The Exigent Duality
Esoteric - 18:14 CST, 5/04/24 (Sniper)
It's interesting to listen to someone who was hardcore into the "Fallout" game series, and who then watched the TV show. I guess it'd be like them making a show based on "Star Control 2"-- I'm not much of a television series guy, but I wouldn't be able to resist checking it out.

Unfortunately, this "Fallout" series looks like it's filled with Satanic and Freemason imagery-- yuck. Beyond that, I bought a DVD collection of the first two games right before "Oblivion with Guns" hit on Windows, and I couldn't get into them at all. I have that problem with pre-2000 Western RPGs-- and some older Western adventure games too-- in general: they are almost impenetrable, and even once you wrap your mind around the mechanics, they just aren't paced or designed very well.

I remember when I was maybe seven or eight years old, and I was at my friend's house-- one of his cousins kept going on and on about everything he memorized in "Shadowgate": "Then you do this, but don't do that or you'll die, but then do this other thing, and then, and then..." It's like when I tried so hard to love "Might & Magic III" on the PC Engine-- what a mess. So that's where I disagree with "VG Esoterica"-- I would not recommend Western PC games of that era to just about anyone, and that even includes my beloved "Star Control 2": I think they are "you had to be there" experiences.

All of that said, I did start the enhanced version of "Baldur's Gate" on Switch yesterday, and I'm faring a little better in that one due to the over hour-long tutorial these newer versions ship with-- I would be totally lost without that. It seems like a so-so title thus far, from a design perspective. I kind of dig the aesthetic, which reminds me of the original "Diablo". But overall, I am much more of a fan of older stuff from Japan: games like "Shining in the Darkness" or "Snatcher" take the best mechanics from their Western inspirations, marry them to amazing aesthetics, and streamline them into something easier to chew.

On a non-games front, tomorrow I give my church speech for the second time. The bummer part is that I'm sick-- dizzy and a sore throat-- and I also pulled a muscle in my lower back pretty badly, just a couple of days ago.