, 4/03/21 (Sniper)
My first reaction to this was, "why is a sports channel airing footage of Beijing Biden, Sniffer-in-Chief?" Then I remembered: ESPN is owned by Disney. Yeah, the company that censors black and gay people out of the Chinese versions of their films, while calling me a racist. Got it.

My family wasn't big into baseball while I was growing up, but my parents were avid Minnesota Vikings fans. Every so often I'll see a car with a vintage-90s Vikings bumper sticker with the older helmet design and subtly different colors, and it's amazing how wistful that makes me feel: back then, Vikings games were one hundred percent apolitical, and something wholesome families in the state all watched together, or even at the Met or, later, the Metrodome.

Today... forget it: I can't make it five minutes through an NFL broadcast, between the not just vacuous but actively disgusting advertising and pop culture, the kneeling players, the empty stadia, the effeminate cry-baby millionaire players, and the constant political circus. Along with movies, video games, motorsports, and television, the Minnesota Vikings are just one more thing which has been taken away; there isn't much left.

Tucker also brings China into the discourse, which is timely considering I'd just got done reading this piece, about what the CCP's hilariously-named "United Front Work Department" has been doing to Christians in what amount to literal torture chambers. Kind of sounds like Creepy Joe's "unity". Do you think we'll have those chambers in the country formerly known as America some day? A cuckfaced soy boy with a whip will swing his hips, "you will put on your face mask while swearing on a copy of 'White Fragility', you bigot!"

Another rhetorical tool Tucker masterfully employs here is turning the Left's own "disproportionately affected" "logic" against them: "well gosh, doesn't Coca Cola-induced diabetes disproportionately impact black people, and therefore isn't Coca Cola racist?" It's about time Conservatives flip the Saul Alinsky table.

Incidentally, the CEO of my employer-- another institution I can't wait to "dox" some day-- sounds just like the meat heads in the segment: total blithering morons, little talking sack puppets with CCP and HR department hands up their asses, flapping the puppets' mouths up and down in sync to the words coming from off-screen.
Material - 07:56 CDT, 3/30/21 (Sniper)
This could easily be fleshed out into an entire novel, incorporating elements such as seen here and elsewhere, too. I wrote a novel outline perhaps eight months ago, but never started the actual writing-- there's certainly enough material in today's world from which to draw.
Kerchoo - 08:31 CDT, 3/28/21 (Sniper)
Remember when Elon Musk bought something like a dozen WuFlu tests, took them all, half came back positive, half negative? That's because these styles of tests are not designed to detect viral infection-- just look up the guy who invented them, he once explained it all.

Anyway, Lazio ran into the same thing, and look at what happened! Huge fines, president banned, can't have anyone catching the sniffles in the stadium or it'll be Armageddon. Which test results were the club supposed to believe, when the tests don't work anyway?

Totally off topic but nowhere else to drop this: one of the most complex video game compositions I've ever heard: Tim Follin, yet another of the industry's once-upon-a-time Mozarts.
Bend Over Like Petey - 08:02 CDT, 3/27/21 (Sniper)
I just want the government to stay out of my way: I don't want its "help"-- which means breaking my leg, then offering me a cast. But since I can't get rid of them completely, I at least want them to focus on making my life better, not miserable.

Take little Petey Buttplug here, who wants to "electrify" the "vehicle fleet"-- my car is part of his "fleet" now?-- but who thus runs into a little problem: how to shake people down for money, if they're no longer paying the gasoline tax?

Simple: just remotely monitor every single human's car on the entire landmass, like Eric Peters discusses in this piece, then send them a bill. Your entire life will be like that of a UPS driver, with a micromanaging boss hovering over you. Except unlike UPS, where you can quit the job and tell your boss where to shove it, the government is a corporation you can never quit-- and little Petey the boss you can never shake.

Sounds a little bit like slavery-- or indentured servitude. But never mind that; you're just thinking too hard (too clearly).

Now, I'm not objecting to the form of the tax per se: consumption taxes are far better than, for example, increasing the income tax-- but think of the possible consequences of the State having the power to quite literally shut down your ability to travel, if you're one of those persnickety "domestic terrorists."

And don't think you're off the hook Lefties, because tomorrow it'll be you who is defined as such, after the precedent is set and once the next regime is in power.

Beyond that, what if I don't want my car in the "fleet" to be electric? My 350z is perfect, in the sense that it's not even drive-by-wire: it has a physical throttle body mechanism (2003's were the only model year which can stake that claim). In the words of Steve Martin, it's "four fucking wheels and a seat"-- and I'm not giving that up.

Since when-- and how-- can little Petey Buttplug step into my living room, and dictate to me that I'm not allowed to drive my car anymore? What gives him this magical authority-- fairies and unicorn dust?

But most people don't stop to ask these questions: they are so conditioned to just do as they're told because someone has a pseudo-random but official-sounding "job title", or because the person is wearing a shiny badge, or because the person has a bright green vest on, or because obeying relieves the stress of needing to think for one's self, or any myriad of other reasons.

When a twat at the CDC or some other "who the hell cares" organization says "bend over", people respond "oh goody! how far?"

