The Exigent Duality
Generational Leap - 21:31 CST, 7/24/19 (Sniper)
As I promised in my previous post, I've taken and assembled some screenshots from "Metro: Exodus"; click on any of them to get a larger version.

They don't even come close to re-creating the actual experience of watching a character's body casting shadows from the ember glow as he shovels coal, or real-tme reflections off of the water as it ripples, not to mention seeing the whole thing in HDR-- but it's the best I can do. Sitting in front of my actual TV playing, this is as big of a generational leap as we've had in nearly fifteen years.

Pay close attention to the reflections in the framed pictures in the first screenshot: they real-time bounce the light from the opposite window, shifting perspective as you walk around exactly like an actual glass framed picture in real life. It's one thing to marvel at the water, but it's actually the little touches that sometimes impress me more.