The Exigent Duality
Leave It at Home - 15:07 CDT, 4/09/22 (Sniper)
This is why I'm not a huge fan of boycotting companies, generally: large corporations have tens of thousands of employees, most of whom disagree with upper management, and the two or three bozos who run the social media accounts. It used to be that fringe lunatics were called just that, and told to go away. Now, those people are given the megaphones.

But, I'm seeing that starting to change: just take a look at school board meetings. Cultural Marxism is not long for this world. As I wrote here, the Left are desperately trying to drag everyone towards the "new values" regime-- but things are different this time. They are failing, and will ultimately fail totally. And thank goodness for that. Their views are repugnant.

Incidentally, I was talking to my family today about how preachy and moralistic everything is. I rarely watch television, but when I am subjected to it, every single commercial is interracial families with plinking piano music and slow motion fly-bys two inches from people's faces, lecturing you about values.

I don't care so much if people have different values. If they want to kneel down to and pay reparations from their own money to blacks, teach their kids that that people can magically become potted plants and that there are six hundred "genders", and use their own money to voluntarily buy an external combustion engine car, then fine-- that's their prerogative. But leave me out of it.

When my kids and I made "Dredge" for the Wireframe contest, we didn't fill the game with Christian iconography, have a bunch of female characters in the kitchen making sandwiches for the male characters, or portray dark-furred characters as low-IQ violent drug dealers. What we did make was a game with cats fighting a guinea pig with glasses. Never in a million years would we have even dreamed of shoving a world view on our audience, just to piss them off.

It never even remotely would occur to me to make a commercial, a video game, a movie, or anything else for the express purpose of constant "high horse" moralization. It's like they literally can't help themselves! I don't understand it-- I'm not wired that way. There are two things you don't discuss with customers and co-workers: politics and religion. But then again, I'm not a Boomer or a Millennial.

The only places I talk politics are on this blog-- duh, that's the point of this web site-- and with my wife or mom, in the privacy of our own homes. I wish others would follow that model too.