Meanwhile, little Petey Buttplug and his gang of freaks and busybodies stand around making lists: "what would make Sniper's life better, let's do the exact opposite."
False Idols - 07:54 CDT, 3/25/21 (Sniper)
Growing up in the Murderapolis area, I was raised almost exclusively among loyal DFL'ers, and even though I got along with them fine-- Democrats in those days weren't categorically insane like those of today-- they did have this weird, sycophantic relationship to the Kennedy family. Lo and behold, I was reading about that family yesterday while following up on a related loose end, and ran across an interesting footnote.

Evidently, the Great Joe Kennedy, tired of his eldest daughter's mood swings, had her lobotomized at the age of twenty three: she want from a vibrant, beautiful young woman to an incontinent vegetable with a palsied arm, who could no longer walk or talk, and who had the mental faculties of a two year old. If you're queasy, skip this next paragraph:

"The instrument Dr. Watts used looked like a butter knife. He swung it up and down to cut brain tissue. 'We put an instrument inside', he said. As Dr. Watts cut, Dr. Freeman asked Rosemary some questions. For example, he asked her to recite the Lord's Prayer or sing 'God Bless America' or count backward. 'We made an estimate on how far to cut based on how she responded.' When Rosemary began to become incoherent, they stopped."

This is what Joe Kennedy did to his daughter: I had a pit in my stomach for the rest of the day after reading the above excerpt. But not only did he have that done to her, he hid her away in a mental institution, out of state, and didn't even tell her siblings what had happened to her-- nor did he tell his own wife, until after the "procedure".

This is what evil looks like.

Watching Tucker Carlson's latest monologue, where he reviews the history of another major hero and legend among Democrats, Robert Byrd, made me wonder just exactly how and why people on the Left wind up supporting such monstrous people. Remember, they also worship Che Guevara, who lined people up in front of a ditch and executed them with gunfire, Communists like Stalin and Mao who killed tens and tens of millions of people through botched "policies" or directly via executions or gulags, and on and on the list goes.

Yesterday, I read that Bill Clinton is going to sit down with Cameltoe the Ho to discuss women's rights!
Xavier Switch? - 16:28 CDT, 3/24/21 (Sniper)
I wrote about a previous "Switch Pro" rumor here, where it was thought-- based on firmware bits excavation-- the new model would stick with the ancient "Tegra X1", and just pair it with a nicer screen for handheld play.


Here is a rumor much more up my alley: updated "Tegra" chipset with DLSS support? Phenomenal! My guess is that it would use what's codenamed "Xavier", which apparently is a 1.4 teraflops-class "Volta" GPU, with some kind of pared back "tensor core" bolted onto it.

Don't expect world class or "Series X" performance from this thing if the rumors are even true-- but these specs would still go a long way towards at least bringing the Switch experience into the modern era: 60 fps, 1440p gameplay with HDR should be pretty doable.

There is an even newer, Ampere-based "Tegra" model called "Orin"-- but that would probably wind up being a $500+ device, which certainly doesn't fit Nintendo's historical modus operandi.
Wrong Culprit - 07:19 CDT, 3/23/21 (Sniper)
I'm sad to read that Inzaghi may not be Lazio coach much longer: why do I have the sneaking suspicion he'll go elsewhere and either win the Scudetto or Europa League or something along those lines?

The person who should really be under criticism is Igli Tare. I headed over to the Transfer Market site and looked over his list of significant-- meaning, not Primavera or Salernitana-destined-- purchases over the past three seasons: it's a pretty dismal list.

  • Francesco Acerbi: A
  • Manuel Lazzari: A
  • Joaquin Correa: B+
  • Gonzalo Escalante: B
  • Pepe Reina: B
  • Jean-Daniel Akpa Akpro: C+
  • Jony: C
  • Milan Badelj: C
  • Romulo: C
  • Wesley Hoedt: C
  • Silvio Proto: C
  • Mohamed Fares: C-
  • Andreas Pereira: D+
  • Vedat Muriqi: D
  • Mateo Musacchio: D
  • Bobby Adekanye: D
  • Riza Durmisi: D
  • Denis Vavro: D

Out of eighteen players, he only wound up with two difference makers. People might quibble with me regarding Correa, but for all of his "highlight reel" flourish, when you boil him down he only scores once in every five matches, which is a pretty terrible record. I'm not proposing he be sold or anything-- I'm merely justifying his not reaching an "A-".

And it's not as if this plethora of players weren't given chances: Inzaghi provided each of them with a significant number of run-outs-- they simply failed to make much of an impact. And if you look at essentially all of them who have since departed-- take Jony, for instance-- their market value has continued to decline, even after switching clubs, and having a brand new coach.

All of this sums up Tare's Lazio sides well: three or four superstars-- Luis Alberto, Sergej Milinkovic-Savic, Ciro Immobile, Franceso Acerbi-- surrounded by a fairly mediocre, error-prone cast. I think even mid-table clubs like Sampdoria and Sassuolo have better auxiliary players.
Need to Rebound - 16:59 CDT, 3/21/21 (Sniper)
White people are going to have a choice to make in the very near future. Quite literally every single other racial group has zero qualms about not just exhibiting overwhelming in-group preferential behaviors, but aggressively leveraging those preferences to politically bludgeon other racial groups.

Any time you see something about "ending racism", the proponents aren't thinking "China town" or "Pakistani no-go zones in Sweden" or black-only graduation ceremonies: what they are referring to is extinguishing the already essentially non-existent in-group preference of whites only.

