The Exigent Duality
Dead End Markets - 12:45 CST, 12/12/22 (Sniper)
You can tell the graphics card industry is going to crash soon: AMD's key selling point during their fairly recent RDNA3 presentation was that you could run games like "Apex Legends" and "Valorant" at three to eight hundred frames per second. For the ninety nine-point-nine percent of people who are not professionally-sponsored "eSports" players, what in the world is the point? Most people can't even tell the difference between thirty and sixty frames per second, much less three hundred or more!

As I wrote here and elsewhere, we're at the game budget ceiling-- what people are mistakenly blaming on so-called "cross-gen". It will be really interesting to see how television and video card manufacturers attempt to sell products even just twelve months from now. It's not like they can even bring costs down anymore either, as we're seeing increases in pricing for like-for-like products across GPU generations. What's the point of an "RTX 5090" or even an "RTX 5060" when the existing cards can run games at eight hundred FPS, and the new cards will be even more expensive?

Of course, the issue I'm having is on the software side. I'm on vacation the entire month of December, and have barely touched video games outside of the minimum it took to do my most recent slate of reviews. If it were convenient to sell most of my video game collection, it'd already be gone.