The Exigent Duality
Almost There Perhaps - 15:09 CST, 6/16/23 (Sniper)
My favorite car pundit Eric Peters has been on a roll lately: here are a couple of superb articles from him.

Lack of Mobility

The former article has to do with why manual transmissions are dying off: how the State strongly contributed to the initial decline through their onerous fuel economy mandates, then how it became a self-reinforcing cycle as "drivers" started to become and are becoming more like passive meatsacks who can't even travel in a straight line without "assists", and so are no longer capable of operating manual transmissions-- ergo, they don't shop for them.

I do need to correct him on one point however-- you can still buy a new car in 2023 with no "assists": my brand new Toyota GR86 drives just like my old 350z. The cruise control maintains the speed set by the driver; the car doesn't randomly slam on the brakes; it doesn't wrestle control of the steering wheel away; and so forth. It's "just a car", and it's wonderful. On that note, this writer is all stocked up on manual transmission cars: the kids will get the 2014 WRX currently with ~93k miles, the GR86 is brand new, and the inbound vehicle-- either a GR Supra or GR Corolla-- will also be manual transmissioned.

Moving on then, Eric's latter editorial is yet another fascinating glimpse into the lurid minds of the "WEF" and other elites like them. Eric equates these kinds of proposed places to "feed lots", where the humans trapped within are treated as cattle. Something which strikes this writer funny has to do with the racial makeup shown in the aesthetically-challenged clip art presented at the top of the article-- there are thirteen human figures shown; eleven of the thirteen are black, the other two are white, and one of the whites is an elderly woman.

This is interesting for at least two reasons: first, the "WEF" clearly and unsurprisingly does not see white people as being around in the future; second, while this theoretical environment is drawn to look pristine, can you imagine what it would actually be like if eighty five percent of the population were black? There would be trash everywhere, total chaos involving rapes, murders, plus thefts, while only idiots would dare ride the "transport system for all".

I'm not bringing this up to be a jerk, but this writer is beyond bored with whites being vilified incessantly: the gloves are off. It's like this funny, recent article from a Leftist news site which had the pros and cons of all fifty states. For Maine, the pro was it had the lowest crime rate in the country; the con was that it was the whitest state in the country: "no diversity." Hah!

But back to the "WEF" diagram: another observation is that cars don't pollute anymore-- they are over ninety-nine percent free in terms of partially burnt hydrocarbons and other pollutants. That's why there is no smog in cities anymore, except where there are lots of factories such as in parts of China. Obviously the "WEF" members know this, which is why the "limit traffic" thing is a clear mobility control mechanism, and has nothing to do with "the environment".

Deep State

Remember the latter-most documentary link from this post? Here is primary source material in the form of RFK Jr., who was there at the time, in the family validating what the documentary covered: yes, the CIA killed his uncle because JFK would not participate in the "Bay of Pigs" episode, would not engage in interventionist wars, and was about to disassemble the CIA. Further, he-- RFK Jr., that is-- knows that his life is in danger presently, and is taking "precautions".

Tucker Carlson's recent video is fantastic, and the tone plus style reminds this writer of Neil Oliver's weekly monologues. Tucker is also on the right track: the world is controlled by a tiny group of criminals, a circle in which the Biden family very much moves.

Victory Nigh, Plus Hormones

In general, the tide is turning so quickly that wokeness-- Cultural Marxism-- is not going to be the prevailing values regime for much longer. You have highly prominent people openly pointing out, by name, the Deep State criminals responsible for the agenda, while on the ground floor even students have had enough.

While on the topic of young people, I've know for many years thanks to people like Alex Jones and Mark Dice that chemicals are playing a huge role in the so-called "transgender" concern. They are also the primary reason why adult men look so much like children. To loop RFK Jr. back into things, here he is also making people aware of this problem.

RFK Jr. will never "win" the Democratic primary, because that process is one hundred percent controlled. But if by some miracle or subterfuge he did wind up being the nominee, I think I would vote for him instead of Trump. I don't agree with RFK Jr. on "conventional" concerns such as fiscal issues and the like-- but arguing about the tax rate when the car is two feet from careening over the ledge is absurd. We need someone to assemble an army, whether literally or figuratively, to take down the now-termed "Deep State"-- and he is the best hope at the moment.

Mental Health Improving

With almost everything in the world today, from cars to video games to politics to people and beyond, I like eighty percent, and loathe twenty percent. I've been focusing really hard the past few days on the eighty percent, while simultaneously "boxing up" the twenty percent and throwing it into the mental closet. It's difficult, especially in the case of my father-in-law where the ratio is inverted-- but nonetheless I can feel my usual verve and passion for the things and people I love returning to me.

It seems to be making the derealization bubble just that little bit thinner: if I can continue to cut down on the membrane thickness, I may just be able to pop the bubble and emerge from it, one day. I hypothesize that if I can learn to step outside of it even for thirty seconds, I will be able to "remember" how I did it, and repeat the process at will for longer and longer durations. Ten years permanently inside of it is enough: I'm beyond ready to bust out, if I can manage it. I just need to convince my mind that I'm safe enough.