The same goes for "end sexism": it's not a reference to the "Girl Scouts"-- it's a shot exclusively at men, for preferring to be around other men. Women are aggressively taking over corporate departments, board rooms, and even entire companies, giving extreme bias to hiring others with vaginas, with no hesitation whatsoever; they see zero problem with it.

In an ideal world we'd all practice liberalism: if you share my values, I don't care which sex you are, or to which racial group you belong. The trouble for liberals is that at least ninety percent of the rest of the global population is not liberal, and that includes within America itself, which has most likely already tipped past the illiberal point of no return.

Whites-- especially men-- need to get with the program, or they will be wiped out: second-class citizens, or worse.
Baizuo - 07:22 CDT, 3/20/21 (Sniper)
Tucker at it again, great segment. I recently read the analogy that "China is preparing for the Super Bowl, while the Americans are playing Pop Warner thinking that's the Super Bowl"-- and it couldn't be more true. Here is that "baizuo" definition, incidentally-- you can find it on "Urban Dictionary" and elsewhere:

"...naïve western educated person who advocates for peace and equality only to satisfy their own feeling of moral superiority. A baizuo only cares about topics such as immigration, minorities, LGBT and the environment while being obsessed with political correctness to the extent that they import backwards Islamic values for the sake of multiculturalism.

The Chinese see the baizuo as ignorant and arrogant westerners who pity the rest of the world and think they are saviours. a popular Mainland Chinese term coined for a specific subset of Westerners who are despised by most Chinese for their pretentiousness, hypocritical behavior and an overbearing sense of entitlement.

Baizuos are mostly characterized by their heavy use of political correctness and double standards to covertly advance their own material or emotional interests at the expense of others, while claiming otherwise from a self-assumed superior moral position. Some are truly non-malicious, but are too naïve or lack the worldview to provide useful opinions or solutions to real societal problems."

What's that famous Sun Tzu quote about "knowing your enemy"? Yeah, that one. Incidentally, "baizuo" describes seemingly ninety percent of my co-workers and Murderapolis neighbors, hah!
Sense - 08:04 CDT, 3/17/21 (Sniper)
This is kind of surreal to listen to, in the sense that as a "Westerner" it's bizarre to hear a world leader talking about what's best for his own people-- and the most surreal aspect of that, is the fact that it struck me as surreal: the bullshit coming out of politicians' mouths in places like the US, Canada, England, France, Germany, and so forth are so normalized at this point, that it's jarring to not hear it.

I wouldn't be surprised if in ten years, there were migrant trains of Americans trying to travel to El Salvador.
Try Again Bozos - 18:08 CDT, 3/16/21 (Sniper)
Tucker Carlson has been on a tear lately, almost as if his show's producers are so fed up with CNN trying to get them canceled that they've finally decided to take the gloves off.

He still isn't going far enough however. For example and in reference to the latter of the two aforelinked segments, the "mask mandates" are not laws-- they are governors unilaterally signing their names onto pieces of toilet paper, and decreeing that everyone bend knee and obey "because I say so": no public referendums, no voting, no legislative involvement-- nothing.

In any event, I've done my part by quite literally ignoring every single thing that's come out of the mouth of Minnesota's own Kim Jong Walz, Dr. Fausti, the CDC, or any of those other clowns. The ideas that they think they actually have control over me or that I give a rat's ass what they say are the most hilarious parts of all of this; can we say "delusional"?
Locust Plague - 11:14 CDT, 3/15/21 (Sniper)
An alarming number of Dindunuffins have been moving into my Murderapolis neighborhood, turning it into a violent trash heap over the past eighteen months, with garbage rolling up and down my alley, numerous drive-by shootings-- including a "corpse in a car" incident at the end of my alley-- on top of my garage having been broken into, noisy "parties" with twenty or more cars taking up the entire block, and then yesterday my garbage cans having gotten vandalized.

This year will be our sixteenth living here, and we've never seen anything like it: the transformation from quiet, white, middle class neighborhood to an extension of inner-city Muderapolis happened practically overnight! Meanwhile, the city council is more concerned with "how to protect people from the city's police" than violent criminals.

I was up all night worried about this incident: called in sick today, on two hours of sleep.

I don't care about the garbage cans in and of themselves: but this happened mere feet away from the coop, where my daughter is out several times per day taking care of her chickens. Had she walked into that situation... and as a consequence, we immediately had to enact a new rule, where she is no longer allowed outdoors without either wifey or I watching from the window.

It's not clear what the value is in living here any longer, when it's no longer safe for my kids to go into their own back yard. The sooner we can pack up and permanently move to the bug out house, the better. The neighboor I wrote about here is long gone: now I'll follow his lead.

I can't wait until the day I'm gone for good, and can "dox" the city-- the name of which I have withheld for fear of reprisal for my "diligently plotting to take over the world and leave you alone" political views. I wrote a lot about the yard signs appearing in my neighborhood-- not coincidentally-- over this exact same time frame: the reason I harped on it was because I knew it would have consequences. Well, these libtard morons can live in the nest they've built: have fun!

