The Exigent Duality
New Reviews - 09:39 CST, 4/29/24 (Sniper)
I've been having a lot of fun reviewing games lately, make sure to check out the most recent reviews here.

The most interesting one has probably been "F-Zero" on the Super NES. I had literally never even played the game myself until a handful of days ago, but I got hooked on replaying the "GP Mode" over and over, continuously improving the lap times I'm storing in my save state. Anyone who has a good emulator or a "Switch Online" membership-- which is where I've been playing-- should definitely check it out.

Next up on the docket is-- finally!-- "Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth" on PlayStation 5, along with the enhanced version of the original "Baldur's Gate" on Switch. My sister-in-law got "Baldur's Gate 3" on the Series X and loves it, so that has nudged playing at least a little of the first two titles up on my list.

Other than that, the guy who won the "Pastoral Council" position declined, so I have to re-deliver my speech this upcoming Sunday for a "run-off election", so-to-speak. I'm also working on getting my marriage blessed within the church. I've really been working hard on "only worry about things today, not several days down the road." I think it's helping, but nonetheless my anxiety levels have been quite high.