The Exigent Duality
New Video Series - 09:10 CDT, 5/01/21 (Sniper)
I've kicked off a new video series, where I'll be playing through some of my favorite games of all time. Check out the BitChute and Rumble links above to see the first game on offer!

The WuFlu Strikes Back

In other news, back when I was a school kid, or when I worked in an actual office, or when my daughter was in school, or myriad other periods of my life, it was almost an annual event that I would pick up either influenza-- especially as a child, one time in particular I was delirious with fever-- or some Coronavirus or another, of which there are probably infinite varieties.

In my working adult life, it would usually take me about a month, or slightly more, to recover from those Coronaviruses, to the point where it was a joke in my house: "Here comes papa's annual sick month!" They tend to linger in my body, which is annoying. Eventually, I would just wake up one day and realize: "Oh, I don't feel sick anymore! Nice!"

These viruses are no big deal: they make you feel a little lethargic, there is a mild fluid buildup in the lungs leading to a cough; sometimes I would get little aches and pains, maybe a very mild fever. Elderly people can certainly die from them, but for everyone else they are annoying-- nothing more.

What people for sure don't do is get shot up with non-FDA approved, never-before-tested-on-human cocktails with totally unclear long-term side effects including potential infertility in women and permanent cell DNA modification, from multi-billion dollar Big Pharma corporations with 100% waived legal liability, promoted by people like Bill Gates, who experiments on children in Africa and who is an active proponent of eugenics to reduce the world's population.

If all of that sounds like the evil plot from a Bond movie, that's because it basically is. Rather, when people catch a cold, they just let their immune system handle it.

But back to the topic at hand: all of my getting sick ceased when I started working from home, and we started home schooling our kids: I went probably three whole years and didn't get sick even once. Glorious! However, a few weeks ago the company who puts on Spacemario's swimming lessons let us know that a kid-- with whom he was face-inches-apart for a half an hour-- had the WuFlu. Yes: they literally called us to say that a kid had a Coronavirus.

Sure enough, Spacemario got sick for about a day, followed by wifey for a few days, followed by... me.

And yes, the WuFlu is exactly what I thought it'd be: it feels precisely like having any other Coronavirus I've ever had-- lethargic, lingering, mild fluid build-up, and so forth. I've felt sick for maybe two weeks now, so given my usual pattern I'll probably feel vaguely ill for another couple.

The only slightly unusual symptoms I've experienced involved a rash on my back-- I've never had one of those from a cold before-- and now fluid buildup in my always-problematic right knee-- the one I messed up while inline skating-- which makes standing slightly uncomfortable. On an "annoying factor" spectrum, I would rate the WuFlu in the top quarter of all Coronaviruses I've had: not even close to the worst, but still enough to make concentrating in work somewhat frustrating.

A nice side benefit has been that I've been sleeping like a baby: best period of sleeping I've had in years! In net, I almost feel better with the WuFlu than without it, because I'm actually rested every day.

Next Plans

Spacemario and I are planning to do a video about some cool solar systems he's discovered. I'm also tinkering with how to get 1080p output from Rumble, which isn't going so well so far, unfortunately. As well, I plan to do a "Super Turbo" 3DO video soon, perhaps even today!

The Addition

One last note: the bug out house addition is back on, for good this time! I've decided that it is the best course of action, when all factors are considered.