As for the Dindunuffins... just go back to Chicago, or wherever the hell you came from.
Goals - 07:36 CDT, 3/13/21 (Sniper)
This article makes me think of playing a match in the "Civilization" series: an aggressive AI opponent gains a substantial lead on you in terms of military units, and off they go. It also made me think of Tucker's recent comments casting doubt on the military's ability to actually do its job: like Microsoft, it's more concerned with woke virtue signaling and targeting all two "white supremacists" domestically than being effective.

Every time I fire up "Minecraft" on the Switch, or try to play "Flight Simulator", or even install a Winbloze Update, nothing works right in Microsoft's products. I hadn't played "Flight Simulator" in a couple of months, only to start up a flight and watch it run at ten frames per second. Later that night, my wife was trying to work, and Outlook kept asking her for a password, only to close the dialog before one could be typed in-- it was ridiculous.

But don't worry, because Mojang's Twatter feed has a rainbow flag in its profile, and Microsoft's home page says they "support black lives"! When I saw that the military was going to start using touch screens on its aircraft carriers in lieu of physical controls, and that it was going to stop bringing people in based on meritocracy, I assumed that its next actual war would be a hilarious debacle: we'll see.

In other news, as soon as I saw "Dotemu" and the pretentious opening animation, I immediately thought "oh great, another 'Streets of Woke 4'"-- but then the actual gameplay came up, and wow! It's as I wrote in this recent review: the best development in the game industry over the past decade has been the emergence of this "Hi-Bit" art style.

As far as I'm concerned, every single game should look like that, or like "Ion Fury"-- it won't but should become the new industry standard. They have so much more character, versus today's "photo-realistic" games which all look identical. Imagine brand new "Pro Evo" or "Gran Turismo"-style games in a "Hi-Bit" style: it'd be incredible! An interesting side effect is that we wouldn't need hardware beyond the Nintendo Switch, which is already a perfect "Hi-Bit" device: I feel absolutely silly playing a game such as these on my power-sucking PC or PlayStation 5.
Fuze in Bed - 07:20 CDT, 3/12/21 (Sniper)
Superb article here, making materially the same WuFlu-related points I've been arguing on this blog, but put together into a single, concise format.

I read today that Italy are going to "lock down" over Easter, because of "mutant strains"-- which is another point I've been making: if these are the precedents, then what about "WuFlu-20", "WuFlu-21", and so on? Can you imagine if CNN had a giant ticker, tracking the common cold and all of its variants-- "oh my gosh, a spike in 'cases'!" It would never end!

On another note, I was reading about the Southern border today: one agent made a self-acknowledged low-ball estimate of one hundred thousand people having come across, just in one month! So much for the Southern US demographically and politically: better to stay in Minnesota.

But enough of that: I haven't been writing here much because after work each day, I've been heads-down pounding away at my competition entry:

I have the engine put together, and it's so organized and clean compared to the "Skatey-Cat" codebase. The latest Fuze patch hit yesterday, and the new search features let you jump between functions just like in a modern IDE-- one day in, and it's already revelatory.

Now I'm shifting into the actual game building portion, such as drawing art. I bought a copy of Fuze for my daughter's Switch Lite, so we can work in parallel-- she is hopefully going to provide all of the character art, although her life is quite busy with activities and school work as well.

Finally, on an off topic note and as a continuation from this post, my son and I did write the Python program mentioned, I just need to post it on GitHub so I can link to it. I also installed "Mediawiki for my son, wherein he has been dutifully documenting solar systems from known space.
Propaganda - 14:45 CDT, 3/06/21 (Sniper)
I'm watching Juventus-Lazio right now, and the English announcer discussed how Alvaro Morata had a "terrible virus" over the week, which was "really messing with his systems". He then had to clarify: "I should say, it wasn't that virus."

So let me get this straight: in relatively rare cases, the WuFlu might give you flu-like symptoms, from which you will definitely-- unless you're an obese eighty year old-- recover. The solution? Close the stadiums! Close the businesses! Stay at home! Everyone needs to dress like Michael Jackson in public! No access to travel unless you've been shot up with an experimental cocktail!

Alvaro Morata picks up a different virus, which gave him flu-like symptoms, from which he-- not being an obese eighty year old-- recovered. The solution? A casual mention from a match announcer. No lockdown; no mask mandates; the team was allowed to travel; no quarantines: a perfectly sensible non-reaction, to what's no big deal.

What's the difference? One is called "Covid-19", the other is "Smovid-19". It just shows how nonsensical this WuFlu madness is: it's just another illness, like any other!
Intrinsically Limited - 12:01 CDT, 3/06/21 (Sniper)
Thomas Sowell was really on to something with his "constrained" and "unconstrained" vision model: Tom discusses the model in this superb talk.

One of the first pejoratives people throw at me when I discuss Anarcho Capitalism is that I'm some kind of "utopian"-- but it's completely the opposite! Anarcho Capitalism was borne from an acknowledgement that if you charter the world's largest corporation and give it a monopoly on force, the very first thing which will happen is that institution will get co-opted by the most evil, sociopathic people on the planet.

In other words, you did all of the hard work for them! You literally handed them the keys to the kingdom-- total control over your life!

