The Exigent Duality
Context Matters - 11:20 CST, 3/09/23 (Sniper)
Lots of interesting things going on. The bathroom re-model is well underway; I've finally gotten a break from the "walking nonsense generator" father-in-law, as he won't be back here until two weekends from today; I've started my Sacristan duties; and I've been revisiting and having a lot of fun with my PC Engine collection.

Scamdemic Recalled

In April of 2020 I wrote this:

"If I sent a family member to a psychologist and explained that this family member refused to leave the house without a mask on their face, wouldn't get within six feet of other people, and was putting stickers on the floor telling them which way to go around the coffee table, this person would be institutionalized as a danger to either self-harm, or hurt someone else.

Instead, all of those actions are considered to be sane, and even wise! Even enforceable at gun-point, if you take many American governors at their word! People having a pathological fear of catching what is essentially the flu-- exhibiting the worst characteristics of a sufferer of mysophobia, on their worst-ever day-- is mainstream. Wake me up when this dream is over, please."

In July of 2020, I followed up with this:

"The ninety nine point nine percent of the population who are not eighty five years old and in nursing homes or assisted living would veritably not even have known this virus exists, if it weren't for outlets like CNN blaring watch-bait headlines in an attempt to torpedo Donald Trump's re-election campaign, twenty four hours per day, with massive red ticker counters of the "cases" and one hyper-alarmist guest after another.

Indeed, during the countless previous viral outbreaks such as H1N1, hardly anyone knew anything about it: they went about their daily lives like normal. And for that rare, fraction-of-one-percent population segment who are unusually vulnerable to sickness, they just stayed inside and washed their hands a little more often. Some people died, but fifty million Americans weren't put out of work, and the world kept turning, as it always does.

That's exactly how the WuFlu would have turned out, had it not been an election year, and how it conveniently did while Black Lives Matter were burning down buildings. Instead, before and after the riots, it turned into a twenty-four-seven, government shutdown-reminiscent, air raid siren blowing media blitzkrieg exercise into how whipped up and into a terrified frenzy they could get the population, for what is no more dangerous to the average person than the annual flu season."

Then in October of 2020, I wrote this satirical post; an excerpt:

"I have bad news George: I think we've both caught the COMCOLD-27! I had some sniffles last night, and I saw you sneeze yesterday! With such a dangerous, debilitating disease, we'd better make sure to not leave our house for at least two years.

And you know the craziest thing? The governor of our state mandated beekeeper hats, clown shoes, and bunny years, which we've been dutifully wearing-- and we caught it anyway! Maybe we should have taped some toilet paper to front of the hats to make them more effective? Lord knows-- if we believed in god, ha ha-- we have enough toilet paper stockpiled!

Speaking of the mandate, our governor is such an altruistic person! He deeply cares about us: not an ulterior motive in his bones. He just cares about public health! And it's important to show how much we care too by wearing our bunny ears everywhere we go, to protect us from the virus. In this household, we believe that science is real. And that love conquers hate.

Unlike those selfish people who won't wear their beekeeper hat, or even their clown shoes! I hate those people! I hate them so much! I just want to punch them in the face! Bunch of feckless Nazis! I hope they all die!"

I saw through the whole thing in April of 2020. In fact, the month prior-- March-- was when I first pulled the CDC's own data into a spreadsheet, and calculated the infectious fatality rate for myself. It was a tiny fraction of one percent. That was when I knew "the authorities" were opportunistically not letting "a good crisis go to waste." Lo and behold these few years later, and we've gotten a deluge of leaks and other pieces of evidence like this: caught red handed, and validating everything I was warning about back when the whole Scamdemic started.

And it was even worse than that: unbeknownst to me at the time, the field of virology and how it was "identifying" all of these "variants" was and is pure pseudo-science. I wrote about that subject here. And now we've learned by fact that countless numbers of these "variants" were purely political creations! It does not surprise me at all.

What does surprise me is how many people fell for it. I don't know why I'm essentially impossible for these people to fool. It's part genetics plus temperament, part life's experiences, and part parenting I suppose ("Be a leader, not a follower.")

State Swap

I'd like to get the ball rolling on this kind of effort, in my home state of Minnesota. My county is not too far from the border of a neighboring state, and given what is going on with the "DFL" right now, I would love nothing more than to join this particular next-door state.

On that note, a co-worker told me yesterday about this "great" show where so-called "Drag Queens"-- i.e. perverse Satanic child molesters-- are deliberately provoking and antagonizing rural Christian communities, then documenting the hostile reactions as if the pedos are the victims. Of course, out of pure self preservation I live a "double life", where at work I lead my co-workers to think I'm "one of them", so this show was presented to me as if I'd enjoy it. In reality, it made me furious.

These makeup-adorned freaks already have millions and millions of useful idiots-- the exact same people who fell for the Scamdemic-- in the metropolitan areas to worship their perverse lifestyle. But like all Marxists, that's not good enough: they need to hunt down every last man, woman, and child to the ends of the Earth. I already beat a strategic retreat once, to friendly territory: where I am now, I will stand my ground.

Artistry and Leftism

For many years I listened to Stefan Molyneux on a daily basis. But as time passed, I'd sort of gotten out of him what I'd needed: I sent him a big donation, and went on my way. But every so often I do check in with his newest videos, and am still amazed at how insightful he is. Here he puts forward a hypothesis of why artists are usually Leftoids. Like most topics, I think he positively nails it.

Tucker and the "Insurrection"

There is a famous photograph which, disappointingly, I'm struggling to find at the moment. The first version of the photograph "clearly" shows a dog lunging at a little girl. It's very alarming. Then it's revealed to you that this picture is only half of the original photograph: once the two sides are joined, it becomes obvious that the dog is not only on a leash and being firmly held by an adult man, but that the situation is friendly, and that the dog is merely trying to "kiss" the little girl's face, as dogs do.

I was continually reminded of this lesson as I watched Tucker Carlson's expose on the so-called "insurrection". In video segment after video segment, he shows you the whole sequence, not just the selectively edited and cherry-picked moments the "January 6th commission" chose to share. For me, the most striking one was of Josh Hawley supposedly running for his life like a cowardly hypocrite. The Demoncrats gleefully presented that to a room full of hyper-partisans at the time, who found it hilarious.

But when you watch the full clip, just like in the case of the dog photo, the reality was the opposite: the police were escorting the members of Congress out the door-- there was a huge stream of them running past. Then, moments later, Josh Hawley also ran past, following his peers. Be careful to note: far from being a coward, he was the last person out!

Naturally, the same people who have been lying to us for the past three years about everything from the WuFlu origins to the Southern Border to Yoo-Crane to a border agent "whipping" a "refugee" to Fentanyl Floyd's death to Assad's "chlorine bombs" to "Afghan government won't fall", and on and on and on-- Mitt Romney, Liz Cheney, gangster Chuckie Schumer, Cocaine Mitch, Nancy Pelosi, Cameltoe, and the rest of their spawn-- are relentlessly attacking Tucker for providing the full context, and are accusing him-- in pure Saul Alinsky-style-- of "re-writing history."

This would be like the original purveyor of the "cut in half" dog photo accusing the person who glued it back together of being a liar! If I weren't so jaded by everything that's gone on the past few years, I'd be astonished. Instead, it's just more of the same.