The Exigent Duality
All Dead Ends - 18:43 CST, 10/30/23 (Sniper)
I saw a thread on a gaming forum recently where people were asked to name "The Three", and the first thoughts which came to mind. Here is my take:

  • Sony: Woke Hollywood walking simulators.

  • Microsoft: Woke and broken software.

  • Nintendo: Lousy hardware, shamelessly milking cash cows.

On that note, take a look at this list of the stuff Sony is currently working on. See anything interesting? I sure don't. It reminds me of when Microsoft went off the rails with their software development several years ago-- eerily reminiscent, in fact.

On the Nintendo side, they were on a tear during the early Wii U years, but I'm struggling to think of a game they've released over the past three or four years which has particularly impressed me. More and more rumors seem to hint that, as I've suspected all along but have hoped I'll be wrong, the "Switch 2" is going to be anything but. They never do the same thing twice, and it looks like that pattern will continue.

With Atari, Sega, and 3DO all dead, I've been a nomad since the Dreamcast's death-- but whether it was the Xbox or the PSP or the 360 or the Wii U, I've tended to find someplace within the medium to make do. Now it's not so clear-- there doesn't seem to be any viable path forward.

Meanwhile PC can be microcosm'd by "Cities: Skylines II": sitting in the menu with nothing happening, the game pegs my son's GPU at one hundred percent utilization: modern game programmers no longer have any clue how to write properly-functioning software. I've also heard that Microsoft is going to make Winbloze 12 subscription-based-- so that will formally be the end of the PC as a platform.

Maybe Apple will step in and salvage things. Or the End Times.