Among their many other thinking mistakes, Statists believe in the "unconstrained" vision: that somehow this institution will be populated with omniscient, wise, benevolent rulers-- that it won't run amok. The Ancap, by contrast, knows better.
Fuze Wireframe Competition - 08:37 CDT, 3/06/21 (Sniper)
Wireframe magazine is running a "Fuze" competition, which I am definitely entering: I already have the basic game concept in mind. The only dilemma is that I need to teach myself "matrix math" in order to write the renderer-- we'll see how that goes, or whether I'll need to compromise my idea in some way.

I bought a second copy of "Fuze" for my daughter's Switch Lite, so she can work on the art in parallel with my programming. If any of my readers want to join the competition, it sounds like they are giving away some gratis "Fuze" codes. Evidently Eugene Jarvis is going to be one of the judges-- who knows which other celebrity names may become involved!
Organization - 08:01 CDT, 3/05/21 (Sniper)
I was contemplating just such a notion as this on my daily Murderapolis walk just a short while ago: while stepping over discarded, muddy WuFlu Burqas and used condoms, I thought to myself: "The only good thing about these Leftists is that they aren't breeding; I wonder if it's nature's way of correcting itself."

Another idea which has been bouncing around my head the past few days is how corporations are nominally like little Marxist communes, with "shareholder"-owned property, voting, groups within are referred to as "teams", and so forth-- and yet in reality, they operate like private entities: top-down, strictly hierarchical, and "do as I say or else".

No one minds "despotism" when the company is private, and people are clearly just temporary working hands hired by the owner-- because the owner is the one who takes the losses. But with corporations, the losses are socialized among the "shareholders", and it's the CEO and other executives who primarily benefit from the gains. Simultaneously, the employees have no real rights beyond anything they would have as a working hand, hired into a private firm.

Corporations are having their cake and eating it too. I'm no fan of labor unions generally, they themselves being creepy, violent, collectivistic entities-- but within the above perspective, they make sense in that they inject "democratic" patterns into corporations, like a plug-in for a piece of software.

Of course, as with everything there are two sides: the going rate for a good CEO or other major executive who can lead a multi-billion dollar organization with tens of thousands of employees is quite high-- it's supply and demand, the same reason professional athletes command huge wages. Then again and that said, from what I've seen from executives in my own career, they essentially sit in meetings all day dropping quasi-random anecdotes regarding things about which they know nothing especially: how much value do they really add?

I used to defend businesses, both "public" and private: but corporations have revealed themselves to be disgusting state-sanctioned abominations, not just going along with but encouraging all of the madness in the world today-- to the point where anti-corporate themes in video games no longer even bother me.

Even private businesses, like the "mom and pops" places in my local Murderarpolis community, are leaning full-tilt into having "BLM" signs, rainbow flags, sixty signs on their doors saying a WuFlu Burqa is required, and so forth-- the SJW retards who own them deserve everything which is happening to them now: they are indefensible.

In other news, I don't know much about this "Lord Sumption" beyond having heard his name before-- and yet he might be one of those Leftists whom I like, even if I disagree with him on many things. He at least seems very thoughtful and learned.

For example, among other useful things he points out the same notion I've articulated many times on this blog: people aren't obligated to follow immoral laws, and in fact are acting immorally by following them. Of course, then he goes on to claim that Aristotle's predictions regarding democracies has been proven wrong: I disagree; isn't Aristotle being proven correct right now?

This Sumption fellow even admits that current-form liberal democracies have only been around for a century-and-a-half or so-- I'd hardly call such a short period a repudiation of Aristotle's perspective on the matter.
Coordination and Self-Interest Intersect - 16:09 CDT, 3/02/21 (Sniper)
I was recently discussing politics with a friend, and he commented that my "a small cabal of billionaires rule the world" story was too simple-- a point with which I totally agreed. I started to type up a reply via email, but decided to just turn it into the below exposition:

My Reply

It's not just that simple, there are many elements: but when you distill the current reality down to its purest form, it's more or less true.

The more complex version would be:

  1. Gen-Z'ers and Millennials were in daycare all day then had spastic helicoptering parents in the evenings. They suffer from so much anxiety and confusion that they don't even know if they are boys or girls. Like children, they hunger for some kind of model or world view which provides them with comfort, structure, and a transcendental goal, with black-and-white-- pun intended-- heroes and villains.

  2. Nutjob Left-wing academics-- think Herbert Marcuse-- come up with crazy "theories" about how they think the world works.

  3. These "theories" get taught as truth in universities to the youths described in the first step.

  4. When the small handful of billionaires who own all of the media institutions, banks, and financial institutions need to change the subject, they pick one of the crackpot "theories", which the young have already been taught, and reinforce that selection-du-jour endlessly.

  5. This in turn triggers a reactionary movement among people who point out the obvious fact that the theory-du-jour is crackpot.

  6. The plebe proponents and plebe reactionaries waste their energy bickering, and don't notice that the billionaire class eliminate Glass-Steagall, start another enriching war, or "print" another couple of trillion dollars for their friends.

  7. When the plebes start to catch on and complain, the billionaire class restarts the cycle at the fourth step with a new narrative. We've been living this cycle non-stop for at least the past ten years.

Regarding step 3: I don't know if you listened to any of the Project Veritas recordings, but Jeff Zucker would spend an hour every morning telling his employees exactly what to report, what not to report, how to phrase things, and so forth.

