The Exigent Duality
Unprecedented Times - 08:59 CDT, 11/25/22 (Sniper)
I remember that Richard Stallman coined the term "anti-feature", meaning "something that the customer paid the programmer for to deliberately lock features out of software which were already written, followed by the same customer needing to pay more money to re-unlock said feature." Here is that concept being applied to external combustion engined cars-- yet another reason to avoid them like the plague.

Changing gears, I've been waffling on building a new PC. I've been putting IBM PC clones together since 1989, and I really enjoy it. But we're in truly bizarre, unprecedented times right now:

  • We're at a project budget ceiling in terms of how good graphics can be in video games, and the current consoles can already run that level of graphics pretty well, sans ray tracing.

  • The games coming from the West almost unbearably ram "The Message" down the players' throats, and are so buggy as to be borderline unplayable-- meanwhile games from the East do not target triple-A level budgets.

  • Thanks to Global Regime, prices are exploding for everything, PC components included. I remember when it was 800 USD to build a PC from scratch, then 1100 USD. I priced a brand new system with today's prices, and came up with 2200 USD. Want a new motherboard? 250-500 bucks. New video card? 800-1600 bucks. DDR5? 200 bucks. And on and on. It's absurd.

Add all of that up and, as much as I'd like to put together a new PC, it's difficult to logically justify it. Add to it that I can't stand Windows 10 and 11, and well...

Changing subjects one last time, I heard that this year's Macy's parade was full of tranny choirs and propaganda phone calls to Creepy Joe, along with sexualized children on parade floats. Later in the day, my father-in-law had the Vikings game on: as I walked past, the announcer was proclaiming how it was so great that gridiron could "bring people together" when "everything is so divisive"-- as he was saying that, the kickoff was occurring with huge white "Stop Racism" text painted on the field. Remember, according to the Left's ideology, "racism" can only be perpetrated by white people ("prejudice + power"). Nothing divisive there!

The audiences for these events is probably 90+ percent white. So it's white people watching and thus supporting events which are calling them racist homophobes-- and they still watch!