The Exigent Duality
From Here - 16:15 CST, 1/07/21 (Sniper)
Another name to chuck overboard: Tucker Carlson. I was always suspicious of him and his twenty million per year contract or whatever it is, with a multi-billion dollar media corporation, always referring to the "mainstream media" as if he isn't a part of it-- but now we know for sure. He at least acknowledged the reason why people are upset, which is more than CNN would do-- but then in the same breath he emphasizes how "horrified" he was by the "violence".

He's probably hedging for a future run at office himself by trying to have his cake and eat it too. And he just saved us the trouble of deliberation in the future should that run materialize, by showing his "I'm just an opportunist" cards now. Great!

Back to the "violence": we're talking about a broken window and door hinge, part of a tax payer-owned building-- not private property!-- so a guy could put his foot on Skeletor's desk while some jokers hilariously had fun with the Speaker's gavel in the House chamber. The hilarious part is that these broken doodads were actually busted by Antifa plants, as caught on video. Hah! There were several Antifa dudes there interestingly, like the "Viking shaman" weirdo, with the hammer and sickle tattoo on his hand.

The only actual violence I saw was perpetrated against the people, like the woman getting shot in the neck by a security guard.

Then you have Allen West, the very guy who proposed an alliance of states which would uphold the Constitution, kicking some other dude-- Walter West, unrelated-- out of the Texas GOP leadership for posting stuff like this. I guess quoting the Declaration of Independence is too "radical" for Republicans now. Maybe I need to look up and contact this Walter West guy-- could be a useful future ally.

Backing up a bit, can you imagine if the Boston Tea Party were like, "Well you know, maybe we shouldn't dump this tea overboard... it is against the rules, you know!" If the line hasn't been drawn by now, then where will the line need to be drawn for people to say "we're past the point of no return". For me, between the WuFlu Burqas and this logic, we're there.

I'll put it another way too: people have started revolutions for a tiny fraction of what Americans are putting up with today, including what led to the formation of this very country: feudal warlords took a less share from the peasantry than what we pay in taxes-- in the Qin empire for instance, it was 10% of their grain, plus a month of military service annually-- and ditto socially: can you imagine the pre-American patriots putting up with the prospects of even two or three of these list items?

Which is a shame, because Allen West has the right idea, and in fact it could be a non-violent way for Conservatives to play a trick right from Leftist playbook: don't actually secede-- just have an agreement between several states to refuse to enforce Federal laws via nullification. It'd be like a "soft secession"-- plus then you have plausible deniability; you can gaslight just like the Lefties do! "What are you talking about? We're still part of the US, duh! Stop being such a tinfoil hat Flat Earther!"

The only key for this plan to work is that the States involved would need to have balanced budgets without Federal monies: because the first thing "Kneepads" Cameltoe or whomever would do is say, "Fine, no highway money, no FEMA, no education bucks", etc. One solution to this would be for the states involved to initiate international trade themselves: as long as the states are contiguous and one of them has a port, it's game on.

The big problem at this point is finding enough Republicans to get on board: I'm going to need to stay patient; I think people will come around like the "early doors" individuals, such as myself or Mark Dice, once they've had time to "process their emotions" or whatever nonsense the average human requires, before they can think rationally. Time... patience...