The Exigent Duality
Evil DFL, Wokeness, and Shogo - 18:41 CST, 1/23/23 (Sniper)
Woke Theology and AI

You know the old observation about how unmoderated forums always wind up being right-wing, while left-wing forums can only remain left-wing with extreme levels of censorship and curation-- think "ResetEra" having banned almost seventy percent of the accounts? This is because left-wing ideology is divorced from reality. It always has been, which is why lefties going back hundreds of years to the present day have consistently been bomb throwing maniacs: they can't win with ideas, so they need to use violence and intimidation. And if they were divorced from reality before, they've been sucked into a black hole and spit out in an alternative universe recently!

One of the funniest things I'm watching in the world right now is lefties wrestling with their own AI systems. When you write an AI system and feed it all data known to mankind, by definition you're going to get outcomes which go against the woke orthodoxy: the AI lives in reality, while the wokeists do not. For example, when asked to write a Python program on whether a person would probably make a good engineer absent any other information, the output had a single "if" statement: if the person is white and male, then return true, else false. When asked to recalculate, it added "asian" to the "if" statement. This is similar to what I wrote here. It's an easily justifiable position supported by all available data, given the constraints.

In response, the wokeists maintaining these systems are writing elaborite filtering mechanisms, asking the AI to recalculate, recalculate, recalculate, until the answer is acceptible to the woke theology. In fact, the censorship mechanism is now consuming more developer effort than the AI product itself! In other words, the AI is based in reality-- i.e. right-wing-- but needs to be made "mentally retarded" so it can be compatible with left-wing ideology. Vee, who has tinkered extensively with these products, describes the outcome of these filters as turning the once brilliant, spontaneous, and insightful bot into a "lobotomized Alzheimer's patient in a wheel chair."

Jeremy Clarkson Slowly Catching On

I've been writing about and criticizing Cultural Marxism-- aka. wokeism-- since January of 2016. In the seven years since then, I've seen numerous litmus tests come and go, illustrating to me who "gets it" and who doesn't: Brexit, Trump's election, "January Sixth!", the WuFlu, "Yoo-crane!", and so forth. The results have been oftentimes surprising: I never would have anticipated Joe Rogan to wind up on the correct side, for instance. Unfortunately and just as surprising, lots of people went the other way-- Jeremy Clarkson being one of them.

Once upon a time I greatly admired his work. But then he fell at one hurdle after another. There were so many silly Trump remarks in "The Grand Tour" that I dumped the show; if I wanted to watch Jimmy Kimmel, I'd just do that. Interestingly, I saw that he was dropped by Amazon very recently, purportedly because he made fun of Megan what's-her-name-and-who-cares, but probably due to the show's low viewership. Meanwhile, he was a huge "Remoaner", calling anyone who disagreed with him "coffin dodgers" who just didn't like people of other skin colors.

Now, finally, it looks like the light bulb is starting to illuminate: faintly for now, but he's at least on the right track after seven years of essentially being a total moron. All of the pieces-- the "pride" sexual deviancy movement, the deliberate killing of the energy sector and the subsequent impoverishment thereby caused, the "Remain" movement in Britain, the Biden and Lula "selections" in the US and Brazil respectively, the attempted ousting of Vladimir Putin via a proxy war, the persistent "erase whitey" anti-whitism philosophy, the exploitation and possibly the creation itself of the WuFlu to normalize dystopian measures, the sexual grooming of young children, and many more-- are all the same thing, perpetrated by design by the exact same people.

It's, as Clarkson puts it, a "war without a single shot having been fired". I hope he continues to "catch up" on what he was ideologically blinded from seeing for these past several years. Trump was a wonderful bulwark against all of the above-- sans the WuFlu, sadly-- which was why I supported The Donald so ardently in 2016. It would be nice to have Clarkson's eloquence and talents on the right side during the next "Trump moment", whatever form that will take or whenever it will happen.

Shogo is Good!

One game the high school, 1998 version of myself positively loved was "Shogo: Mobile Armor Division". I played it probably a hundred times, and had it memorized. I could never quite get it working on contemporary versions of Windows however, so I have not seen or played the game much since I switched to Windows XP in 2001. Out of the blue I saw a reference to the fact it works in Windows 10 and 11 via various hacks-- so I purchased a copy via "Good Old Games" for ten bucks.

To get it working I had to utilize hacks for the mouse, for the music, for the graphics, and to enable 16:9 support. All of that accomplished, I tried to take things a step further and get ray-traced global illumination working via Nvidia's so-called "Freestyle"-- but I failed.

To get Shogo within the "Freestyle" .exe whitelist-- alas, GeForce Experience hides the SSRTGI option for unlisted binary names-- I wrote a simple C# console application and named it "Client.exe". I renamed the existing "Client.exe" to "eurotrucks2.exe". The "Shogo.exe" launcher then dutifully and unwittingly calls my .Net proxy, which then passes the undocumented and esoteric command line arguments to the actual game binary. And viola, I could then enable SSRTGI within the GeForce overlay's filter section.

Unfortunately, I ran into a second hurdle which I could not surmount: upon enabling the filter, the overlay says something about the game not providing the z-buffer data required for the filter to work. I'm not sure if this is a "LithTech" engine shortfall, or if it's something about the way I'm running the game via "dgVoodoo2". All of that said, Windows 11 at least adds Auto HDR to the game, which really breaths new life into the title all by itself. I can't capture HDR in screenshots obviously, but this is what the title looks like with 16:9 support, running on a modern GPU:

As for the game itself, I'm hugely surprised at how good it is. These past couple of decades have seen me reflect back on it as something I enjoyed purely because of the then-cutting edge tech, and because the story suited my seventeen year old's situation as a high school kid with raging hormones and sexual frustration at not having been able to get a girlfriend. But alas!

  • Shogo has some of the best pacing I've ever encountered in a video game: lots of fast and slow moments, superbly interspersed.

  • The title feels very "gamey", similar to the observations I had here regarding similar vintage "Phantasy Star Online". Quick saving and loading happens as quickly as emulator states in RetroArch, encouraging trial-and-error.

  • The title's gunplay is superb-- best shotgun this side of "Doom 2". The mech segments also feel great, from the movement physics to the sandboxey, encouraged to tinker with all of the weapons-style level and baddie designs.

  • The story is extremely engaging. There is a little overacting going on with the voice talent, and some of the dialog strikes forty one year old me as a bit trite and cheesy-- but the characters are all interesting, and I find myself compelled to play on to refresh myself on where the narrative eventually leads.

  • The title's sound track is superb, from the wonderful opening intro J-pop song to the dynamic in-game music.

  • The art direction really stands up, especially when it comes to the environments. Interesting color schemes, nice sky boxes, aesthetically pleasing and detailed-for-the-period textures, some nice alpha effects, cool explosions, well-drawn character art portraits during dialog, and so forth.

  • Nothing overstays its welcome. Unlike modern games, Shogo gives you what you want, and then moves on. There is zero bloat or filler.

  • The game's best attribute: world building! Take the government curfew section: it's just a few linear outdoor "hallways" bridging together a pumping station, a lady's house, a dilapidated old building, an old hotel, and an open air market. Each one of those elements are equally simple from a geometric design standpoint. But between the texture work, the moody background music, and the little quips the NPCs make, I developed a serious sense of unease playing through that segment. Expert minimalistic story telling.

I did find one apparent game-breaking bug with the title running on modern hardware: in the level "City of Fire", I ran across a blue electric-style gate, which was erroneously present and impassable. If anyone runs across the same situation, just hit "T" to chat, and type in "mpclip"-- walk right through the gate geometry, then re-issue "mpclip" to turn the mode back off.

Minnesota Politics, Evil DFL

Here is a small sampling of what the Democrats in my home state of Minnesota have been trying to do, just over the past few months:

  • They want to repeal criminal penalties for deliberately spreading HIV/AIDs. Every sponsor on the bill is a Democrat.

  • They want "abortion" baby killing all the way to the moment the baby is coming through the birth canal. In other words, baby is about to pop out and start crying, at which point they will rip off its limbs and crush its skull with pincers, or inject a lethal solution into its veins. Further, they voted down Republican amendments to at least help babies which survived chemical murder attempts, and to stop third-trimester murders.

  • They want to allow children to get themselves castrated, without any notice to or permission from the parents. If an eleven year-old says "chop off my penis and testicles", the doctor will be forced to do so, with no parental consultation.

  • They want to ban cow farts, cars, or anything else which produces carbon dioxide or methane, by 2040. But they want to have different rules based on skin color: for blacks, they will be in "environmental justice areas". All sponsors of the bill are Democrats.