This is obviously happening at all major news organizations-- not just CNN-- and even across them: I've seen dozens of times where the media and their guests all start saying literally, word-for-word, the exact same sentence, all on the same day-- then the following day, they have a new sentence, which replaces the old one. You can find entire montages of these online, they're both funny and unsettling.

Just so you get the flavor, listen to them all talk about "the norms" here: there is a zero percent chance this is a coincidence, and it happens all of the time.

I also think there is an aspect of "the emperor has no clothes" to this, and this is how George Soros fits in: lots of people each have a vested personal interest in pushing these agendas-- and so they all start pulling in the same direction, in a purely self-interested way.

The young people want an easy explanation for why they feel the way they do, plus a transcendental goal; the academics gain prestige and grant money; the media corporations get ratings and direct access to the emperor and his inner circle; the billionaires earn yet more billions; and the politicians gain immense power via "divide and conquer". So, they all continue to insist that the obviously naked emperor still has clothes.

In other words, even when these people aren't communicating directly, self-interest causes them to all exploit the situation on their own. As for Soros, or Bill Gates, or Klaus Schwab, they stand to make billions and quite literally rule the world in the process!

The only people who forcefully call out the emperor's nakedness tend to be the individualistic types-- almost always Conservatives, but not always as in the cases of people like Glenn Greenwald-- who value the truth more than social connection or power.
Analog Future? - 14:52 CDT, 2/28/21 (Sniper)
Reading this article has got me wondering whether it's possible to have some other form of fully-analog display, without using cathode-ray tubes.

Regular readers will know that I'm a CRT purist, especially for old games which were drawn with luminescent scanlines in mind and which don't look correct without, so I won't continue to beat that dead horse. At the same time, large CRTs are almost prohibitively large and heavy-- I own several of them, the largest of which is permanently trapped in my Murderapolis basement, because it weighs two hundred pounds!

That said, digital displays are positively terrible in pretty much every way, and have numerous complicated bandaids, like HDR and BFI, simply to have acceptable contrast and motion blur levels.

Heck, for that matter digital anything is pretty terrible: cabling has constant handshake issues and when it degrades the bits become corrupt resulting in an effective and total signal loss; audio and video are space consuming when at a "can't tell the difference" level versus the "real" analog deal; digital lighting in video games is a poor imitation even today; and so forth. We live in an analog world, not a digital one, so digital is just a cheap imitation which can only try to mitigate its intrinsic shortcomings.

Maybe in a post-silicon one hundred years, all computers and "electronics" will be fully analog, using some kind of space-compact new technology breakthrough?
Gotta' Bomb 'Em All! - 07:12 CDT, 2/27/21 (Sniper)
Once upon a time there was "Let's Go!", followed by "Sword & Shield"-- now there's "Diamond and Pearl" remakes, quickly succeeded by-- finally-- an open world entry in the form of "Legends: Arceus". As conservative as the former pair was, so far as I'm concerned Nintendo can keep these new Pokemon games coming: my daughter and I enjoy playing them side-by-side.

If only Nintendo had the hardware to deliver 4K HDR releases! I wouldn't even need a "Series X" or "PlayStation 5" to get my high-tech fix!

In other news, the State apparatus has been doing slow motion, back-door "UBI"-- or reparations-- for decades now: just take a look at this terrifying chart. Cross reference that visual with the myriad "income inequality ones": Fed creates trillions of dollars out of thin air, gives that to its globalist Wall Street buddies who ship the jobs overseas, replacing the lost plebe income with table scraps.

And does anyone take this stuff seriously anymore? Give me a break! Take about "false flag" territory, could it be any more transparent? You could count the days on one hand into creepy hair sniffer Beijing Biden's so-called "presidency" before the State-run media dusted off the old Iran scaremongering reels; then Creepy Joe-- more likely Cameltoe, Joe has no clue where he's even living these days-- restart the good ole Syria bombing routine... c'mon man!

Remember: Israel and guys like Paul Wolfowitz were fingering Iran back during the first gulf war in the early 90s as the country they ultimately wanted to destroy.

But that's ok, I'll just keep listening to some "Turrican 2" music while buying crypto. Speaking of Chris Huelsbeck, this surely ranks up there with the "Green Hill Zone" theme as one of the best opening stage songs in any video game, ever.
The Markets - 06:41 CDT, 2/26/21 (Sniper)
I saw this on "Wall Street Bets" moments ago, made my morning:

"Statement from the White House regarding 26Feb market conditions:

Now you listen here. No, no, listen, umm, ok, no? Back in '63, we had a market. But it wasn't the market you think, it was a market for everyone. This was during Vietnam, you see, they called it the Joe Biden market because it smelled like cinnamon. I like cinnamon. And peppermint. But you know? How many of ya know what peppermint is? Its like candy canes, but the other guy, cmon man, he don't like Christmas. Its never candy canes with that guy, he doesn't trust the scientists. We are gonna trust the scientists. Now Barack Obama, god rest his soul, he knew a thing or two about markets. He learned em from me. I said 'Barack, you are black, you are from the jungle, you can handle this', and he did. So don't ask me about the markets, maybe you should ask yourself."
Expansion - 07:38 CDT, 2/25/21 (Sniper)
Making significant progress on the addition project for the bug out house: we've settled on a single-story family plus bedroom add-on with a vaulted ceiling, to go along with a massive basement expansion which will add two egress bedrooms and a full bathroom on that level.

