The Exigent Duality
Turn-Around - 05:40 CST, 3/20/24 (Sniper)
I'm not a fan of this "Matt Walsh" guy even remotely-- the definition of "controlled opposition", to put it mildly-- but it's still pleasant to see the "woke" issues in video games brought to a wider, Right-wing audience. It's also interesting hearing outsider "normie" opinions about the medium: yes, the stories are generally that bad, with some exceptions, mostly out of Japan and China.

The good part is that we're winning! Slowly, the "wokeness" is retreating not just from games, but from all aspects of life. I'm sure we'll be stuck with a subset of Cultural Marxist values for this upcoming eighty-odd year cycle-- but that subset is going to make up a smaller portion of the new values regime than I'd been thinking. Here are some links illustrating just a small number of victories:

  • Hertz bought a bunch of "EeeVees" and it was such a disaster that the CEO resigned. The "EeeVee" thing is the "canary in the coal mine" for all of the WEF, Blackrock initiatives: they literally can't work in the real world, so they are falling like decks of cards.

  • Porche has reversed on its prior decision to go all-in on "EeeVees". I was happy about this because of how iconic their cars are traditionally-- I would not like to lose that.

  • Philadelphia is undoing a lot of their "abolish the police!" Fentanyl Floyd-era garbage. I've been seeing this movement in a lot of articles around the country lately.

  • Diversity hires are the first ones being let go in video game layoffs.

  • Japanese developers are pushing back against Western political activist localizers. "ESG" has started to creep into Japan, but it's looking like the phase will be extremely short-lived.

In AI news, for the life of me I can't understand this: to this engineer I would ask, why would you write your own replacement? One of the first posts is a quote from "Jurassic Park": "Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn't stop to think if they should."

In gaming news, I bought a brand new, sealed PSVR2 "Horizon" bundle off of eBay for over a hundred bucks off retail-- the unit came in yesterday and it's wonderful so far! Yes, this "Horizon" game has those greasy "Sweet Baby" fingerprints on its character designs, but it's still a really cool game from what I can tell in the early going. My son bought the VR "Cities: Skylines" game, which we haven't tried yet, and I also purchased the kayak title, which I'll fire up in the coming days

I also bought the latest "FIFA"-- the nonsensically-named "EA Sports FC 24"-- for ten bucks on sale. The gameplay is kind of rubbish-- expect a full review from me soon-- but with "Pro Evo" having been killed off by Konami a couple of years ago, I was really hankering for a football game, and this has been scratching the itch.

Overall, I'm all-in on Sony at this point. The "PS5 Pro" specs came out, and I am absolutely buying that on launch day, if I can get one-- it's going to be almost as fast as my PC in terms of final output frames, I reckon!

Finally, the wife is having her RCIA-related rites of Confirmation and First Communion on Easter Sunday-- a Mass during which I am also Sacristan. What a great blessing to have wifey entering the Church! I've gone back on Abilify, and I've found that it gets rid of my cyclical rumination about everything-- so despite not sleeping much, I've had such a positive attitude lately. I was also nominated to be on the council for our local three-parish "ACC", so I'll be giving a brief speech in April to see if I get elected.

God is great!