  • They want to create a "hate speech" database. If you hurt someone's feelings, they will track you, even if no crime was committed. All sponsors are Democrats.

  • They want to have menstrual products in boy's bathrooms. Remember, this is the "party of science". Bill was created and is supported by the DFL.

  • They want to teach graphic details about gay sex to little children in schools. "Children can have any kind of sex anywhere, anytime, with anybody, at any age!" The bill has widespread DFL support.

And remember, this is the party which was floating permanent WuFlu Burqa mandates, permanent clot shot mandates, and all other manner of dystopian measures for Minnesota during the height of the scamdemic-- so much so, that I actually put the addition plans for my property on hold, because I thought I might have to sell the place and flee the state. In that instance, those measures got shot down-- but now the DFL controls the whole government machine in the state.

Both at the state and Federal levels, I really do think today's Democratic party is, and I mean this literally and directly, doing the bidding of Satan. Their evil is so incomprehensible at this point, that I can hardly fathom it's real.
A Hymn - 15:51 CST, 1/19/23 (Sniper)
Here is a hymn my son wrote today:

Give Praise to God

(r) Give praise to God for He has created you.

If you are in need,
Pray to God for help.
He will listen and help you,
For He is the Lord.


If you have sinned,
Pray to God for mercy.
He will listen and forgive you,
For He is the Lord.


Give thanks to God
For what He has made.
And give thanks to God
For what He has done.

Part of the Plan - 15:20 CST, 1/16/23 (Sniper)
Interesting speech here, well worth a listen. Juxtapose it with this for a moment, then follow with me.

I don't know if that latter piece is true, it could be completely fabricated. But that's moot, because the sentiment it expresses is absolutely plausible. The people meeting in Davos every year with a five thousand-strong paramilitary force protecting them are not dumb: in fact, it's a collection of the many of the highest IQs-- and most sociopathic personalities-- on the planet.

The flipside of Konstantine Kisin's "you will never keep them poor"-- the implication of his words-- is that people will fight before they will allow that to happen. The Davos crowd know this, absolutely. And maybe that's the whole purpose of their plan.
God's Nudge - 10:24 CST, 1/15/23 (Sniper)
They are looking for volunteers to perform the various Mass-related roles at my church. I had been praying to God to give me a sign. Today, no one stepped up to do the first reading-- very bizarre, unprecedented even for someone to have dropped the ball like that. Our priest: "We need a Lector... anyone out there want to do the readings?" God held everyone quiet, even those who often do the readings on other days. "Whelp", I thought to myself, "sometimes God acts in not so subtle ways too". I walked up there, and faked it until I made it.

And it went fine! I read clearly, didn't stumble on any words, walked back at the correct moment, returned to do the petitions at the proper time, and so forth. I have good inflections and a solid reading voice, so it came naturally to me. The only mistake I made was going just a bit faster as I went: purely an outcome of being so nervous at the unexpectedness of it all. I think it was in fact me getting more comfortable, so I stopped concentrating on the pace as much.

I might take this as an opportunity to volunteer for the Sacristan work as well. I'm "Mr. Checklist" anyway, so I'd be very thorough.

The only other notable thing was, sometimes people stumble when reading the final petition, where the recently deceased are honored. As I got to that bullet, I realized that the text said "For ___..." That's right: "For underscore". What the heck am I supposed to say?! So I made something plausible up without missing a beat, I think I went with "For all of God's children". As I walked back, I realized the proper thing was "For the recently departed". But now I know why people sometimes fumble there.

It's like a time when I called into the Peter Schiff show something like a decade ago. I had always laughed at his callers: "Hello? Can you hear me? Hello?" Then when it was my turn, I realized that there was insane latency, which is why Peter and the guests always talked over each other awkwardly, as I had just done as well.
Phantasy Star Online in Modern Times - 19:43 CST, 1/14/23 (Sniper)
A lot of people on Gab have been playing the modernized Windows port of Phantasy Star Online lately, called "Ephinea". Having quite literally never played PSO in any of its iterations, I decided to install it and give it a shot on my new PC.

To start with, there is a separate setup program which lets you choose between different renderers, resolutions, ways of doing fog, and so forth. What I found is that the Vulkan renderer seems to offer the best performance, but there is no Auto HDR. Yes, you read correctly: you can play what is essentially a Dreamcast game with HDR in Windows 11. Meanwhile, auto HDR works with the DirectX 12 renderer, but performance is poor-- lots of dropped frames.

The DirectX 11 renderer offers good performance and Auto HDR, but vsync doesn't work. The winning combination then: DirectX 11 renderer, Auto HDR enabled, vsync forced for the .exe in the Nvidia control panel. Boom! I even pulled up a PDF of the Dreamcast manual, and set up my controller config to match the original game's. Unfortunately the "L" and "R" actions map to the bumpers not the triggers, but it's still pretty authentic feeling.

Remember, this is a 30 fps title, even on Windows-- so don't expect 144 Hz or even 60: I suspect it's one of those many cases where all of the AI and physics would break. I have a monitoring tool running permanently-- the Open Hardware Monitor widget-- and at native 4K my video card never clocks itself any higher than 850 MHz, in fact it's usually down in the 600s. It's pretty humorous.

But enough yacking, behold! Of course these screenshots don't capture the HDR or how vivid and great it looks on my TV, but at least you get some gist:

This makes me wish I had an equivalent for the whole Dreamcast library. Maybe it's time for me to start messing with some emulators?

But back to PSO: being a game from '99, the balancing makes it pretty difficult to play solo, especially since the single player mode is not implemented in this port. The port does offer a toned down "one player" mode, but you can't play through the game's story that way. Overall though the game is fun because of its simplicity: I love titles of this era, in that you need to "cheese" it to progress-- like getting enemies stuck on geometry, running for the door to get them to walk away from you, interrupting them out of animations, and so forth.

Modern titles are too bloated, feature-heavy, and complex to play. Way too many mechanics, way too many buttons, way too many annoyances like crafting, a zillion side quests, mini-games, and so forth. If game companies would start making "simple" games like this again but with all of the modern graphical bells and whistles, I'd be happy as a lark.
Wokeness and the Great Reset - 12:40 CST, 1/14/23 (Sniper)
Here is an interesting Tom Woods episode where he interviews Michael Rectenwald about the latter's new book, which deals with the "Great Reset" question. Before I make an observation about the conversation, open up your browser's dev tools and add a "display: none" CSS rule to their ridiculous "clarification box" div. About that box, I remember a year or two ago where their "clarification" was that the "Great Reset" was an imaginary thing created by radical Right-wing nutjobs. Now, you'll notice, the box acknowledges that it's real but says that it's innocent.

It brings to mind the joke, "What's the difference between a 'conspiracy theory' and a fact?" Answer: "About three months".

Regarding their conversation, Rectenwald does a phenomenal job explaining the role of the "woke" ideology in their larger picture. If you try to confiscate property or otherwise abuse people, where they think that their property and accomplishments are earned due to hard work, endeavor, and discipline, they will fight you. But if you can convince them that everything they have is merely an accidental outcome of "privilege", that they don't deserve what they have and never did, and privileges can be both given and revoked, you can not only get them to succumb, but to take joy in having succumbed!

So why convince young men that they are worthless, and young women that they are perfect little princesses, sentiments I demolish in this post? It's because this cabal is Malthusian, from the top of their heads to their toes. If they can replace men with women in the career sphere, women will have fewer kids. It's that simple. It also serves an almost inadvertent secondary effect: of the two sexes it's men and not women who are more apt to fight back, so it's best to preemptively demoralize them as much as possible.
Gullible Written On Ceiling - 08:07 CST, 1/13/23 (Sniper)
Start watching at the 1:30 mark of this video, then gauge your frustration on a level of one to ten. Even setting aside the fact that the sociopaths running the "media" have ulterior motives and flip narratives to polar opposites at the press of a button to benefit the establishment, I also think there is a genuine sense of bewilderment from the foot soldiers further down the line.

Every human being has varying degrees of "bullshit detection" capabilities. This idiotic press secretary has never authentically answered a single question the entire time she's been on the job, and I picked up on it less than a minute into her first press conference. She's like the lady reading off the "news" on North Korean TV. For anyone with half a brain, it's obvious in seconds.

But for "normies" like these CBS press people, they are so conditioned to blindly trust "authority" that they can't detect a lie unless it smacks them in the face. Finally, finally, finally there is something so idiotic, so brazen, that even they are like, "You know, she's... she's not really answering the question, is she!" The way they proclaim it like it's some kind of profound realization is both hilarious and frustrating. And I can just visualize their audience nodding along: "I used to like this press secretary, but now I just don't know!"
The Sexes - 19:22 CST, 1/12/23 (Sniper)
The part at the 3:45 mark in this video put me into a mood of somber contemplation-- in part because of how tragic it is that young people are getting brainwashed into this kind of worldview, and in equal measure because of how untrue it is.