All of this will convert the bug out house from a small farm home to a six bedroom structure, almost doubling the finished square footage in the process.

None of this comes cheap, so I've decided to sell the Murderapolis house. I've become quite the personal finance guru over the past several years, so calculations in my twenty-plus tab spreadsheet are easy: selling that house saves me nearly a quarter of a million dollars over the one hundred and thirty months remaining on the mortgage.

Pouring the sale cash into the addition, I will be running multi-thousand dollar monthly cash flow surpluses, which I can channel into investments letting me full-time retire in my early-to-mid 50s.

The only downside to this plan is where to stay during the occasional city visits: but, I've delegated those logistics to wifey. I'm discovering that I'm not very good at delegating: all of these details limited me to only a few hours of sleep last night-- but I'll survive.

I'll leave this post off with Tucker Carlson at his best: the whole thing is worth a listen, he even calls out the Fed! Finally, I think every elevator in the world should play this song.
Beta Billy and His Vaccine Factory - 15:29 CDT, 2/22/21 (Sniper)
See if the you can spot the problem with this sentence:

"Our strategy is really easy: it's educate, advocate, and facilitate. We're taking a lead in educating our employees about vaccines, and, um, helping people make that choice for themselves about choosing the vaccine."

It's like what I wrote about just a few days ago: you have a choice, as long as you make the "right" one.

He then went on to emphasize no fewer than four times that he "highly recommended" getting the vaccine. This guy is not a doctor:

The above was spoken by a little Beta Billy with no jawline, soft hair, and translucent skin, in an internal video memo sent to the plebes at my employer. I looked the guy up on "LinkedIn", and he's been in so-called "government relations" for twenty five years. At my employer, he is a director, with that same title.

This WuFlu "vaccine" issue is even more transparent than the other aspects of the Scamdemic, since these "vaccines" don't stop you from getting it, or spreading it: you're just as likely to kill grandma whether you've had it or not. Rather, all they do is prevent you from showing symptoms: in other words, they transform you into a silent grandma killer, which is even worse.

In other words, they aren't "vaccines": a vaccine is a dead or weakened version of a disease, which causes your immune system to immediately kill that disease in the event of a contraction, so that you don't spread it. I'm not just being pedantic: people are, really and truly, being fooled by the use of the term "vaccine", as evidenced by their celebrations when they get it: "yay, it's over!"

Vaccine pushing is nonsense in the first place: if you got yours, why do you care if I've had one? But as is the case with everything WuFlu-related, the pushiness is very transparent, since even the people who do opt to inject these highly experimental cocktails directly into their bloodstreams will still be spreading it.
Authoritarian Personalities - 18:15 CDT, 2/19/21 (Sniper)
In my refusal to comply with Minnesota governor Kim Jong Walz's WuFlu Burqa "mandate", which he wrote on a piece of toilet paper along with his signature, I've been avoiding stores, and in fact hadn't been inside a single establishment since July, when the "mandate" went into place.

Until today.

I wanted a birthday cake for my daughter, and having no other way to obtain one, I went into the local grocery store, sans burqa-- I don't even own one, and would never, ever compromise my principles in that way: "my body, my choice" as the Lefties like to say.

The thing I quickly discovered is that while absolutely everyone was staring at me-- how sad is that, in and of itself-- the absolute cowardice which has gripped the population cuts both ways: the same psychology stopping them from standing up for their freedom prevented them from actually confronting me, even though I'm certain from the glances that several of them desired to do so.

Which leads me to the topic of this post: in the 1950s, a fellow named Theodor Adorno headlined the creation of a book called "The Authoritarian Personality". As a partial aside and preface, I have strong suspicions, based on Adorno's connection to the formation of the insane "Cultural Marxist" ideology, that he's rather a crackpot: do not take any further praise as an endorsement of his views, as I have not read any of his works-- only isolated excerpts.

But just as was the case with Marx himself, there are still nuggets of truth buried beneath the intellectual rubble.

In this case, those nuggets take the form of his observations regarding-- as the book title suggests-- "authoritarian personalities". Understandably, his examples suffer from recency bias as they are almost all rooted in the Nazi disaster, which had just come fully unraveled a mere five years before the publication of this aforementioned work. I would also wager to guess that, like all intellectuals of his ilk, examples were cherry-picked for political purposes, although I have no direct proof having not read the book: it's just an intuition based on experience.

Sort of like how Wikipedia has an extensive article covering "right-wing authoritarianism"-- but no article at all involving "left-wing authoritarianism". Part of that is because the use of "right-wing" in that sense means authoritarian, and the article even admits that the "right-wing" authoritarians in Russia, working by that definition, were the Soviet Communists.

Riffing on that theme, I've observed over the past few years especially how the terms "left / liberal" and "right / conservative" are no longer descriptive in America-- or rather, they are descriptive in the reverse: today's "liberals" are actually right-wing, authoritarian theocrats who want a strict social hierarchy imposed at gun-point-- whereas today's "conservatives" are, using Adorno's language from the 1950's, "left-wing liberals": in other words, non-authoritarian.

