The Exigent Duality
Actions - 14:50 CST, 2/23/24 (Sniper)
Very rarely do I read a games-related article and think it insightful and well-written-- yet here is an example. The author nails it: dedicated game boxes need to offer something unique to their nature for the console market to grow-- just being an OEM PC won't cut it. His optimism is appreciated, in that he recognizes the current lull in innovation as just being part of a cycle, and he cautiously suspects that the dedicated game box makers will find ways to bring the world new ideas in the future.

On a less optimistic note, there is this thread in which it's recognized that "Super Mario Bros." and "Super Mario 64" are only separated by eleven years. Others point out even more incredible examples: "Super Metroid" and "Metroid Prime" were only released eight years apart, while "Wind Waker" was only four years removed from "Ocarina of Time"! On a related theme, here is the NFL itself advertising eight NFL games in a single year!

My, how the industry has fallen. The fact it's even referred to as an "industry" in the first place is emblematic of the problem. The more giant megacorporations dominate world affairs, the less creativity the goy are going to get for their entertainment.

Changing subjects a bit, here is a fascinating video. Before I arrive at the main point: the developer is apparently black-- or mulatto?-- and at age twenty-seven, speaks in the same sort of vernacular as my thirteen year-old. Just observations from a man who observes.

In any event, remember when Microsoft had "BLM" garbage all over their tech documentation when Fentany Floyd overdosed? Remember their "I'm a woman wearing a red dress and black shoes and go by 'she' and 'her'", with the now-obligatory rapid-gesticulating sign language person nearby for the probably non-existent deaf people watching? You know how Microsoft's website is filled with ESG nonsense, all of their ads have disproportionate amounts of black people in them? Indeed, Microsoft is perhaps the world's greatest virtue-signaling corporation of all time, or at least close.

When rubber meets the road though, they treat their employees like slave labor, cutting them loose the day before the company is required to provide them benefits. Whatever happened to "healthcare is a right" anyway?

Finally, there is this video which clearly illustrates how our atheist liberal Jew technocrat overlords are trying to erase European white people-- i.e., most likely the descendants of the twelve tribes of Israel-- from history. This might seem like laughs now, but wait until they start using these "AI" systems for hiring practices, or for sentencing within the court system.