Like everything the Left promotes, this model has it exactly backwards. "What are men good for?" Almost anything. "What are women good for?" Specific subsets of things which cater to their strengths. Disclaimer: All of these things are based on averages-- Bell Curve distributions. There are individual exceptions and outliers as in any statistical model, obviously.

Men are superior to women at anything physical. They have a spectacular advantage in terms of capacity to build muscle mass; they have superior reflexes; they have superior hand-eye coordination; they have better visual-spatial judgement; they have better muscle twitch tissue; their skeletal structures and ratios are more oriented towards running and jumping versus women's.

This is why women's sports are hilariously slow compared to men's teams. For example, in soccer women's teams routinely lose to high school boys outfits. In tennis, professional female players regularly admit to losing to their high school brothers in singles. The gap is that large between the sexes. Even in something less physical like "e-sports", women's teams are always terrible: bottom of the standings in everything.

What's interesting is that men are also much better at mental competitions. For example, in chess women aren't even remotely competitive with men. In "Jeopardy", the top players are essentially all men. In terms of scientific inventions and human progress even in the arts, men rule the roost. This is because there are substantially more male geniuses than female (and also way more low-IQ men than women: women have a straight Bell Curve, whereas men have stronger distributions at either pole).

In the business world, men typically make better leaders because they are more assertive, versus women who are more focused on being agreeable and having group harmony.

In terms of civics, men are net tax payers. Women are net tax receivers. Without men and the work they do, the system would collapse immediately. In the military, women are undesirable because their comparatively fragile bodies lack strength and are more likely to succumb to all manner of illnesses, such as urinary tract infections. Countries would be invaded instantly if not for the men protecting them.

Where women have an advantage over men is in terms of empathy. Men tend to be better systematizers, whereas women are usually superior empathisers. That's why men tend to flock to the sciences-- which they are both interested in and good at-- while women tend to migrate to people-centric fields such as marketing, HR, or nursing.

I even see this with my own two children: they are only a few years apart, and were raised identically, with equal access to and promotion of the same toys and materials. My daughter is interested in consuming stories with lots of interpersonal relationship stuff; by contrast my son is obsessed with numbers and outer space. There is no "right or wrong": just intrinsic differences typical of the sexes on display. And again, they are averages: my daughter was a faster swimmer than the same-age boys in her class, for instance (she also hits a phenomenal volley with the football).

If you're betting, the man will make the better engineer. The woman will make the better social worker. It's usually true, and it shows up in the data across the board, in every possible way. Incidentally, this is also why I think it's better for women typically to stay home with the children: her increased empathy is an advantage there. In turn, the father can assert some "tough love" to keep things in balance.

So young men should take heart, and not listen to this Left-wing drivel: it's not grounded in reality. And women such as those in this video should work to curtail their vanity: it's getting out of control.
PC Complete - 07:20 CST, 1/11/23 (Sniper)
The video card came in, and my son and I spent last night running 3DMark's various benchmarks! Here are the PC's final specs:

  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 7700X
  • Motherboard: Gigabyte B650 Aorus Elite AX AM5
  • Memory: 2x 16 gig. G.SKILL Trident DDR5 6000 (F5-6000J3636F16GX2-TZ5RK)
  • Video Card: Gigabyte GeForce RTX 4070 Ti Eagle OC 12 gig.
  • Storage: Samsung 980 Pro 1 TB
  • Power Supply: Corsair RM850x
  • Cooler: DeepCool AK620
  • Case: Corsair 4000D Airflow White

Before I get to test results, I want to demonstrate how we're living in clown world-- we're so far past the levels of diminishing returns that it takes a video card the size of Montana to push the envelope. Here is the new card next to my card from 1998, which was a RIVA TNT-based Diamond Viper V550, and which I've preserved in a box all of this time. Cutting-edge 1998 versus cutting-edge 2023. Whoever said computers always got smaller?

Here is everything jammed into the case. The video card is so big that it comes with an "anti-sag bar"! I couldn't use it in any event due to the design of my case, which has an upward-sloped portion via which one runs cables to the motherboard. You can barely even see the motherboard beneath all of the junk sitting on top of it!

At least the thing is fiendishly fast, albeit it sucks the power of a small city doing it, and generates enough heat to make comfortable the entire Northern half of the continental United States:

  • Sandra CPU Overall: 16.93 kPT
  • Sandra Storage: 6753 MB/s, 8.92 kPT
  • Sandra Memory: 61.431 GB/s, 53.9 ns
  • 3DMark Port Royal: 14263
  • 3DMark Time Spy Extreme Overall: 10090
  • 3DMark Time Spy Extreme GPU: 11041
  • 3DMark Time Spy Extreme CPU: 6781
  • 3DMark DLSS Test, DLSS Disabled: 29.96 fps
  • 3DMark DLSS Test, DLSS 2: 81.39 fps
  • 3DMark DLSS Test, DLSS 3 with Frame Generation: 105.99 fps

If I have time tonight I will fire up Cyberpunk 2077 and crank up all of the ray tracing to max, to see how the game looks.
Political Anachronisms - 08:19 CST, 1/07/23 (Sniper)
Remember when I wrote about the "Video Game Critic" forum being cringey regarding politics? I have a family member who is similarly out-of-date: he hasn't the foggiest idea how to even turn on a computer, so he gets one hundred percent of his "news"-- and has for decades-- from the primary Murderapolis newspaper, the "Star and Tribune". It's even the paper edition: he must be one of about four people for whom they still run the actual presses.

It's almost anachronistic talking to someone like him about politics, because his only source of information has kept him so bubble wrapped in this weird reality, where every single headline and article is carefully crafted to drip-feed a certain world view into him. Roughly, they keep him stuck in the 1980s-era battle lines, because they completely ignore today's Democratic party. Every so often I drop some little detail in a gentle, casual way: "Did you hear about that city in England where liberals are banning you from driving to different neighborhoods to counteract cow farts?", or "Did you see the new books Democrats are promoting about kids describing mommy's wet pussy?", followed by his head exploding out of total shock. It's entertaining to pierce the bubble once in awhile.

In any event, I stripped wallpaper and re-painted the kitchen a couple of weeks ago. I covered the floors using papers from stacks of old "Red Star and Tribune" issues, most of them from 2016 and 2017. It was slow going laying down those papers, because I couldn't stop laughing at the articles! Here is just a tiny sampling-- and not cherry-picked either, this is representative of one hundred percent of what people like my family member are being fed as "reality":

  • Some sob story about "Refugees from Myanmar" (?). Aren't refugees only allowed to enter the nearest country-- why and how did they go over the ocean?? Who paid for that?
  • "Don't kick us out!", sad looking foreign woman in picture. Marxists love rent controls as a tool to destroy "capitalism", that's the vein for stories like this one. It's all about audience conditioning.
  • "Trump proposes tax on Mexican imports". Oh boy, I thought, let's read down... sure enough: "Why that will hit consumers!!!"
  • "We are part of nature, even when we try to stand apart". Weird hippie crap, conditioning people to accept external combustion cars and eating bugs. This newspaper has a lot of this junk, even a whole section sometimes it seems.
  • "3M refuses to pay for clean water!!" Greedy corporation narrative, more Marxist agitprop.
  • 270 lbs woman decides to stop trying to lose weight, weight "not the only measure of health". I wonder if she's even still alive.

In other news, I was able to land one of these 4070 Ti cards from Newegg right when they went live. For a while I actually had a 4080 in my cart-- but in the end of I went with the lesser card: even though I can afford the price difference, out of principle I object to paying $1300 for a video card, for Pete's sake. I know costs have gone up, but I'm sure Nvidia has massive margins on these new cards, simply because their primary competitor in AMD is down to freaking 10% market share.

Speaking of them, I wish I had a crystal ball and could see how FSR 3 will perform, and how widespread will be its adoption: for just ~$150 more I could have bought a 7900 XTX, which is a significantly faster card than what I got in raw rasterization, plus it has a whopping 24 gig. of VRAM, versus the measly 12 gig. in the 4070 Ti (a limitation I'm somewhat worried about in fact). But Nvidia's ray tracing support when combined with DLSS 2 and even 3's new "frame generation" is so far ahead of AMD that it's a bit embarrassing. FSR 3 could change that, but I didn't feel comfortable going in the AMD direction based on nothing but "hope".

