The Exigent Duality
Petitions and Debates - 07:54 CST, 10/08/20 (Sniper)
I'd been meaning to write a blog post similar to this, but it seems as though someone has beaten me to the punch! In a nutshell then, the author and myself hypothesize similarly: if Trump wins, expect immediate problems, such as marauding domestic terrorists burning down cities-- whereas if Biden wins, anticipate a medium term transformation of the entire nation into Commiefornia, with legal sex and race discrimination, rolling blackouts, and third world-esque cityscapes.

Presently, I'm expecting a Biden win-- but I have a complete contingency plan to keep my family safe, ready for motion at a moment's notice in the event of a Trump victory, or some other world-disrupting event.

Speaking of world disrupting events, here is a petition which everyone should sign. I've been very open minded about this topic, even warning people back in February that the WuFlu might have been wiping out massive numbers of people in China. But we had the truth even by the end of March, when I wrote this: I go where the logic, facts, and data lead me. For reference, my home state's governor put in his Face Diaper Decree in late July! It happening so late as to be unintentionally funny was one of many giveaways that this aforementioned mandate had nothing to do with "safety".

My only disappointment is that Conservatives, and even this apolitical petition, are so heavily pushing a vaccine. Not all vaccines carry huge risks-- but considering the risk of the WuFlu itself is in practice zero, I'm not willing to take any chance in terms of injecting who-knows-what into my children! The math is easy.

On to another topic, I only briefly watched the Vice Presidential debate, but even in that short time I was entertained by how predictably biased the moderator was. For example, rather than ask "What is your opinion about whether or not anthropogenic climate change has caused the California wildfires?", she asked something like, "What do you say to the scientific consensus that climate change causes events like the California wildfires?"

Someone like Mitt Romney, or even Donald Trump, would have been put on the defensive by her taking a position, which was the point of carefully wording the question in that manner-- but not Mike Pence! He calmly refuted that view with facts, touted everything the Trump administration has done for the environment, and simultaneously put Cameltoe on the defensive with a counter-point. He is a top-class debater, to be sure. Incidentally, I looked up his record the other day, and other than a couple of small quibbles, he's very good-- better than Trump on economics in fact, by some margin.