The Exigent Duality
The Case for Trump - 15:47 CDT, 11/02/20 (Sniper)
I tell you, the headlines are writing themselves these days.

In all seriousness though, I jotted down some of the accomplishments which Trump had during his first term. These are just off the top of my head, I'm sure there are many more:

  • US with the highest corporate tax rate in OECD for aeons-- then in one term, Trump fixes it. Lo and behold, for the first meaningful time in many years the labor force participation rate reversed trend. What was that about Obama wondering where the "magic wand" was?

  • He managed to slow-down-to-molasses the government's absurd "CAFE" mandates, hopefully buying time for them to be eliminated altogether.

  • Trump got the United States out of the even more absurd "Paris Climate Accords."

  • He put the kibosh on those Faux Trade "deals" like NAFTA and the TPP.

  • For every new regulation his Federal agencies put in place, he instructed them to cut ten.

  • Trump went to war against the racist, sexist anti-Civil Rights Act "Cultural Marxist" movement, defunding government departments if they didn't cease those programs.

  • He majorly espoused law and order principles, both using the bully pulpit to set the direction, but also in offering Federal support to governors and mayors to quell Biden-voting rioters.

  • Trump repeatedly condemned any group, Left or Right wing, which do not judge each individual on the merits of their respective characters. Martin Luther King Jr. would have undoubtedly been a Trump voter.

  • He kept the United States from having any kind of national "lockdown" or face diaper mandate, while simultaneously taking prudent moves-- such as shutting down travel from China-- back when we didn't know much about the WuFlu yet.

  • Trump took major steps towards enforcing the immigration laws on the books, stemming the tide of illegal aliens entering the country. Not only that, but he made substantial progress on the Southern border wall.

  • When Trump took office, North Korea was actively beligerent on a nearly daily basis. When is the last time you've heard them in the news cycle? His relationship with Kim Jong Un got them to almost totally back down.

  • He is making extreme, unprecedented progress towards the Israelis and Arabs having some semblance of peace.

  • Perhaps most importantly, Trump didn't get the country tangled in any new wars.

  • He has been firm with and called out China for their B.S., in a time when it seems like three quarters of the US establishment is "on the take"-- yet he also hasn't instigated an armed conflict with them: once again, prudence.

  • He has stood up to the corrupt media establishment, causing them to have their panties in a bundle on a daily basis.

  • Trump is putting intense pressure on the corrupt social media companies, who have donated tens and tens of millions of dollars to defeat him, and who have created an internet culture of mass censorship, repression, reprisal, and fear.

I know this post may sound like a planted Trump advertisement-- but everything in the above list actually happened. Trump's first term really has been that positive-- and this compliment is coming from me, of all people, who ordinarily despises politicians of all stripes.

I'm still not with him on his Keynesian economics and trillions-dollars deficits, but in terms of operating with the hand dealt him-- including being attacked on virtually all sides, incessantly, from before he even technically took office-- I give him an easy "A", and that's no joke.

Contrast the above list with Creepy Joe's platform... hah! I don't know when was the last time America had such an obviously great choice, in opposition to such a hilariously bad choice.

How anyone could be on the fence about this election, or vote for Creepy Joe, is utterly beyond my comprehension in its irrationality.