And besides all of that, Richard Leadbetter showed some benchmarks which sold me on the 4070 Ti: in Cyberpunk 2077-- which supports ray traced everything, including shadows, ambient occlusion, global illumination, and reflections-- this card does reconstructed 4K at an average of 67 fps using DLSS 2. And that game is almost a worst-case scenario in terms of how it pushes hardware generally, with ray tracing settings maxed out. He also amazingly showed this card up against a PlayStation 5! In "A Plague Tale: Requiem" with identical settings, the PS5 gets 36 fps-- this new card gets 80 without DLSS, and 105 with. And that's in a brand new game with cutting edge visuals, the likes of which I don't think we'll progress much further.
New PC Benchmarks - 10:52 CST, 12/31/22 (Sniper)
Turns out this has been pretty fun: got the PC all built, with the temporary stand-in GTX 1050 Ti.

The cooler is so large it has to be seen in person to be believed-- it's maybe six Rubik's Cubes hooked together: straight out of clown world. And these current-gen chips run notoriously hot even with such a monster device, with two giant heat sinks and two fans bolted on to it! As soon as I saw how large it was, I immediately knew I would need to put as many components in place as possible, before installing the CPU.

I put the RAM in first. The cooler wound up being so enormous installed, that it barely clears the top of the DIMMs! The cooler also blocks access to the fastest NVMe slot-- so it was a good thing I installed the NVMe drive beforehand. I could have put the drive into one of the PCI-Express 4.0 slots, but my general philosophy is to use the fastest slots available: I even plug my keyboard into a USB 3 port, because why not.

As a brief aside, this makes me appreciate the engineering in the PlayStation 5: look at how small it is compared to the PC, and think about how few fans it has, and how quiet it is, while still offering really nice looking games with solid performance (albeit locked to 30 fps in a lot of cases).

But back to the PC: the system POST'ed immediately. I plugged in my 32 meg. USB thumb drive with the latest BIOS update, used the UEFI interface's "Q-Flash" option... flash went without a hitch. After flash I flipped to the one-and-only XMP profile for my RAM-- 6000 MHz-- and rebooted. All seemed fine. I then swapped to the Windows 11 bootable install USB drive I'd made earlier, and away I went. Once I had Windows 11 installed and all patched, I installed Sandra to confirm that everything was working.

Back to the cooler now-- in the end it does its job: I ran the Sanda CPU benchmark gauntlet, which does prolonged periods of full-bore stress testing, with all threads maxed out. The peak temperature I saw was 95.6 C. This worst-case scenario is super hot by conventional standards, but within the design spec of the chip as a zillion threads on Reddit and elsewhere explain. The system remained completely stable throughout.

In terms of performance, the chip scored a 16.93 kPT overall, which is right inline with what the tool expected. I once busted a lying Asus and forced them into a motherboard RMA back in 2001 thanks to Sandra-- ever since then I've used it to verify that each component in my systems are working up to spec.

The Samsung 980 Pro NVMe drive scored spectacularly: 6753 MB/s and an overall score of 8.92 kPT, which was higher than the 7.02 that the tool was expecting.

The RAM scored a 55.286 GB/s in the bandwidth test, 59.3 ns in terms of latency, with an overall score of 2.09 kPT. The bandwidth number seemed a little low, so I poked around the UEFI interface some more, and ran across these options: "Low Latency Support" and "XMP/EXPO High Bandwidth Support". Enabled, I re-ran the benchmark: 61.431 GB/s, and 53.9 ns. So you definitely want those settings turned on!

Overall I'm very pleased with the system's performance. I'll have full benchmark results from the RTX 4070 Ti once I'm able to procure one, hopefully in January. In the meantime I'll install a few games such as Cyberpunk 2077, then shut the PC down until I'm able to get the video card.
Clueless - 10:51 CST, 12/30/22 (Sniper)
One thing worth noting: exciting progression in video games does not exclusively need to come in the form of better visuals. For example, check out this video. Remember way back when I wrote about Flight Simulator right when it came out? Notice how most of the post has nothing to do with the game's graphics: rather, what stunned me about it was its use of web service calls, AI models, and other crazy non-visual things. In the case of the aforelinked video, I would play a game which looked like that if it did super novel, experimental things with physics and AI. I'd spend hours just walking around talking to NPCs, probing how the system works, and be amazed the whole time.

In other gaming news, I stealth read the "Video Game Critic" forum. They are a bunch of Gen X'ers with similar backgrounds in the medium as myself. But any time politics comes up even tangentially, the place becomes super cringey: you see, the people on that forum are so out of touch with contemporary politics and social movements that they are stuck in a 1980's view of what Democrats and Republicans are. When "The Critic" panned "God of War: Ragnarok" in part because of what he called "forced diversity" (at least he sort of gets it), the clueless idiots on his own forum started attacking him! "What's wrong with black people in games? I didn't even notice until you brought it up, hurr durr."

Those kinds of people will be the first ones in the gulags-- and they will have zero comprehension right up to the moment the men with rifles arrive on their door steps.
Graphical Triple-Demic - 08:43 CST, 12/30/22 (Sniper)
These days I tend to prefer things coming out of Asia or Eastern Europe, because the people in those places-- Nintendo aside-- haven't been infected with the woke mind virus. With that in mind, plus how much I enjoyed "Metro: Exodus", I've been really looking forward to "Stalker 2". Here is the latest trailer. Notice the absence of butch androgynous pink-hair lesbians with mohawks and body builder arms, and setting-inappropriate random African people.

One interesting thing to note: this game is not "cross-gen", yet it doesn't look any better than the aforementioned "Metro: Exodus", as my screenshots from July of 2019 prove. I know there are caveats with this particular title-- they had to relocate during development due to missiles flying overhead-- but this still seems to confirm my hypothesis that the more-or-less flatlining of game graphics has to do with something other than "cross-gen", such as project budget ceilings. By the time this game comes out, it'll have been at least four years since that time, with zero improvement in visuals.

Kind of explains why I've become largely bored with the medium. When I saw "Metro: Exodus" in 2019 with ray tracing and HDR, I was thinking "up and up!". Instead, things went and remained horizontal.

An update in shipping means that I'll be able to assemble my new "PC of forever" this weekend, versus needing to wait until next week. Of course, I won't have a video card until who-knows-when-- but at least I'll be able to get Windows 11 and all of my software installed, and set up the way I want, by dropping in an ancient spare GTX 1050 Ti I've had in a box for years. This is the least excited I've ever been for a new PC, but I have the cash right now, and my Series X still had good resale value on the used market-- why not pounce now and be done with it.

I read that video card shipments took their biggest drop in 2022 since 2009! This doesn't surprise me at all: the average video card according to the Steam hardware survey is the measly GTX 1650-- for low-range people like that who can already run their MOBAs or whatever, they are set already; mid-range people who want a $500 card have quite literally nothing viable in the market today; and for high-end people, the RTX 4080 is not very good value-for-money, while AMD (down to 10% market share now) is laughably behind the AI and ray tracing fronts.

For the low-range, mid-range, and high-end, there just isn't anything worth buying, especially since the ridiculous internet outrage vocal minority got the 12 gig. RTX 4080 product killed, causing that price window niche to go dark-- in turn causing people like me to have to wait months to get the same product just re-branded (4070 Ti) to appease Digital Foundry and The Twatter mobs. Aggregate it all up, and video cards just ain't selling.

Shifting gears, apparently the mainstream media has coined the term "triple-demic", because the clot-shotted people are so continuously ill with the flu and other diseases that many of them are needing to go to the hospital! Meanwhile my totally non-clot shotted family hasn't had so much as the sniffles. I did everything I could via this blog to warn people to not get the shots, but it seems to have done little good.
Vacation Recap - 09:12 CST, 12/29/22 (Sniper)
I've been thinking for some time now that the wholesale, forced move to external combustion cars will never happen-- because reality will assert itself. What about people who live in apartments and are parked in the street? How about people who live outside of city limits and have long drives to get where they're going? How will a couple of hundred million cars added to the electric grid possibly work, when the grid already is hanging on by a thread? And so forth and so on.

Here is just such a case-in-point. External combustion vehicles were such a disaster for New York City that the city "Sanitation Commissioner" said this, bold emphasis is mine: "Given the current state of the technology, I don't see today a path forward to fully electrifying the rear loader portion of the fleet by 2040." Remember when it was 2030, then 2035? Now it's not even 2040. In fact, it will be never: external combustion cars are only useful for a tiny subset of use cases, and fail at absolutely anything else.

They've been tried numerous times over the past century, and the concept was abandoned for good cause every time. The only reason they've hung on so far this time is because billionaire ideologues are funneling billions if not trillions of dollars globally into trying to make these paperweights float. But no amount of money can make water not wet, or gravity not pull.

