The Exigent Duality
First-Ever Job! - 17:27 CST, 7/03/24 (Sniper)
After having interviewed early this week, my fourteen year-old daughter has landed her first-ever job! She has orientation this upcoming Monday. $13 per hour, at a large chain with a reputation for molding and building up mature young people.

It's one of the, if not the, most proud moments I've experienced as a parent. The way she conducted herself on the phone, the way she went into the interview dressed in her nicest clothes with a flower-patterned notepad and copy of her resume for the interviewer, the way in which she said the interview itself went... I couldn't possibly be more proud of the young woman she's becoming. She's going to be a rock star employee for them!

In other news, I haven't been posting much simply because of how busy I've been! Between work, church volunteering, spending time with the wife and kids, plus chiropractor appointments three days per week, I've barely been doing anything else, including playing video games. I do have one review I need to write and post, plus I have a huge backlog of GBA TimeMage reviews he's generously handed to me, and which I also need to post.

I did get a kick out of this Babylon Bee clip, which is made even more interesting when contrasted against the Gears of War "Road to E3" video posted further down in the thread: game development then, versus game development now.

On the subject of "AI", a quote from this article is revealing, bold emphasis is mine:

"...this [generative AI] feature, which does utilize the Snapdragon's NPU for local processing, requires an Internet connection to work. If you try it in airplane mode, it will give you an error message saying so. According to Qualcomm representatives, the reason for the Internet connection requirement is that Microsoft needs to read your prompt and make sure you're not asking for it to create illicit or forbidden images of some kind."

Isn't that interesting! So when Satya Nadella said a few weeks ago, "Oh don't worry about us screenshotting your display buffer every few seconds, because all of the AI processing will happen on your device 'on the edge'", he was lying: in fact, Microsoft feels morally compelled to control what you are generating even on your own device, to the extent that their AI software will phone home for no other purpose than the censor the prompts you are feeding your own computer.

Finally, I was watching this 1995 Computer Chronicles episode the other day, and decided to look up the prices of some of the $180k - $200k homes in the video. For example, how about this dump located on a run-down looking city block for the low, low 2024 price of $1.2 million? I honestly don't know how anyone can even afford to live in Commiefornia anymore, and that's a serious question!