The Exigent Duality
The Drop - 18:01 CST, 6/07/24 (Sniper)
This could be B.S. obviously, but it would make a lot of sense. They're a generation behind so they haven't seen it yet-- but inevitably, Nintendo is going to get hit with the 4K game budgets as well; they could arrive at the same conclusion as everyone else: "Better spread my software to the widest possible player base." And maybe that is why they've been going so hard after emulation lately? And it would hook them in to the live service player base, in a way their hardware can't, or at least hasn't so far.

In other news, I wonder if, when Bob Vieira wrote this song back circa 1994, he'd imagine it being in a remake in 2024? When I saw the headline, I said to myself "Naaaah, it can't be that Killing Time"-- but sure enough. Of course, a big draw for that game is watching the 3DO hardware in action, pushed to its max-- a remake will lose that, naturally. But it's a really good game in its own right, and the high resolution sprites look very true to their source material. I wonder if the game will become too easy, played at 120 fps versus sub-10 like it is much of the time?

Finally, I'm seriously worried about Lazio next season: we're buying players and signing coaches from relegation teams-- what will that make us? I would not be surprised if we finished fifteenth, and it was like the 2004 and 2005 seasons where we were mere points from the drop.