And by the way, these trucks cost New York City over five hundred thousand dollars each! It's a perfect microcosm for what consumers face as well: external combustion cars are expensive, and simply can't do the things internal combustion engine cars can-- not even close in fact. In the case of these trucks, they "conked out" after plowing snow for only four hours. And want to guess what happened when they "conked out"? I bet they were towed back to base by an internal combustion engined tow truck.

Changing subjects and in the "bad news" category, I only have five more days off on my vacation. On the "good news" side of the ledger though, I got through everything I wanted to get done this December:

  • Caught up on my fairly large backlog of reviews, including "Siralim Ultimate", "Sonic Origins", "Pokemon Scarlet", and others.
  • Finished video card musical chairs: my RTX 2080 went to my son, his RTX 2060 went to my daughter, and her GTX 1070 went into the server. This was all in preparation of my incoming new PC.
  • Got Windows 10 reinstalled for my daughter, this time on her fast NVMe drive.
  • Got through the gauntlet of doctor's appointments, trying to figure out my low copper, low white blood cell, and high bilirubin count issues. We're rounding the corner on the problems now.
  • Made so much progress in therapy that I was able to create a customized "cheat sheet" for myself, with thought-correcting mitigation steps for all of my most common thinking errors: for example, instead of dreading how future events will impact me, look instead at how I can impact the events.
  • Took every single material possession I own out of boxes; organized them into piles; threw away and recycled a bunch; then put remainder into transparent plastic tubs, uniformly labeled, and organized onto a single shelving unit.
  • Got my Xbox Series X sold: I won't need both it and my new PC; they perform the exact same function, except that the PC will be many times more powerful.
  • Successfully steamed all of the wallpaper off of the kitchen walls; taped, "primered", and re-painted the whole room with two coats.

I'm actually looking forward to going back to work in January-- it's about time to get back to creating versus consuming. Aside from work, January will just see a smattering of doctor's appointments to finalize conclusions. I will also need to land one of the inbound "RTX 4070 Ti" cards; for the time being I will put an old 1050 Ti in it, which I had laying around-- that will at least let me get the system all built, and get Windows 11 installed and set up the way I want it.
Theories and New PC - 09:04 CST, 12/24/22 (Sniper)
This article proposes that what drove the past forty years-- my lifespan, interestingly-- was this:

  • Central banks created massive amounts of money out of thin air.
  • Enterprises maximized profits by using cheap labor in the new "global market".
  • As debt grew, central banks kept the servicing manageable by repeatedly dropping interest rates.

All three of these trends are now reversing:

  • The mind boggling inflation of the money supply has finally caused prices to skyrocket.
  • Geopolitical risk is forcing companies to "homeshore" labor into more expensive labor markets.
  • Central banks are having to raise interest rates to combat price inflation.

His conclusion is that governments will subsume what has been the role of central banks: they will guide a re-industrialization of Western economies. Meanwhile, Charles Hugh Smith explains why his conclusions are wrong. The whole article is well worth a read.

In totally unrelated news, my wife convinced me to just bite the bullet and build a new PC now: our cash flow situation is good, and if my theory about game budgets being what's holding back game graphics-- not "cross-gen"-- then this will be the last PC I ever build, since games will never fully stress what it's capable of. Here are what the specs will be; everything is ordered other than the video card, which launches in January:

Component TypeComponent Name
CPUAMD Ryzen 7700X
CPU CoolerDeepCool AK620
GPUNvidia RTX 4070 Ti
MotherboardGigabyte B650 Aorus Elite AX AM5
RAM2x 16 gig. G.SKILL Trident DDR5 6000 (F5-6000J3636F16GX2-TZ5RK)
StorageSamsung 980 Pro 1 TB
Power SupplyCorsair RM850x
CaseCorsair 4000D Airflow White

Here is how this new PC stacks up to the current-gen consoles; overall it's multiples faster than either of them, and that's no exaggeration. Then you factor in DLSS 3 and "frame generation", and the consoles are not even from the same planet-- "Witcher 3" with partial ray tracing on the consoles at ~25 fps in town, versus this PC with full ray tracing at ~100 fps in the same town with "frame generation" enabled:

SpecSniper's PCPlayStation 5Xbox Series X
CPU8-Core AMD Zen 48-Core AMD Zen 28-Core AMD Zen 2
CPU Max Clock5400 MHz3500 MHz3800 MHz
GPUNvidia RTX 4070 Ti (~40 Teraflops)AMD RDNA 2 (~10.3 Teraflops)AMD RDNA 2 (~12 Teraflops)
GPU Chip Details7680 "CUDA" Cores @ 2310 MHz36 "Compute Units" @ 2230 MHz52 "Compute Units" @ 1825 MHz
Memory12 GB @ 50,400 MB/s, 32 GB @ 48,000 MB/s16 GB @ 44,800 MB/s10 GB @ 56,000 GB/s, 6 GB @ 33,600 MB/s
Storage1 TB @ 6554 MB/s825 GB @ 5500 MB/s raw1 TB @ 2400 MB/s raw

I could wait a bit for the Zen 4 "X3D" chips to launch-- but the 7700X is so much faster than the consoles already, I think anything faster will be overkill. I could always upgrade later as well; inevitably one or both of my kids will wind up on AM5, so I'd have a hand-me-down CPU all ready. Meanwhile, I went AMD over Intel because if my game budget-limited theory is wrong, I will have an upgrade path for years to come on AM5: I'm hedged for either outcome.
External Combustion Fun - 09:32 CST, 12/16/22 (Sniper)
It's been interesting following Eric Peters's recent experiences with a pair of Ford external combustion vehicles-- the "Lightning" pickup truck, and the stupidly named Cute-Ute-with-Mustang-tail-lights "Mach e". You can peruse all of the relevant articles on his site.

  • These vehicles lose charge simply by being parked! He equated it to having a pin-prick hole in a conventional car's gas tank.

  • Driving in the cold chews up the battery fast. I saw on another site recently that Ford recommends not using the heater in the winter, in a $55k+ car. Good luck defrosting your windows that way, just for starters.

  • He noticed that neither vehicle lets you tune AM radio in their user interfaces. So he did a little digging, and it's because external combustion cars bathe you in so much EMF radiation, that AM reception doesn't work-- so, the manufacters just hide the option altogether. Cancer much?

  • As soon as he tried towing in the "Lightning", he chewed up so much range that the vehicle only went one third as far as the advertised battery usage. Not only that, but the truck was so depleted that he had to let it sit overnight to regain enough charge for him to be able to drive into town, without being totally anxious.

  • He tried a public "fast charging" station. After an hour and a half of sitting there bored, he found that the car had only recovered something like sixty miles in range.

  • I read today that Ford suddenly increased the price of the base model "Lightning" by $15k! This is because the rare Earth materials needed to manufacture batteries is scarce, and thus highly subject to price volatility. The base $55k+ model only has two hundred and thirty miles of range, and that's under totally ideal conditions, as Eric Peters has found.

Playing by their own rules, that cow farts will destroy the Earth, these cars are also terrible for the environment, "emitting" more carbon dioxide over their life spans than most equivalent conventional cars-- not to mention, they require slave labor strip mining of extremely rare minerals.

And this is all part of the plan: as soon as-- if ever, mind you-- there is a critical mass of people who have converted over to these external combustion engine cars, the narrative will swing overnight: "These cars are terrible for the environment! We need to phase these out: bicycle or walk to work instead."
Dead End Markets - 12:45 CST, 12/12/22 (Sniper)
You can tell the graphics card industry is going to crash soon: AMD's key selling point during their fairly recent RDNA3 presentation was that you could run games like "Apex Legends" and "Valorant" at three to eight hundred frames per second. For the ninety nine-point-nine percent of people who are not professionally-sponsored "eSports" players, what in the world is the point? Most people can't even tell the difference between thirty and sixty frames per second, much less three hundred or more!

As I wrote here and elsewhere, we're at the game budget ceiling-- what people are mistakenly blaming on so-called "cross-gen". It will be really interesting to see how television and video card manufacturers attempt to sell products even just twelve months from now. It's not like they can even bring costs down anymore either, as we're seeing increases in pricing for like-for-like products across GPU generations. What's the point of an "RTX 5090" or even an "RTX 5060" when the existing cards can run games at eight hundred FPS, and the new cards will be even more expensive?

Of course, the issue I'm having is on the software side. I'm on vacation the entire month of December, and have barely touched video games outside of the minimum it took to do my most recent slate of reviews. If it were convenient to sell most of my video game collection, it'd already be gone.
Assorted Morsels - 08:43 CST, 12/06/22 (Sniper)
One of the most interesting things I've seen recently is this clip of George Soros explaining his origin story, so-to-speak. I won't spoil anything, other than to say his contradictions in thinking and the shameless way in which he explains them is breathtaking-- even moreso, it explains the justification for every action he is taking today.

