The Exigent Duality
Catching Up - 09:49 CST, 4/01/23 (Sniper)
The Donald Trump indictment is shocking. I thought I couldn't be surprised by anything anymore, but this one caught me off guard. I'm not a PhD historian, but I've studied enough world history to know that these are the kinds of events which, in retrospect, tend to spark revolutions and civil wars.

Regular readers will know that, in the aftermath of the 2020 "election", I immediately recognized what had happened, what it inevitably meant, and even expressed frustration with people like Tucker Carlson, who couldn't or wouldn't call a spade a spade. But finally, people are catching up with me: on Carlson's Thursday night show, he suggested that Donald Trump shouldn't even show up to next week's arraignment. Multiples of Carlson's guests argued that maybe now is the time for escalated action, perhaps in the form of an active push for secession. One of these guests, Jason Whitlock, said he's "ready for whatever comes next." Ron DeSantis-- not on Tucker's show, mind you-- said that if asked to extradite Trump, he would not comply.

My kids and I are watching "My Hero Academia" right now, and there is a frog character named "Sue". Sue very quickly recognizes realities, and articulates them out loud without hesitation. The other characters get scared by what she says, live in denial for a little bit with their heads in the sand, but then come around eventually. I paused one of the episodes and explained that people like us-- my kids are wired very much like me-- have to be patient: like "Sue", knowing the truth doesn't make us uncomfortable like it does others. So we have to pick our spots to reveal that truth to others-- something I'm still not good at, even at my age.

But back to my initial point: you launch illegitimate legal attacks or openly jail opposition political leaders at your own peril. Every precedent you set can and will be used as a weapon right back at you, causing a complete descent into third-world madness, civil wars, and worse. And this is the scary part about modern Demoncrats, even just your "run of the mill" voters: they are so blinded by the hatred of their ideology that they are in "burn everything to the ground" mode, without even one iota of thought into the medium and long-term institutional consequences to their actions.

Big Booty Latina

Remember when Alex Stein set that trap for AOC, heckling her, and she not only fell for it but dove face-first into the cow pie by going on and on about it for days on end? AOC was "gotten" again, this time by the hilarious "Libs of TikTok" gal. Just like last time, on this occasional AOC wears everything on her sleeve, first posing for a "selfie" before realizing who the person is, then fumbles to recover with an ad hominem before running away. She's such an easy target due to her combination of stupidity, eagerness to be liked, enjoyment of playing the victim, and naivety-- with all of those factors in constant collision courses with each other, playing across her face and body language in transparent real-time.

Cyclical Time

Those who haven't read "The Fourth Turning" really should. Even people who don't advocate that specific model agree with the premise indirectly, as their own models wind up being compatible, even complimentary. For example, there is an interesting quote in this article:

"As Peter Turchin has explained, social cycles of integration and disintegration occur every 50 years or so. In integrative phases, people find reasons to cooperate. In disintegrative phases, people find reasons to disagree and fragment into divisive, polarized camps. Clearly, we're well into a disintegrative phase, and what could bring us together is not even visible."

Every model like this identifies these time spans-- in this case fifty years, but there is wiggle room depending on the cycle-- which are compatible with the "The Fourth Turning" model. After a major crisis people "find reasons to cooperate", because they don't want another crisis to occur. In the second "turning", the spoiled kids rebel against their parents, rejecting the new order in their youth. By the "fourth" turning, people "find reasons to disagree" and "fragment into divisive, polarized camps" as the seeds laid during the second "turning" have finally grown.

In our current cycle, the Boomer Woodstock hippies got snookered in by a revival of the Jew "Frankfurt School" conspiracy, calling themselves "The New Left". Now, fifty and sixty years later, the Millennials and Gen Z'ers are the Boomer's idiotic little unwitting foot soldiers, making a slow march through the institutions to the Woke drum beat.