The Exigent Duality
No Difference Makers - 06:55 CST, 5/31/24 (Sniper)
It's alarming interacting with people for whom a given action needs to be "contextualized" based on who the action was committed against.

For example, it's wrong to steal from a "good person", but it's good to steal from a "bad person". Meanwhile, a "good person" is someone who agrees with their political ideology, while a "bad person" is someone who disagrees with their political ideology. In other words, theft, murder, or rape are moral goods when done to political opponents-- in fact, the political opponents "did it to themselves" by being "bad people". It's all about "context".

In other news, this is a scary time to be a Lazio supporter-- I'm absolutely unclear on how our team is not going to be fighting relegation next season. Nothing against individuals like Tchaouna or Cancellieri, who are very promising youngsters-- but our team next season looks like it's going to be composed of players which came from bottom teams the prior season: in other words, the squad will look more like a Lecce team than a Lazio one.

I know Daichi Kamada was being a pain in the rear, and I'm not sure we want high strung players like him in future squads anyway, nor would I have agreed to his totally unreasonable release clause demands-- but after having lost Lucas Leiva and Ciro to age, plus Sergej, Alberto, and Anderson to departure, with Kamada now gone and Guendouzi with one foot out the door, that's a lot of "difference making" quality gone in just a few years.

Where is the top-line quality in this side now? Frankly, how are we any better on paper than Sassuolo, who just went down? They also had a lot of promising youngsters-- but their top-line quality player, Berardi, got hurt and everything fell apart.

Footballers are expensive, but I think we need to get creative. Maybe we can loan a couple of really top-drawer players for reasonable sums? And I'm talking household name-style players, who are stars for their national teams.

I know the transfer period has only just begun, but the team had better be serious. In fairness, we still have the best crop of defenders we've ever had in the Lotito era: Gila, Romagnoli, Casale, Patric, and Provedel in goal-- so that's a feather in our cap. But I also have major questions about Tudor, who seems to have a zero percent emphasis on tactics, and who is a "bull in a china shop" personality-wise-- surely we can find a better manager?

Last time we were in this major kind of rebuilding mode was back when I started watching the team in the 04-06 seasons, two straight seasons where we finished basically where Udinese did this past time around. Next season could be pretty frightening if the club doesn't make some major moves.