The Exigent Duality
Pushback - 06:48 CDT, 6/21/22 (Sniper)
I wrote here about how Cultural Marxism is not long for this world, and about how it's silly to boycott a company based on the actions of just a few employees. I was right on the first count, but wrong on the second. This article relays how CEOs have finally had enough: "If you want to take politics into work, then here is your severance package, and goodbye." I'm correct: Cultural Marxism is on the way out. Even Netflix is reforming! However, the article also explains that the reason for this sudden pushback is largely due to the bottom line: i.e., boycotts. CEOs saw that happened to Disney trying to groom kids, and said "Holy smokes."

This quote from a whiney "The Athletic" writer is emblematic of why these radical Left-wing employees need to just be let go: "What about Black Lives Matter? Is that a social cause? Who will write about athlete protests? What about trans athletes in sports?" Pure sophistry, and this person knows it: cover those issues as objective news events, equally interviewing people on both ideas, to present a holistic, well-rounded summary, so that reader can make up their own minds.

In other news, it'd be funny if Lazio also acquired Lucas Torreira: they would have two short dudes running around the center of the park! And finally, I didn't follow up on my Steam Deck pre-order back when, because I'm waiting for a more powerful version, where I can get PlayStation 5-level graphics via image reconstruction, just at the lower resolution of the handheld screen. Sounds like such a thing may already be in the works. My thought is that I can replace my entire PC with a device like that, docking it to do my finances and for other productivity purposes, then undocking it when I want to play games.