The Exigent Duality
Missing Solution - 19:16 CST, 5/23/24 (Sniper)
As the video game industry continues to implode, it would be fun to make a low-priced, low-spec machine and get all of the disenchanted and disenfranchised game developers on board, to make low-budget, pure fun original titles. Then, sell them on small ROM cartridges with clamshell cases and color manuals.

The closest thing to what I have in mind is the Evercade-- but the issue I have with their ecosystem is that the "games" are these weird collections of emulated titles from eons ago: they rarely have the specific games I want, and when they do it's not the version of the game I'd prefer. I actually own one of these Evercade handhelds with a few of the collections, and every time I try to play it I walk away disappointed after a few minutes.

If you can stomach the ultra wokeness of their website, with androgynous black bipedal lifeform entities, the Atari VCS is another product which in theory could be vaguely interesting-- but it's way too expensive, and it's all-digital: why wouldn't I just run Steam on my PC if I wanted a digital marketplace, which has-- I'm sure-- a thousand times more games from which to choose? I just don't get for whom this product is made. At least it has some original titles on it, unlike the Evercade.

It would be nice to mash the two systems together. Maybe Atari can do it; they just bought up all of the Intellivision trademarks and copyrights.