The Exigent Duality
Other Shoe? - 17:52 CST, 5/22/24 (Sniper)
Here is what game development teams looked like back when things were one hundred percent meritocratic. Notice any patterns? And these teams made some of the most mind-blowing games of all time. But I thought "diversity was our strength"? Evidently it's exactly the opposite, who would have guessed.

On a somewhat related note, it seems as though gamers are getting dumber, as there is a profound drop in how much strategy people want in their games. Cross-reference this with dropping IQ and standardized test scores, and it starts to paint a picture. This is a sad one for me personally, as I rated in my gamer profile a 95% interest in "Mastery", 96% of which was rooted in "Strategy". As games have become more and more cinematic, there has become less and less "gaminess" to them, which manifests as requiring less and less strategic thinking.

I feel bad for people like this, having their favorite forms of entertainment stolen from them one-by-one. I can relate, but for different reasons. In 2020 we had the new consoles come out, "Flight Simulator" was released, "Fuze" had just come out on Switch... but ever since then, it's been a real struggle for me to find anything interesting to do with my time. For me it's been less about the usurpation of Cultural Marxism in art, and more with a radical drop in the talent levels of people who make games. Whenever I think gaming and technology can't get any worse, it manages to find a way.

Everything I've always liked is either dead, close to death, or violently imploding right before my eyes.

I read today that future versions of Windows are going to take screenshots of your display buffer every few seconds. How in the world can anyone, even my workplace, ask me to use Winbloze in that kind of timeline? The only thing they talk about at developer conferences now is "AI", which not only do I have negative interest in, but would be illegal if I had my druthers. It's really tough to stay motivated as a technologist when everything is moving in the least interesting, most evil direction. I really want no part of it.

I guess the one positive thing is that this Apple Watch has gotten me to exercise even more than I did before. Silver lining?