For example: Adorno described authoritarians as people who are concerned with authority and obedience, and who tend to be ethnocentric-- as in, only members of their own nationality or religious group are accepted. Sounds an awful lot like the DNC convention to me: it's black-versus-white, gay-versus-straight, women-versus-men, and anyone who questions the victim status of those former groups-- who questions the religion-- deserves to be fired from their jobs, have their houses set on fire, chased out of restaurants, have their bank account retracted, and so on.

But here is the most interesting part-- he recognized that authoritarians were inherently insecure: that because of a hatred of their parents-- and I routinely encounter millennials who think their by-most-standards good parents were the root of all evil-- they displace that hate and anger onto those around them. Their insecurity leads them to reinforce the existing structures, in order to provide stability. Think about how "the Left" today are the establishment, pro-war and all, much to the bemusement of commentators.

Any criticism, observed Adorno, of these norms-- in modern times think fifty seven genders, men can be women and vice-versa, Donald Trump is evil, Christians are oppressive, and so forth-- was a personal attack on the believer's security: that's why today's Lefties react so violently when their religion is questioned!

Interestingly, he also concluded that children who develop a fear of their parents become excessively respectful to authority figures. I see this with individuals such as my father-in-law, whose childhood memories primarily involve avoiding his father, and his father's belt: as a result, he's one of the most micro-managing, controlling people I've ever met, and I inadvertently but nonetheless frequently annoy him with my relaxed views regarding rules and authority.

Theodor Adorno thus joins other misguided luminaries such as Marx or Keynes on the list of "people who had the big things wrong, but many of the little things correct"-- illustrating how you need to be open to inspiration from anywhere, even if the teacher is unaware of the lesson.
Cold Shoulder - 08:08 CDT, 2/18/21 (Sniper)
Most people in the world seemed to agree that the involuntary and cruel experiments done by World War II powers like Nazi Germany were wrong, hence the Nuremberg Trials and the formation of "informed consent" as a principle-- so why then is it that the Jews run the first country foisting these experimental and veritably untested "vaccines" on their populace?

"More Nazi than the Nazis", as one article commenter puts it.

On another crazy note: my mother runs her own house cleaning business, and her clientelle are what conservative Minnesotans refer to as "Wayzata Liberals"-- sort of the coloquialized version of "Limousine Liberals": same meaning. They are neurosurgeon imports from India, or Wall Street brokers who work remotely, and they drive eighty thousand dollar cars, out of their six thousand square foot mansions.

And they never hesitate to lecture other people about carbon dioxide "emissions" or so-called "racial equity", despite having three "carbon"-based furnaces and not having a single black person living within a ten mile radius of their house.

One of my mother's clients happens to be a senior executive at a multi-billion dollar international comglomerate, making probably a seven-figure income if one includes stock options. This particular client found out that my mother voted for Donald Trump, and as is characteristic of these Leftists, can not let it go, to the point where they quite literally won't reply to my mother, even when spoken to. During the "impeachment" farce, they were following my mother around the house, turning every TV-- yes, they own a zillion of them, "carbon dioxide emissions" be damned-- on to CNN, blaring the volume.

Beyond the obvious, this reminded me of the video "Vee" did recently regarding Davos: it's well worth a listen. Leftists like the aforedescribed client of my mother's go on and on about how much they "love Democracy"-- until their house cleaner votes the "wrong way", then it's "our Democracy is under attack!"

And now, for the punch line: this individual is an executive at my employer.

Long-time readers will remember that my employer goes on and on about "diversity" and "inclusivity" and "unity" and "we're all in this together", yet in the very next breath says that one is only allowed to speak in praise of so-called "Black Lives Matter", in support of so-called "climate change" policies, and to wear clothes supporting these and other initiatives, like gay marriage, or pro-"abortion" stances-- while criticizing those "policies" will result in chastisement and very possibly a firing.

So much for unity! Hilariously and over time, I've been flagging "block sender" on all of the company's execs, starting with the Left-of-Bernie CEO, so all of their internal memos get sent straight to my Outlook "junk" folder.

All of this brings me to the key point: freedom isn't for people who comply-- those people are complying anyway! Rather, freedom is a measure of how people who politely say "thanks, but no thanks" are treated in society.

In this country formerly known as "America", dissidents-- conscientious objectors-- are one inch away from being treated as terrorists.
Shellfie - 19:19 CDT, 2/17/21 (Sniper)
I saw that a third "Splatoon" was announced today. I wrote about the first game the day it was announced on June 14, 2014-- almost seven years ago now-- and it's remarkable to note how little the industry has improved since then; no-wheres-land since 2002 at the latest, if one is honest.

But back to "Splatoon": I bought the game via reservation the day it came out, becoming quite good at and adoring it, as my period review indicated. Every so often I still listen to my favorite song from the game.

Then came the sequel, which I never actually bought-- I merely borrowed it from a friend, played it enough to review it, and gave it back: something about its deviation in style just didn't grab me in the same way as the original title-- although I do dig some of the music.

Nonetheless, I've often regretted not spending more time with the sequel-- so this third game will be a day-one purchase for me, and I'll try to commit to it more.

On a Nintendo note, I saw that their president indirectly poured cold water on a "Switch Pro", while saying the current hardware has four more years of life left in it. Holy smokes: Xbox 360 graphics in 2025? That caliber of visuals started feeling stale two or three years ago!