The Exigent Duality
The Power of Propaganda - 16:20 CDT, 4/12/21 (Sniper)
With just a couple of exceptions, every person I routinely interact with at my workplace has very vocally signaled-- as in, virtue signaled with lots of smiley and clapping "emojis", obnoxiously broadcasting their personal and private health choices to as many people as they can-- that they are getting shot up with the experimental WuFlu injections.

"Hey guys! I'm getting prostate surgery tomorrow! Yay!"

Most of these people are under the age of thirty: according to the CDC's own numbers, these young people stand a significantly higher percentage of dying from the seasonal flu or a car accident-- or probably by getting struck by lightning, or tripping over their dog while we're at it.

So why the heck would they get an "approved for emergency uses only, never before tested on humans" cocktail injected directly into their bloodstreams? Especially when I've now heard several of them complain that the shot itself gave them terrible, flu-like symptoms which lasted for multiple days!

As high as seventy percent of people who get the WuFlu itself don't ever get any symptoms-- how is getting a shot that makes you sick the superior choice over a virus you probably won't get anyway, and which probably won't make you sick at all even if you do get it?

Totally nonsensical-- until I read this article. The full piece is worth a read, but the short end of it is that young people have been systematically propagandized and programmed from day one to be deathly afraid of this thing, while simultaneously having the actual numbers and statistics either hidden from them altogether, or wildly misrepresented.

I suppose, the fact that my coworkers refer to these injections as "vaccines" is in and of itself a symptom of their programming. "Vaccines" are known things with long histories, and a positive connotation: it's a great term to use if you're trying to disarm someone to get them to hold out their arm.