The Exigent Duality
Taking Aim - 16:11 CST, 5/18/24 (Sniper)
We bought my daughter a used compound bow yesterday! Here she was just a bit ago, lining up her very first shot:

We set up a bag target in the lawn, on top of a make-shift stand. While she missed the bag a few times, she also wound up with a super tight cluster right dead in the middle, to the point where she almost fired through the same hole multiple times. She kept backing up and backing up with each shot, and her accuracy was barely suffering! She's trying to build up her arm strength-- I told her if she keeps up practice all summer, it'll be much easier for her to pull the string back.

I held it with the intention of attempting a shot, but she is left eye dominant-- when I would line up the peep sight with my left eye, everything would shift multiple inches; through my right eye, the sights were off by like three inches! No way I could hit the broad side of a barn firing left-handed like that! So I abandoned the attempt.

My kids also got their new tablets last week. My daughter got the M4 iPad Pro, with the new Pencil Pro, and the new Magic Keyboard. The intention is that it will be her exclusive computing device, replacing her PC altogether. She loves it! The dual-OLED screen setup is so vibrant and large, it feels like you're falling into it. For my son, we upgraded an ancient entry-level Amazon Kindle for the new, smaller M2 iPad Air-- that is also a phenomenal device.

Meanwhile, I've been wearing an Apple Watch Series 9 for the past several days. I bought it for wifey for Mother's Day, not realizing it literally required an iPhone. I decided to evaluate it myself-- if it turned out to be a gimmick, I'd return it to the Apple Store; conversely, if it would up being cool, I'd keep it and switch the wife over to an iPhone.

Turns out it's a wonderful device. It's gotten me to exercise much more each day, because I'm hooked on closing up the little colored rings. I've also been tracking my sleep with it, it's fascinating to see how much deep and REM sleep I get, along with my average respiration numbers. In fact, it's confirmed to me that my sleep issues are purely psychological: I have totally normal breathing, my oxygen levels are just fine-- but I think anxiousness is causing me to not get quite enough deep sleep past the first hour or so; that pattern shows up consistently on my charts. Maybe for my Birthday in October I'll buy myself my own Apple Watch.

In gaming news, I've been playing a lot of the original "Baldur's Gate" on Switch. I completely get why that game is so iconic. Today I swapped out "Crazy Eyes" and his nutty companion for Minsc and Branwen. I was kind of sad to see "your voice is ambrosia!" go, but this party configuration will carry me through the whole game:

  • Leader: Jaheira (Fighter / Druid)
  • Tank: Khalid (Fighter)
  • Fighter: Minsc (Ranger)
  • Medic: Branwen (Cleric)
  • Magic: Sniper (Sorcerer)
  • Ranged: Imoen (Thief / Mage)

I'm hoping just my player character is enough magic use for the party for awhile-- it's recommended that Imoen be dual-classed at thief level 6, but she's only at level 2 right now: long way to go. I just got to the Nashkel Mines, I've been taking my time doing all side quests to the maximum of my party's level so far. We'll see how things go. If I can build up more cash I can buy some of the "+1" weapons-- or even better, maybe I can get some cool loot in the mines.

I've also been playing "Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth" on PlayStation 5. As much as I like the characters, the older and older I get the less I can tolerate games with lots of cut-scenes-- I just want to play. And this side of Hideo Kojima, "Infinite Wealth" is probably the slowest paced game I've ever played-- it's almost unbearable.