The Exigent Duality
Regression - 18:44 CST, 6/14/24 (Sniper)
It looks like I need to put Activision up there with Microsoft and Google as top-tier evil companies. "AI voice chat moderation to enforce DIE compliance with players"? "Tracks an 'inclusion score' for every employee"? Holy Moses. Of course, I haven't bought a product of theirs in forever anyhow-- I associate them in my mind more with "Pitfall" on the Atari VCS than anything else.

Speaking of companies, large Lazio protests against Lotito. I've always defended him, but the worrying thing is that for the first time in his entire ownership of the club, we've regressed. And speaking of regression, my back has been getting worse and worse, to the point where at my annual physical this week I asked if they could take x-rays-- turns out I have scoliosis! I found a chiropractor near me which specializes in it-- I will call them on Monday. It's probably a degenerative condition I'll have my whole life-- but with a proper approach, I can stall it to a large degree.

In ongoing news, I've also been hugely involved with my church, to the point where now sometimes I'm having multiple consecutive nights of meetings for different things. I'm currently focusing on modernizing the IT approach; lots of people will meet and take notes on paper, but there is no shared calendar and nowhere to put notes where anyone else can read them-- so efforts are being duplicated, and key people are being left out of meetings since they don't even know those meetings are occurring!