The Exigent Duality
Unfolding Primarily As Expected - 15:59 CDT, 7/10/22 (Sniper)
The joke: "What's the difference between a 'conspiracy theory' and fact? About three months." Here is example number one thousand. Absolutely everyone with a brain knew Beijing Biden was totally senile ages ago. Check out what I wrote here, in May of 2020:

" aware that if you vote for Joe Biden, you're actually putting his unelected cabinet in charge of the entire country: I'm not trying to be mean-spirited, but he quite literally can't remember what time zone he's in or what his wife looks like half the time-- he's almost completely senile. Him as President would be like that 'Star Trek' episode with the drugged puppet leader."

But now, the Left are throwing the hair sniffer under the bus, so it's suddenly "ok" to talk about what's been obvious for years.

I also wrote this in October of 2020, seems pretty prescient, yes?

"...if Trump wins, expect immediate problems, such as marauding domestic terrorists burning down cities-- whereas if Biden wins, anticipate a medium term transformation of the entire nation into Commiefornia, with legal sex and race discrimination, rolling blackouts, and third world-esque cityscapes.

Presently, I'm expecting a Biden win-- but I have a complete contingency plan to keep my family safe, ready for motion at a moment's notice in the event of a Trump victory, or some other world-disrupting event."

Naturally, my "contingency plan" was put into place immediately after The Selection, which of course all of you now know was the permanent relocation of my family to our country house. That plan was supposed to be employed if Trump won-- but I didn't anticipate just how rapidly the Democrats would destroy the country! So I put the plan in motion anyway.

Finally, take a look at this article, then cross-reference it with what I wrote here, bold emphasis is mine:

"Whether instinctively or by design, the Democrats seem to understand where we are in this cycle. Their choice of values is totally nonsensical, which is why they aren't catching on. But at least they are presenting a holistic world view, attempting to fulfill the need the young have for making some kind of sacrifice, or being 'heroes' in some way. They are also non-stop talking about forgiving student loan debt, and about building infrastructure (again, around a nonsensical "climate change" value however).

If the overall cycle theory is correct, it poses a problem for Conservatives: according to the authors, now is not the time for individualistic-centered Libertarianism. Rather, Conservatives should be proposing a competing civic model, with its own set of values for which young people can throw themselves on the sacrificial altar."

The article's author "gets it".