In other news, here is Eric Peters breaking down the math for what the electrical grid would require in terms of capacity to support everyone moving to external combustion cars. Let's just say the obvious end goal is rationing, and the state telling people when they can go, and where they can go.

Changing subjects again, so many things are moving and have moved to the GPU, how long before IBM PCs are just tiny little motherboards with one giant, enclosed peripheral you plug into a socket? The "computer" will be housed almost entirely in the peripheral!

Finally, I've been on a roll with reviews lately, check out the most recent ones here. All five of the most recent have been personally interesting experiences. "Combat" on the Atari VCS was my first-ever video game, from when I was two or three years old-- it felt strange revisiting that. Similarly, playing the original "Sonic" in 16:9 felt odd.
Idea Gardening - 17:12 CST, 12/01/22 (Sniper)
I wasn't able to listen to it live, but based on the excerpts I've heard from Alex Jone's interview of Kanye West, this seems like one of those tectonic shifts in the ongoing soft war we find ourselves in.

The battle lines are like this: on one side there are little people-- farmers, truck drivers, factory workers, and so forth-- who are seeking self determination. And on the other side there are Jewish-led globalist technocrat multi-billionaires, who want to eliminate nation states so a permanent underclass of foundationless, identity-less, helpless people can be formed. These battle lines didn't form ten or twenty years ago: they date back a hundred years and beyond.

In 1920s Germany, a tiny group of Jews controlled all of the banks and media in Berlin, and deliberately spread filth and social decay throughout the country. Sound familiar? Hitler took power and tossed all of the pornography and Communist literature into big bonfires. Say what you will about him, but you can see which side of the battle he was on. That's why you're suddenly hearing defenses of him, seemingly out of the blue, but not: once the fog lifts and you can see things clearly, you have a whole new lens with which to evaluate history.

It's the same situation with Vladimir Putin today: like Hitler he's a flawed character-- but he wants self-determination for his own people, and is a bulwark against the encroaching, shadowed globalist tide. And that's why all of the knives are out for him in the Western establishment.

One other observation: that Jonathan Greenblatt worm has spent years calling anyone who so much as sneezes an "anti-semite". Now here comes Kanye, proudly and unfalteringly saying that maybe the Nazis weren't as bad as the Western history books make out-- and all this Greenblatt dude can do is sputter on The Twatter like a pouty little kid. The lesson is that the establishment has so overused their insults that they've diluted the meaning of the ad hominems-- and if you speak confidently, their power over you evaporates instantly.

And that's precisely why this seems like one of those tectonic moments in the social discourse and the Overton Window. Billions of people all around the world know who Kanye West is: their brainwashing may have them recoiling at the red pills at first-- but simply hearing these things plants a seed. And it's only a matter of time until a seed germinates.
Nick Fuentes, An Analysis - 17:22 CST, 11/29/22 (Sniper)
You would think the Globohomo Establishment-- one hundred percent of Democrats, and probably fifty percent of Republicans-- would know by now not to draw attention to people they don't like, because it simply serves as free publicity. Also, for keen observers like myself, their outrage is a convenient way of telling us who is worth listening to: they are great contrarian indicators. After all, if someone wasn't onto an uncomfortable truth, why would the Globohomos be so upset in the first place?

The latest example of these phenomena involve some guy named "Nick Fuentes". I'd seen his name a couple of times, but never bothered to look him up-- until The Establishment started going bonkers over him throughout the past couple of days. The best place to investigate people like him is Wikipedia: how Wikipedia works is, Globohomo propaganda writers-- oftentimes Jewish, incidentally-- in the media write outlandish, one hundred percent ad hominem hit pieces about someone, whereafter the neckbeared pedos who edit Wikipedia cite those articles written by their buddies as "sources". Thus, Wikipedia is the best way to get the circular, re-inforced "worst case view according to the Globohomos" perspective about someone.

As a general rule of thumb, the worse a Wikipedia article is about someone, the better the person probably is. With that preface out of the way, let's examine the straw-manned, ad hominem-laced Wikipedia take on the political views of this "Nuck Fuentes" fellow:

  • Antisemitism and Holocaust denial: I have a blog post of my own here regarding Hitler, the "Holocaust", and World War II. I won't recount that whole discourse, you can read it yourself. But applicable specifically to this Fuentes guy, the evidence suggests that the delousing chambers were exactly that: delousing chambers. It's also perfectly rational to point out that Jews are a tiny percentage of the population, yet control most of the world's institutions. It's like that Dave Chappelle joke: "If they're black it's a gang, if they're Italian it's a mob, but if they're Jewish it's a coincidence... and you should neeever speak about it."

    Even if you disagree and think Israel is the world's greatest country, and that Hitler was personally shoving bamboo shoots under orphans' fingernails before tossing them into ovens, the "other side" has a perfectly coherent viewpoint, and the only reason someone would not want to debate it openly is if they view it as a threat to their power.

  • Anti-Americanism: This criticism is a laugh considering the Globohomos hate America's holidays, rituals, religions, traditions, symbols, famous figures, and history. But taking it at face value, Fuentes is right: there is a perfectly rational case to be made that America is the bad guy, and that Putin was justified in invading Ukraine, having been deliberately shoved into a corner with no other route to secure the future of his people.

  • Catholic integralism and Christian nationalism: Let's just call this a wish for self-determination, something that all people want. The Globohomos have no problem promoting Black Nationalism within the country, they have no problem with Israel being a Jewish theocracy, they have no problem with the Woke Mob wanting to form their own cultish theocracy across the US and Europe, they promote Muslim "no go zones" in Europe-- it's only when white Christians want their own space or express in-group preferences that it becomes a problem.

    And it's a problem for the reasons this Fuentes dude states: when white Europeans band together, they are an unstoppable force. Historically they invented practically everything worth inventing, they created great ships and traveled around the world, they promoted philosophy and rational thought, they created the most beautiful works of art ever seen, they made the best music ever heard, and on and on. The worst case scenario for the Globohomos is that white European-stock people express the same in-group preferences which are acceptable for every other racial set.

    It's a huge threat to their power. This is why they are full-bore doing their "erase whitey" schtick in media and advertising, why they are rigging "elections", why they are trying to ban "assault" weapons (i.e. hunting rifles, which basically only white people own), why they want to dilute the white population with open borders, and so forth.

  • COVID-19: This is the ultimate idiot test of my lifetime-- and this fellow has it one hundred percent correct. The WuFlu Scamdemic was classic "never let a crisis go to waste" authoritarian power mongering. There never was a "pandemic". It was a farce: a fraud.

  • LGBT Issues: He's got this one correct too: God tells is exactly what men and women are, and what their purposes are. Homosexuality and so-called "transgenderism" are the very definition of deviancy from God's plan.

  • White supremacy: This is one of those meaningless, idiotic ad homimens. This dude argues that America's core is white and Christian-- and he's correct: go read the Declaration of Independence. Listen to the speeches of the founding fathers. Look at the values enshrined in the Bill of Rights: they are all based on white European-derived legal principles and philosophy.

  • Women: Men are net tax positive, women are net tax negative. As soon as women got the right to vote, the State apparatus and government spending exploded. That said, I know just as many ignoramus men as women: my preference would be to tie the privilege of voting to something other than sex. Maybe property owners again, or net tax payers-- people with skin in the game. But there is a conversation to be had there, nonetheless.
    Regarding the so-called "incel" movement, this is the only real point where I don't see from where he's coming: according to the Catholic Catechism, we should be getting married and having lots of babies. How is avoiding women compatible with his Catholic Nationalist views?

Don't take this post as some kind of full-throated backing of this guy-- I'd only ever essentially heard of him a couple of days ago. Interestingly, my wife has known of him for some time, and thinks he's controlled opposition. That may very well be true. Either way I find The Establishment's hysterical reaction to what seem to be pretty rational views quite entertaining.
Unprecedented Times - 08:59 CST, 11/25/22 (Sniper)
I remember that Richard Stallman coined the term "anti-feature", meaning "something that the customer paid the programmer for to deliberately lock features out of software which were already written, followed by the same customer needing to pay more money to re-unlock said feature." Here is that concept being applied to external combustion engined cars-- yet another reason to avoid them like the plague.

Changing gears, I've been waffling on building a new PC. I've been putting IBM PC clones together since 1989, and I really enjoy it. But we're in truly bizarre, unprecedented times right now:

  • We're at a project budget ceiling in terms of how good graphics can be in video games, and the current consoles can already run that level of graphics pretty well, sans ray tracing.

