The Exigent Duality
The WuFlu Boogie - 16:10 CDT, 7/23/20 (Sniper)
I for one am getting extremely bored with the whole WuFlu topic, so unless something even more outrageous than usual happens, I'm going to conclude the subject with this post.

The ninety nine point nine percent of the population who are not eighty five years old and in nursing homes or assisted living would veritably not even have known this virus exists, if it weren't for outlets like CNN blaring watch-bait headlines in an attempt to torpedo Donald Trump's re-election campaign, twenty four hours per day, with massive red ticker counters of the "cases" and one hyper-alarmist guest after another.

Indeed, during the countless previous viral outbreaks such as H1N1, hardly anyone knew anything about it: they went about their daily lives like normal. And for that rare, fraction-of-one-percent population segment who are unusually vulnerable to sickness, they just stayed inside and washed their hands a little more often. Some people died, but fifty million Americans weren't put out of work, and the world kept turning, as it always does.

That's exactly how the WuFlu would have turned out, had it not been an election year, and how it conveniently did while Black Lives Matter were burning down buildings. Instead, before and after the riots, it turned into a twenty-four-seven, government shutdown-reminiscent, air raid siren blowing media blitzkrieg exercise into how whipped up and into a terrified frenzy they could get the population, for what is no more dangerous to the average person than the annual flu season.

This has culminated in an inverted pyramid: in a sane world, the tiny tip of the pyramid-- the vulnerable among us-- would take extraordinary measures, while the glacier-sized mountain of ordinary people would continue to go to school, visit friends, go to the beach, and strengthen their immune systems with low stress and sunlight.

Instead, it's the ninety nine point nine percent of people-- perfectly healthy-- who are being told, at gun point in many cases, that they are the ones who must take the extraordinary measures. The pyramid has been flipped upside down: left is now right, East is now West, two plus two equals five.

This has culminated in many governors, including the one in my home state of Minnesota, decreeing with a magic wand that everyone-- even fit-as-a-fiddle sixteen year olds who are probably more likely to die slipping in the shower that morning than to keel over from the WuFlu-- follow little arrows on the ground, not stand too close by some totally arbitrary distance to other people, cower behind bullet-proof plexiglass at their jobs (if allowed to work at all!), and wear Michael Jackson-style surgical masks while out shopping, or even just enjoying a casual lunch with their friends at the local McDonalds.

Unlike Nazi concentration camp guards or Stanford prison experiment participants, I have never been one to blindly follow orders from people who have no more natural authority over me than my pet dog, and I'm certainly not going to start now. The precedent that the government can now at-will mandate what kinds of clothing people can wear in public is the most dangerous civil liberties development in American society I have seen in my nearly forty years of living in the country.

As such, I refuse to normalize paranoid, mental health mysophobic delusions by wearing any kind of "face covering", and will use every legal loophole and means of resistance at my disposal to ignore the State's edicts, and continue to live my life in a holistically healthy manner, with safety mitigation in proportion to any threats presented-- just like any sane rational person would normally do, and which ordinary people still do in every other facet of their lives.

Right now, Bill Gates is continuing his dangerous vaccine experiments, using poverty-stricken African children as living, breathing human guinea pig-style test subjects. If he gets his way, those experiments-- along with micro-chipping and a Chinese Sesame Credit-like system where only purchasers of his vaccine on their digital certificate will be allowed to get jobs, travel or shop-- will follow, right here in America: the land of the free, or so I thought.

The first step to resisting that kind of future more dystopian than even those George Orwell's lurid imagination could conjure, is by drawing a line now: when the gestapo command to jump, don't respond with "how high"-- rather, tell them where to jump.