The Exigent Duality
The Hokey Pokey - 07:07 CDT, 5/15/21 (Sniper)
I arrived back in Murderapolis for possibly the last time as a denizen of the area-- I'm making my permanent move to the bug out house over this upcoming long "Memorial Day" weekend-- to the very-next-day news that Minnesota's own Dim Tim Walz has gotten rid of the WuFlu Burqa "mandate"!

Of course, the underlying sickness-- no, not the WuFlu, but rather the hysterical mysophobia among "Joe and the Hoe" voters-- is not cured: the only reason the "mandate" was eliminated, was because the CDC's "Wheel of Fortune" dial happened to land on the "Alaska" vacation tile. Tomorrow when the CDC spins it again, it could just as easily land on "Bankrupt".

Because the science, amirite? "Put your right foot in, take your right foot out, put your right foot in, and shake it all about..."

Tomorrow, they could decide that there are "new strains!", and in goes the Burqa mandate once again. At least once I'm permanently relocated, veritably no one follows the "mandates" there anyway, which is one small part of why I'm moving. Hopefully some Millennial will come buy my Murderapolis "fixer-upper" house very quickly.

My only issue will be regarding access to health care, since I've heard that in other states which no longer require Binky the Clown noses, such apparati are still "mandated" in health care settings: you know, chicken wire held up to the face while walking through a cloud of mosquitoes. If I do need to see a doctor, I'll try walking in with no abasement, and will resort to the hilariously terrorist-looking Balaclava as a worst resort.

That said, I found my new rural dentist office, and I just walked right in! No Burqa, no one mentioned it, and I got my teeth cleaned for the first time in a year-and-a-half. Also got into an almost hour long conversation with the hygenist about home schooling: evidently, even the public schools there have been subverted by Communists, so she was picking my brain with the very likely intention of quitting her job, so she can home school her grandkids.

Her grandson, like all young healthy boys, wants to be running around, building stuff, and climbing trees-- so focus is an issue for him. In a traditional school setting, he falls way behind. When she was forced out of work-- Minnesota shut down dental clinics for several months at one point-- she essentially home schooled her grandson, and got him all caught up. Now, after being in the public school again, he's regressed from where she'd left him!

She also said that the schools, even there, have become hopelessly politicized. Subversion! So she's desperate to get her grandchildren out of there.

But back to the WuFlu, did everyone read that there are dozens and dozens of "cases" now-- including the New York Yankees starting lineup-- who are "testing positive" for the WuFlu, even after having had The Holy Jab? How many women have potentially been sterilized, or how many people will develop God-knows-what ten years down the road, for protection against getting a cold, but which isn't even turning out to be that protection anyway?

This is why people need to use their brains.

And just an update on my own status regarding having been infected by the WuFlu: a scant couple of days after the aforelinked post, and I was already one hundred percent over it! On a spectrum of dozens of colds I've had, this one wound up not even being in the top quarter "most annoying". A couple of the symptoms, like a back rash, were strange-- but only stuck around for a few days.

Overall: a nothingburger.

The other funny part about all of this is that normies still don't seem aware that the "PCR tests" are not intended to be used this way-- so, a positive test doesn't even mean you have the WuFlu, while similarly a negative test doesn't mean you don't have it. Someone once gave a "PCR test" to a grapefruit, and it came back positive. In the case of the Yankees and others, it could very well be one of the countless thousands of other endemic coronaviruses that they've got-- but let the Democrat freak-outery commence anyway.

On tap for today: pick up food from my favorite Murderapolis restaurant, wash my car-- got the lawn mowing done last night-- and play some serious "Yakuza: Like a Dragon" on Series X!