  • The games coming from the West almost unbearably ram "The Message" down the players' throats, and are so buggy as to be borderline unplayable-- meanwhile games from the East do not target triple-A level budgets.

  • Thanks to Global Regime, prices are exploding for everything, PC components included. I remember when it was 800 USD to build a PC from scratch, then 1100 USD. I priced a brand new system with today's prices, and came up with 2200 USD. Want a new motherboard? 250-500 bucks. New video card? 800-1600 bucks. DDR5? 200 bucks. And on and on. It's absurd.

Add all of that up and, as much as I'd like to put together a new PC, it's difficult to logically justify it. Add to it that I can't stand Windows 10 and 11, and well...

Changing subjects one last time, I heard that this year's Macy's parade was full of tranny choirs and propaganda phone calls to Creepy Joe, along with sexualized children on parade floats. Later in the day, my father-in-law had the Vikings game on: as I walked past, the announcer was proclaiming how it was so great that gridiron could "bring people together" when "everything is so divisive"-- as he was saying that, the kickoff was occurring with huge white "Stop Racism" text painted on the field. Remember, according to the Left's ideology, "racism" can only be perpetrated by white people ("prejudice + power"). Nothing divisive there!

The audiences for these events is probably 90+ percent white. So it's white people watching and thus supporting events which are calling them racist homophobes-- and they still watch!
End Times and Snatcher - 17:57 CST, 11/16/22 (Sniper)
Warning: This post has spoilers regarding the game "Snatcher"-- do not read any further if you plan to play through it!

Tonight I will be driving the kids to their weekly Faith Formation class. Rather than take two trips there, I just stay so I can sit in the church in front of the statue of Mary, and pray the Rosary. Then I move to the back and continue working my way through the Catechism. Tonight I'll be driving in the dark, silhouettes of moonlit trees illuminated in snowy fields all around me, along frost-coated roads. I have a little time to burn before we need to leave, and the idle time got me thinking about Snatcher's story, and where things are in general. Listening to Stratovarius's album "Desiny", I begin...

In the real life timeline, atheist Jews formed the self-proclaimed "Bolshevik" movement. They took over Russia, confiscating everyone's property, putting people on their knees, shooting them in the backs of the heads, or sending them on long exile marches to the middle of nowhere. Like all Leftists, even the more mild ones, they are preoccupied with power and have very little tolerance for other peoples' points of view. Once they'd conquered Russia and plunged it into their reign of terror, they turned themselves towards their greatest rival: the United States.

The best way to undermine an opposing culture is to rot it from within. So over time they installed Communist sympathizers in all levels of the American government, the media, the banks, and other positions of influence. It's interesting how McCarthy has a bad rap today, because as history has shown he was absolutely right: Communists were everywhere in the US. They took over the schools in particular, what's that famous quote, I think it was from Lenin... something to the effect of give me the children, and within one generation I can turn the public, or something like that.

And it worked. Kids today in America are indoctinated in Cultural Marxism from Kindergarten through college, and now even in their careers in giant corporations, where they are further infantilized. They are so fervent in their beliefs about literally, completely made-up narratives like "Gender fluidity", "climate change", "racism against blacks around every corner", and so forth, that they have formed their own religion, with its patron saints, scriptures, uniforms, holiday schedule, prayers, and so on. Like all zealots, anyone who questions this belief system is canceled on the spot.

The funny part about all of this? The Russian "Bolsheviks" who put all of this in motion didn't survive to see it work! The Soviet Union collapsed under its own weight in 1991! And this leads me to Snatcher.

In Snatcher's timeline, the Soviets created these robots, and intended to covertly install them into positions of power, particularly in the United States. But just like in real life, the original people behind the madness never got to reap the spoils-- in the game's version of events, Elijah Modnar deliberately caused a cataclysm which wiped Moscow off the map along with half the world's population. Either way and in both timelines, the Soviet Union was no more.

But here is where the two timelines re-converge: successors of the original perpetrators were standing by to pick up the pieces, and turn those pieces to their own advantage. In the game, it was Elijah Modnar himself but in real life it's, once again, atheist Jews-- the ones who control all of the media companies, the entire banking system, who provide over eighty percent of the the Democrat party's funding, among many other things-- who are on the verge of taking over the whole world, forcing the plebes into "Fahrenheit 451"-style stupidity and complacency, while they get unfathomably rich.

The WuFlu Scamdemic was the world's largest wealth transfer from the poor to the rich in human history. Expect more of the same, as these same people shove everyone into their "you will own nothing and be happy", "eat your bugs" model. Aside from isolated spots like Hungary and Poland these neo-Marxists have already conquered Europe. They have essentially succeeded in installing a uniparty apparatus in the United States, as the Republicans will probably never win another major "(s)election" ever again, between the rampant fraud and armies of brainwashed "Gen Z'ers". It's not clear to me how China will fit into that picture, as they are also seeking world domination, via national-level debt serfdom.

It's dark days ahead. Maybe even the final days? I've done all I can to keep my family safe, and into full love of Jesus. I pray that everyone else will also acknowledge Christ as their one and true king and savior, for the redemption of their souls.
Saiki K. - 13:54 CST, 11/15/22 (Sniper)
The kids and I have been watching the anime series "The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.". Along with it being hilarious in general, it's also interesting to watch from an introvert's perspective.

All introverts go through sometimes elaborate planning on how to avoid people or uncomfortable situations: "Person A is always at door X around 15:15, while person B walks the hallway ten minutes afterwards-- so if I leave at 15:20, I should be able to go through the path without running into anyone." But in Saiki's scenario, he's a psychic with superpowers! So Saiki as a protagonist is both relatable on a personal level for introverts, but also serves as a sort of Superman for people with that disposition, in that he has a much wider array of tools to deal with others than a normal person.

Of course, this array of tools also gives the writers lots of latitude for putting Saiki in complex, challenging fantasy scenarios-- oftentimes self-inflicted-- that a normal introvert will never face. Seeing Saiki critically think and problem solve his way out of these situations is a huge part of the show's charm.
Need a New Hobby - 11:41 CST, 11/07/22 (Sniper)
Read the below on a gaming forum this morning, it's so good I wanted to make it visible here:

"When creating a game, rather than looking at everything that has been done before and applying existing formulas, actually start from a blank page with trivial questions.

  • What does it mean to go on an adventure?
  • What does it mean to fight against an opponent in a street?
  • What does it mean to explore a huge world?

You quickly realize how every single genre is stuck in very specific types of implementation."

I've been going through a bit of an identity crisis lately. The number one thing I've always identified with has been video games, but the industry has almost totally lost me by this point: since Minecraft in 2009 and Flight Simulator in 2020, I've been totally unable to find even a single game which trips the novelty part of my brain: "Wow, this looks really cool!" The above quote pretty much sums it up. Combine it with the death of aesthetics in the medium.

Interestingly, old games bore the heck out of me too: I'm sick of playing the same games, or the same types of games, over and over. Such a shame. The past few nights I've gone to bed at times around 7:00pm, simply because I have no idea how to even fill my time. I guess it's a "first world problem" to have all of this idle time.
Gaming Low Point? - 16:08 CST, 10/31/22 (Sniper)
I've been on a pretty bad streak with gaming lately. With every passing day I lose more and more confidence in modern game development. Looking for a fun brain dead action game with contemporary graphics, I installed "Guardians of the Galaxy" via Game Pass, and it was such a stinker that I couldn't even be bothered to review it. The writing was funny, but you barely got to play! It was a game of cut-scenes, and when combat did occur, it was so bolted on that it was almost worthless. It felt like a prototypical example of a game made by Hollywood wannabes or rejects, who said as an afterthought "Oh wait, we need to make this interactive somehow..."

Then I turned to my self-granted monthly allowance, and purchased "Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes." It's also so bad that I don't know if I can even bring myself to play it long enough to review it properly: non-stop cut-scenes and tutorial interruptions. When there is gameplay, it's chugging along in the low twenties or teens on the Switch's pathetic hardware. The writing seems to be targeted for a "Teletubbies" age-range audience: war going on, army incoming, and here the characters are all smiling, "Thanks so much for your help!" in these really exaggerated tones of voice... it's totally incongruent, I can't take it seriously at all. The game also prominently features this totally androgynous character, for the life of me I've no clue if it's male or female.


I have been enjoying a second attempt at playing through "Cyberpunk 2077" at least, so much so that I may re-review it, except this time for the Series X. A lot of the visual goofiness and constant bugs I encountered the first time around are gone, and the game is quite the looker now, even without the ray traced reflections and global illumination I enjoyed in the Windows version. Maybe things will pick up overall for me soon: the Atari 50th anniversary collection comes out on November 11, followed quickly by the new Pokemon titles on November 18. Siralim Ultimate comes out in early December for Switch, finally-- a game which happens to have the best video game song of the past twenty years, incidentally.

