The Exigent Duality
Viral Precedence - 09:24 CST, 10/20/22 (Sniper)
Human lives are short, and their memories even shorter.

Take a quick skim through this Eric Peters piece, then reflect on critiques of the WuFlu in general: it could not be isolated, wear three masks even though studies show they do nothing, get the clot shots even though everyone who gets "inoculated" keeps getting the illness, and so on and so forth. Remember the hilarious Tom Woods charts? "Here are the cases, I want you to guess where the lockdowns, mask mandates, and mass 'vaccinations' started." A huge schism thus formed between the medical establishment with their fake news, and a small group of brave heterodox doctors and scientists who spoke the truth. All sound familiar?

What if I told you that this exact same pattern also applied to every other major virus throughout history, from the Black Death to Smallpox to Diphtheria to Influenza to Measles? In other words, scientists, doctors, and medical historians were doing the "Tom Woods charts" exercise over a century ago, only to be called every name in the book, as these types of people are today? A few days ago a friend of mine steered me towards this documentary, and my goodness-- virology as a field is a complete pseudo-science. It reminds me exactly of leeching-- it's on that level of quackery. The documentary is behind an $11.99 paywall, but maybe the aforelinked trailer can convince that it's worth the money.

There is way too much content packed into the many hours of footage for me to recite it here, so let me just share an anecdote which was so disturbing to me that I had to pause my watching, and go for a walk outside. In the documentary, they explain in gory detail how "viruses are isolated": from a super high level, they take secretions from a sick person, apply it to tissue-- usually kidney-- then add an insane cocktail of biological elements-- used to be milk of all things, now it's cow uterine fluid and the like-- complete with antibiotics designed specifically to break apart the cells of the tissue. They then starve the tissue, put it in a centrifuge, then under a microscope.

You can just imagine what this disgusting garbage looks like by then: the kidney tissue has been positively destroyed, turned into a soup of billions of random particles, all slurried together with the DNA and biological information from the other stuff they'd added to the mixture. Under the microscope then, they examine the particles, pick one which is randomly frayed around the edges, and say "A-hah, there is the virus!"

No joke.

As silly as the recitation was to this point, I wasn't bothered yet-- it was merely amusing. It was the next statement which got me: "And that is where they get their live virus vaccine." This cocktail slurry is what they inject into your bloodstream! I may not be a scientist, but I am highly analytical, and after seeing "how the sausage is made", I can pretty much guarantee you this medley soup isn't going to inoculate you against anything, except good health. As much as I regret to say it now, my kids both had the "childhood schedule" shots, and both of them-- my son in particular-- were not themselves for many days afterwards. Now that I understand the toxic mess they'd been injected with, I'm not surprised.

I'm not necessarily saying that viruses don't exist, in the same way that I'm not discounting the existence of fairies. But the onus of proof is on the people putting forth the supposition. And based at least on this documentary, I'm more apt to think people get sick rather due to environmental or psychosomatic factors.

Human memories are short. Every time there is some kind of "viral outbreak" we follow the exact same thread. But because humans don't live that long, they can't remember or aren't aware that the exact same battle had already been fought along the same battle lines, numerous times in the past.