The Exigent Duality
Prepare for Trouble! - 16:42 CDT, 4/08/21 (Sniper)
This made me laugh, especially the bit about torque wrenches and air compressors being classified as tools not usually found at a home residence. I'm not even handy, and I not just own but routinely use both of those things. Can you imagine the gestapo enforcing this?

"***pshhhhh*** 'We've had a report of what sounds like the unauthorized use of an air compressor in the vicinity. Please confirm, copy.' ***pshhhhh***

'No officer, that was just my refrigerator coming on, it's pretty noisy you see!'"

It sounds like they are trying to crack down on people running quasi-car shops out of their homes, like a Murderapolis neighbor of mine. But it's still absurd. Almost as absurd as getting one of these WuFlu-related injections. As often is the case, first comment nails it:

"Colorado Health officials, following the closure of the site, stressed that getting the vaccine is 'far safer than getting severely sick with COVID-19.'

How do they know that? They don't know the long-term effects of this drug and besides it has never been tested using normal approved FDA criteria-- it is emergency only for this version of Sars-2 virus. And their comparison is apples and oranges; getting the shot cannot be compared to getting severely sick with Covid-19 because they are not exact opposites to begin with."

My workplace-- a multi-billion dollar "woke" international conglomerate-- keeps setting up "events" where you can get shot up with these cocktails. Evidently they are doling out this exact "Johnson & Johnson" one soon-- you know, the one which made that one guy's skin fall off.

Give me some of that! Maybe I'll even be like Team Rocket: "Make It Double!"

And just wait until birth, cancer, and who-knows-what-else statistics come out ten, fifteen, and twenty years from now. "It's funny, women of child bearing ages year 2021 and later have half the fertility rate of women before then... I wonder what was going on in 2021... having a tough time remembering".

Interestingly, my employer is always very careful to say that "we will not be requiring vaccination to work here....... unless it's required by local governments."

Now why in the world would they be so persistent with that disclaimer-- because after all, couldn't that sentence apply to anything? "We won't be requiring binky the clown noses... unless the government mandates it." Or, "We won't be requiring you to break dance nude in the lobby... unless the government mandates it."

But they only use that sentence when it comes to the WuFlu cocktails. Why? One obvious theory readily presents itself, but I don't want my mind to go there yet.

Or maybe it doesn't matter: I'll soon be out of Murderapolis for good, running a canning operation with a huge flock of chickens and who knows what else. I'll only need enough income to cover basic utilities-- electricity and internet access, plus the occasional septic tank emptying-- and property taxes. And we're going to be splitting those expenses across five adults.

There won't be much they can even lord over me at that point: I'll barely even be leaving my own property, much less traveling anywhere. What can they possibly even take away at that point? I'll be like one of those ascetics who existed in China after the fall of the Han, who lived "off the grid" sixth-century style, in protest of the decadence of the court and its society.