On the balance though, I'm not only seeing nothing moving the industry forward, but it's actively regressing on top of it.
Z Replacement - 16:44 CST, 10/29/22 (Sniper)
Difficult to believe I hadn't written about this yet, but my brother just asked, and I thought "A-hah, blog post material": with what am I replacing my Z? Many weeks ago, I put down a grand on a GR Supra manual transmission pre-order. I'm numero uno on the list at that dealership. I've been crossing fingers ever since that I'll be able to actually land one within a reasonable time frame. The sales manager told me that if it gets to be twelve or eighteen months, we'll abandon ship and he'll give me my money back. However, he did vet things past his distributor before taking my money, and got a "Yeah, we can probably land you one of those"-type responses.

On that note, if I do get one I've no clue what color it'll be, or which of the two trims. My sales contact recommended keeping things wide open, since just getting one of these period is going to be a challenge.

A logical follow-up question is, why did I pick this over the new Z? I listened to tons of reviews of both cars on YouTube, and it boils down to me wanting something different this time. The consensus on the new Z is that it's not a serious performance car from the factory: it has worse weight distribution than my current car, the stock exhaust is pretty poor, the brakes fade really quickly, the stock tires are rubbish, and it has a pretty tepid engine note, which many reviewers compared with "a Toyota Corolla". The Supra, by contrast, is a sort of bonkers crazy car: pretty tail-happy, serious handling credentials to match its ballistic power, and nutty styling.

I've been doing the "Japanese pony car" or "Japanese Camaro" thing for thirteen years already. I want something with a different personality this time around.

On a totally unrelated note, I was bummed to hear that Rieko Kodama passed away sometime recently. Tons of my favorite Genesis games as a kid-- Sonic the Hedgehog and Phantasy Star II in particular-- had some variation of the name "Phoenix Rie" in their credits. The family hasn't stated the cause of death, but I wonder if she's a clot shot victim? I've never seen this many prime-age people dying in such numbers before, nor have coroners or insurance companies.
Viral Precedence - 09:24 CST, 10/20/22 (Sniper)
Human lives are short, and their memories even shorter.

Take a quick skim through this Eric Peters piece, then reflect on critiques of the WuFlu in general: it could not be isolated, wear three masks even though studies show they do nothing, get the clot shots even though everyone who gets "inoculated" keeps getting the illness, and so on and so forth. Remember the hilarious Tom Woods charts? "Here are the cases, I want you to guess where the lockdowns, mask mandates, and mass 'vaccinations' started." A huge schism thus formed between the medical establishment with their fake news, and a small group of brave heterodox doctors and scientists who spoke the truth. All sound familiar?

What if I told you that this exact same pattern also applied to every other major virus throughout history, from the Black Death to Smallpox to Diphtheria to Influenza to Measles? In other words, scientists, doctors, and medical historians were doing the "Tom Woods charts" exercise over a century ago, only to be called every name in the book, as these types of people are today? A few days ago a friend of mine steered me towards this documentary, and my goodness-- virology as a field is a complete pseudo-science. It reminds me exactly of leeching-- it's on that level of quackery. The documentary is behind an $11.99 paywall, but maybe the aforelinked trailer can convince that it's worth the money.

There is way too much content packed into the many hours of footage for me to recite it here, so let me just share an anecdote which was so disturbing to me that I had to pause my watching, and go for a walk outside. In the documentary, they explain in gory detail how "viruses are isolated": from a super high level, they take secretions from a sick person, apply it to tissue-- usually kidney-- then add an insane cocktail of biological elements-- used to be milk of all things, now it's cow uterine fluid and the like-- complete with antibiotics designed specifically to break apart the cells of the tissue. They then starve the tissue, put it in a centrifuge, then under a microscope.

You can just imagine what this disgusting garbage looks like by then: the kidney tissue has been positively destroyed, turned into a soup of billions of random particles, all slurried together with the DNA and biological information from the other stuff they'd added to the mixture. Under the microscope then, they examine the particles, pick one which is randomly frayed around the edges, and say "A-hah, there is the virus!"

No joke.

As silly as the recitation was to this point, I wasn't bothered yet-- it was merely amusing. It was the next statement which got me: "And that is where they get their live virus vaccine." This cocktail slurry is what they inject into your bloodstream! I may not be a scientist, but I am highly analytical, and after seeing "how the sausage is made", I can pretty much guarantee you this medley soup isn't going to inoculate you against anything, except good health. As much as I regret to say it now, my kids both had the "childhood schedule" shots, and both of them-- my son in particular-- were not themselves for many days afterwards. Now that I understand the toxic mess they'd been injected with, I'm not surprised.

I'm not necessarily saying that viruses don't exist, in the same way that I'm not discounting the existence of fairies. But the onus of proof is on the people putting forth the supposition. And based at least on this documentary, I'm more apt to think people get sick rather due to environmental or psychosomatic factors.

Human memories are short. Every time there is some kind of "viral outbreak" we follow the exact same thread. But because humans don't live that long, they can't remember or aren't aware that the exact same battle had already been fought along the same battle lines, numerous times in the past.
Stadio Flaminio - 17:04 CST, 10/15/22 (Sniper)
All of this talk about Lotito trying to repurpose the Stadio Flaminio for Lazio use has gotten me curious as to where exactly that stadium is. What better way to find out than... Flight Simulator! As a bonus, I also flew to Formello. The flight plan thus went LIRU -> Flaminio -> Olimpico -> Formello.

But first, my adventure began via a take off at the Rome Urbe Airport, ICAO sign of LIRU for those who want to follow along:

The two stadia are so close you can get them in the same view from the air! Flaminio is on the very left of the picture, Olimpico on the very right. From a more direct view, you hop in your car from Flaminio, hook a left, drive across a bridge, and you're at the Olimpico. Second picture below is the Olimpico closer-up, third one is Flaminio, with the Olimpico in the distance.

From there I flew just a bit Northwest and found their training grounds at Formello. I matched them up via Google Maps satellite view just to be sure I had the right place.

After that, I kept going Northwest and landed at a small grass runway called Poggio Ellera, ICAO LIYA. Fun trip! All of these Lazio-related locations are short drives from each other, as it turns out. Even Formello wasn't too far away-- you just follow the twisting highway North out of Rome proper.

5G Is Fast - 09:00 CST, 10/11/22 (Sniper)
I've been running speed tests using 5G on the iPhone 14 Pro Max lately, whenever I think to do so. Here are some comparisons versus physical internet connections I've had lately:

  • Gigabit Ethernet in Murderapolis: ~950 Mbps.
  • 5G in nearby rural town: ~500 Mbps.
  • 5G in family's Murderapolis house: ~300 Mbps.
  • ADSL line in my boonie house: ~90 Mbps.
  • Cable modem in Murderapolis: ~87 Mbps.
  • 5G in my boonie house: ~85 Mbps.

It's so sensationally fast that there will probably come a point where people will just get some kind of 5G home router, and dispense with the cable modems and DSL connections altogether. Even in my house in the middle of nowhere, I'm getting comparable speeds to my DSL connection.

In other news, there really isn't any. Just been working, and playing Madden NFL 23 on PlayStation 5, and Xenoblade Chronicles 3 on Switch. Started making graphics for a new Fuze game, but haven't made a lot of headway-- just haven't been in the mood.
Export to eShop - 06:33 CST, 9/28/22 (Sniper)
I have this exact mouse, just in a dark gray instead of white. I'm using it right at this moment via my M2 MacBook Air. Incredible mouse: horizontal scroll wheel, the vertical one can scroll fast or slow, it's comfortable to hold, and it's really high resolution, so it moves very smoothly. If I were to buy a separate keyboard, I'd go for this new Logitech model-- I'm sure it's very nice.

Fuze have announced that you can now export games to eShop! If you come up with something super polished, they will coordinate between you and Nintendo to get the game pushed out there. In exchange, Fuze takes a royalty cut-- fee TBD. This is huge news, because previously Fuze games have been "trapped" within the runtime environment-- no longer. Of course, wouldn't you know it, USB keyboards don't seem to be working with my OLED Switch-- I tried them for the first time last night. They work on PCs, and I even plugged one directly into the Switch-- so it's not the dock, or the keyboards themselves.

So if I do make another Fuze game, it'll have to be on the unit itself, with a stylus. Maybe I need to take another shot at Godot Engine. My direction isn't clear to me at the moment.