The Exigent Duality
Never Sick of Winning - 13:10 CST, 6/30/22 (Sniper)
A Zero Hedge writer described this as "must watch" material, and I'm inclined to agree. This segment is one in a long line of recent examples of Tucker Carlson being at his very best.

On a mostly related note, I've been observing that Cultural Marxism-- strike that, radical Leftism at large-- seems to be tottering on its last legs. Here is Paul Joseph Watson digging into this topic as it pertains to Hollywood. Let's hope video games come next.

After recent cultural events such as the "transgender" bans regarding sports, the superb and long overdue "Roe vs. Wade" shellacking, and the New York "gun laws" getting shot down (har har), among other things, it makes me think there is hope yet!