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Phantasy Star Hint Guide - 09:03 CST, 2/09/24 (Sniper)
The Retro Gamer on Gab recommended me to this fellow, Popixel, who made his own hand-crafted hint guide for "Phantasy Star", and who sells professionally-grade printed versions of it. Check this out!

I've owned dozens of hint guides in my life, and this is the nicest one I've ever had, by a mile: it's filled with wonderful, hand-drawn illustrations; the paper quality is glossy and shiny, making the colors pop; it has not just a full walkthrough with maps, but a section detailing the history of the series, a full bestiary, and even an index; the attention to detail is incredible, such as the "flip-book"-style sprite animations on the page corners.

"Phantasy Star II" is in my top ten games of all time-- yet somehow I'd gone over forty years of living without ever having played the original! I bought the "Sega Ages" version of the title for Switch, and this guide has been the perfect companion to getting me through the game's more esoteric moments.

As I do with everything I play, I'll post a full review of the game to the 'Wharf once I'm done with it. In the meanwhile, anyone who wants their own copy of this guide can reach out to "The Retro Gamer" for contact information.