The Exigent Duality
Null Motion Vector - 18:28 CST, 2/13/24 (Sniper)
I really enjoyed this interview with Vladimir Putin-- I found myself nodding along through essentially the entire thing, it's difficult to disagree with much of anything he said: he seems like the level-headed, rational, intellectual kind of thinker I enjoy. Not too many people can recite hundreds of years' worth of history off the top of their head, then use those patterns to inform strategic decisions today-- but he's certainly one of them.

And I think that's part of why the Globohomos are so upset by the interview. Of course, he's pulling back the curtain on their shenanigans-- but just as big of an issue is that the contrast he paints with them is not very flattering. The only two pieces of history Western "leaders" know are American slavery and Hitler. So it was to no one's surprise that after the interview went live, during which Putin confirmed that blithering moron Boris Johnson was indeed the one who killed the peace deal, the latter called Putin-- who else-- Hitler! Haha.

Some other assorted notes I took while listening to the interview:

  • Around the ten minute mark, an aide hands Tucker copies of hundreds-of-years-old documents corroborating Putin's historical claims, after which the latter says, "You can translate them into English later"-- as if Tucker is going to sit down at his writing table, fresh candle and quill-in-hand, and translate some Cyrillic for fun. Putin is anachronistic-- like a figure from centuries ago, long before world leaders became buffoonish caricatures.

  • Putin doesn't mention my likely ancestor-- Severyn Nalyvaiko-- by name, but he does discuss the context of the broader conflict with the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. I found this part of the discussion interesting.

  • Right around the 1:02:40 mark, Tucker asked why Putin hasn't called Biden. "What would we talk about? It's very simple, stop sending Ukraine weapons." To build on that, I'm not even sure who he would call: Biden wanders around naked at night not knowing where he is. He doesn't even change his own diaper. The US Federal apparatus is some kind of headless monster-- it's not clear who is even making the decisions.

  • Around the 1:17:00 mark, Putin makes a wonderful analogy involving the brain: if its two hemispheres were split apart, it would be a serious disease-- it's the same thing with the Earth's hemispheres. This, by the by, came in response to Tucker being caught-- not for the first time in the interview-- coming at things from a "bi-polar", "us versus them" kind of "US centric" way of thinking. Putin gently called him out with this metaphor.

  • At somewhere near the 1:20:00 mark, Putin discusses the US government weaponizing its own currency and printing a gazillion dollars, and how they cut off their own noses: it totally backfired, as anyone with half a brain knew it would.

  • He spends a lot of time talking about how you can either live in denial, or get with the program: what about when Indonesia is one of the world's biggest economies, they have 270 million people-- is the US going to use violence and antagonism against them too, like they do with China? Or will they engage in mutually-lucrative trade, like Russia is doing?

  • He echoes my opinion that AI should be subjected to the same kind of rules, the same way nuclear weapons are viewed, needs international agreements.

  • Finally, the big daddy quote of the entire interview: he thinks the West wants to divide up Russia into quasi-states, which can then be subdued individually for a future conflict with China. This was very depressing for me to hear, because I knew it was true as soon as he said it: I had to pause the video to reflect and digest the concept. Can you imagine the human suffering such a path would cause? And the Western leaders are dumb enough to try it.

In summary, Putin's intellectualism was almost jarring given what I hear from the Globohomo braintrust every day.

Random Tidbits

I thought the video in this post was eye-opening. In skimming the comments, it sounds like what-wound-up-being the final king was a Western plant who was so intentionally awful, that it opened the door for the theocrats to take over. Incidentally, the song is really cool: it's a very complex composition with lots of different parts, key changes, has some fun with tempo, and so forth. I've always thought Iranian women are very pretty, and the men are extremely masculine looking-- just to look at their football team.

There seems to be this window, where pluralistic-style societies produce beautiful freedom and culture. But then, because they are tolerant and pluralistic, they rapidly get consumed and exploited, then turned into autocratic hellscapes.

On a totally unrelated note, check out the video interview with Daichi Kamada embedded in this article-- his answer when asked about Mauricio Sarri is hilarious! "Oh, uh... my opinion? *buying time, long pause, puffs out cheeks...* It's, uh, difficult to find something to say..." It makes me wonder how many Lazio players would give a similar response-- at least half, I wager.

Finally, I wonder if the game "Helldivers 2" is a Western psy-op-- an Operation Mockingbird-esque creation? The advertising asks the player if they are willing to "die for democracy". Then observe the term here: "Managed Democracy"? "Managed"... sort of like the "Democratic People's Republic of Korea"?

To Nowhere

This is such a strange time to be alive. Throughout my life up until a few years ago, it felt like there was movement-- that there was a motion vector: a velocity, and a direction.

In 2024? I have no idea where anything is going. In fact, it feels like it's going nowhere-- or perhaps better described, everywhere at once. Like an asteroid which got blasted into five zillion little parts, one zipping that way, another one zooming the other way, some colliding... entropy.

It's like there is no future: only chaos, and then oblivion.

I don't know where I'm going, personally: I'm totally miserable, just whiling away the days pointlessly until Jesus comes to claim me, I get vaporized by a nuke, or both; everything I do feels trite and silly-- because it's not part of any larger picture or motivation.

I don't know where my family is going-- we moved into the boonies just to keep our kids safe, not because it was some exciting "next step" in our lives-- it feels more regressive than anything, having to share a house with my in-laws; I don't know where Minnesota is going, except off a cliff; I don't know where the United States is going, except also off a cliff; I don't know where the world is going.

Everywhere I look, I see cascading systemic failures. Institutions are falling apart at the seams after having been strip-mined for decades, the whole world sold down the river so the borderline-trillionaires could make more billions. Everything is depressing, made out of plastic, cheap and artificial.

I see an absolutely dead culture, bereft of any semblance of creativity or authenticity, dominated by giant corporations, where "Hey, excited for that new video game? It's a re-make of a game from forty years ago!" is the high mark of entertainment. "Vacuous" doesn't even begin to describe it. I miss those days when cool new movies were coming out, when my favorite TV show would air every Wednesday evening or whenever.

Yes, I'm depressed-- but it's not "chemical" or random: there's nothing objectively to look forward to on this Earth! I'm thankful the suffering isn't overt-- people aren't starving to death, generally. And of course I'm looking forward to joining our Heavenly Father some day-- but in the meanwhile, the world today is tortuously surreal, almost impossible to feel a part of, it's so inauthentic and hollow.

It's like the whole planet is caught in a snow globe-- a giant stasis field, or stuck in amber. Without a direction, there is no hope-- that's an axiom. Hope for what, if there is no direction? And that is a huge struggle for me today.

I daren't leave my career, with all of the uncertainty in the world; I can't move, because I made an agreement with my in-laws; there's nothing to do, so I just pray, talk to Jesus, pointlessly fire up an emulator once in awhile to play a game from my childhood simply to waste time and to not be left alone with my thoughts, read scripture a little.

Right now, I'm waiting for something to happen-- some kind of motive force, which will propel life in some new direction. And I think it's coming soon-- although no one is probably going to like the outcome.