The Exigent Duality
Way Behind Per Usual - 16:08 CDT, 8/19/20 (Sniper)
Maybe I shouldn't be biting the hand which feeds me, but my employer-- which has lots of redeeming qualities incidentally, otherwise I wouldn't have worked there for so long-- is pulling this kind of crap too.

What makes the case of my employer even more egregious is that they emphasize that common modern-day Leftist expression, "bring your whole self" to work. Oh, unless you disagree with the CEO, then you can just go to hell: keep that part of you at home.

To the people online are finding this Goodyear leak objectionable: "welcome to my world of the past few years." It's a daily basis thing at my company.

In fact, some worse-than-ever, extra hateful garbage was recently posted on the intranet site-- I wanted to do a blog post about it, but it was also cross-posted on the company's public site, and as always I keep my professional and personal lives separate: I refuse to "dox" the company.

But back to Goodyear: out of the thirty times I've shopped for tires for my various cars, not once has that company had a competitive product in the category. They're the milquetoast, generic "Wonder Bread" mass-market tire maker, who people only drive on because they came with the car, and which the owners ditch at the earliest opportunity.