The Exigent Duality
Tribunal Time - 17:31 CST, 5/24/23 (Sniper)
I haven't been writing here much, as I've been very busy. I spent the greater part of last week in Murderapolis for a mandatory "visit the office" period, for my employer, listening to non-stop police sirens. I have also been watching quite a lot of "My Hero Academia" with my kids, to unwind in the evenings. I'm also deep into "Startling Odyssey II" on my PC Engine, which is a surprisingly good JRPG, and which holds up quite well as compared to competing series such as "Final Fantasy" and "Dragon Quest".

But enough of that, and on to this post's purpose: every so often I run across documentaries or notable videos which fundamentally alter my view of the world. Here are some, in chronological order as to when I first encountered them:

  • The Story of Your Enslavement (Link)
  • What Is Cultural Marxism? (Link)
  • The Viral Delusion (Link)
  • The Greatest Story Never Told (Link)
  • American Moon (Link)
  • Everything Is a Rich Man’s Trick (Link)

Before I go any further: Unfortunately, some of these links are to JewTube. To eliminate their idiotic "let me give you some CIA and Mossad-provided 'context'" box, simply open your browser's developer tools, select the hilariously-named "clarify-box" div, and add a "display: none;" element to it.

I discovered the final item in the above list just a week or two ago, and have been chipping away at it. There are some details which I question: I'm not convinced Hitler was astroturfed; I don't think the German economic "miracle" was purely down to Western investment; I certainly don't think the so-called "Holocaust" occurred, and I have done extensive research into that subject; and I think today's "Deep State" is run mostly by Jews, not Italian mob bosses, as I can't remember the last time I saw an Italian name among the powers-that-be.

That may sound like a lot of provisos, but it isn't: the documentary is three and a half hours jam-packed with factual claims-- my half-dozen or so moments of incredulity is nothing compared with the tsunami of receipts the film's maker presents regarding all sorts of topics. Most importantly, the documentary paints such a clear overall picture of how the world works, that even if one can quibble about specifics, the highest level conclusion is indisputable.

I can always tell in retrospect that my world view has undergone a dramatic shift when concerns which used to appear pressing to me are suddenly trivial and even boring, or seeming to be a waste of time, or missing the point. Since I've finished the documentary, that is where I've sat regarding the so-called "culture wars". People like Mark Dice have been making untold videos about "Bud Light", just to name an example, and I can't even be bothered with such subjects any more.

I mowed all of the grass on my property yesterday. Already today, the dandelion heads have mostly returned. That's how it is with drag queen story hours; the tranny question; black lesbian protagonists in video games; pornography in Kindergarten libraries; deliberately-unchecked illegal immigration; the unending waves of black crime; the unceasing foreign wars; the daily deluge of propaganda from the media; the purchasing power destruction of our money; all of this nonsense talk about "white supremacy"; and on and on. They are all dandelion heads, and until we pull out the roots, they and other problems will simply continue to re-emerge.

This is because they are all perpetrated, on purpose, by the same group of people!

I sensed a certain outcome in the immediate aftermath of the 2020 Selection, and now the conclusion is cemented for me: the only way out is for some kind of strong-arm, right-wing leader to take over the military, send black ops specialists to the homes of all of the Bill Gates's of the world, and put those people in front of firing squads, en masse. I don't say this lightly: the risk is that the strong man will overshoot his purpose and become despotic. But we're already there anyway, and besides, this problem is so many centuries in the making that it's our only remaining route out.