The Exigent Duality
Broken Cycle - 17:11 CDT, 3/23/22 (Sniper)
In this post I wondered why we've seemingly never progressed into the crisis period, much less out of it. Rather, we're in an unraveling phase which spans four decades, it having started in the nineties. It continues today, picking up more and more steam as it goes. What's different about this cycle than others before it?

In previous cycles going back thousands of years, information was carefully controlled by the Prophets. They would lie, craft narratives, and engage in mass brainwashing. No one knew any better. Most people couldn't read. Printing presses were expensive. And so on. The Heroes would gobble these narratives up, then push the world towards the new values during the crisis window. The culture would emerge from the crisis window in lock step behind the new regime.

What's different this time is the internet, and smartphones.

For the first time in human history, the Prophet-Hero narratives can be deconstructed and factually analyzed. Ordinary people are "on the ground" recording every small bit of minutiae, then streaming all of it in real-time to a global audience with the touch of a button. And because the internet is decentralized, when the Prophet-Hero axis tries to shut down one web site, three more sprout up in its place.

Today's Boomer-Millennials cooperative is desperately trying to shove everybody bayonet-first into the new Cultural Marxist values. But for the first time ever, there is a critical mass-- a majority even!-- who have the means to make up their own minds. They are rejecting the new values! The "new values" media is often caught saying the quiet part out loud: "These web sites are not supposed to be telling people how to think: that's our job!"

Now people can do their own research. Is it true that the clot shots are "safe and effective"? Is it true that George Floyd was strangled by a cop and died by suffocation? Is it true that Ukraine is a bastion of freedom, and that Russia is irrational and unprovoked? And on and on. With the internet and smartphones, there is no way the official, phony JFK assassination narrative would have been bought, were such an event to happen today.

I don't think most Leftists understand this generational theory. But on some intuitive, instinctive level they know that things are going "not according to the usual plan" in some way that they can't quite put their fingers on. That's why they are getting increasingly unhinged, desperate, and authoritarian.

"That which can't go on forever, won't." It will be interesting to see what happens over the next five and ten years. Because I suspect this will be looked back on as a "broken" cycle, such as we had during the American Civil War when there were only three archetypes.