The Exigent Duality
Day Off - 09:04 CST, 9/04/23 (Sniper)
Nice to have a day off; "Labor Day", in the United States.

It's a shame speed limits exist. I had somewhere to be a couple of days ago. It was in the morning. I was staring down a seemingly endless highway, under perfect weather conditions, with clear visibility on the sides of the road, with not a single other car anywhere, as the rest of the world slept. Why can't I just go 120 mph and get where I'm going?

Speed limits were designed way back when cars had a fraction of the horsepower, maneuverability, and stopping power of cars today. Going 60 mph on a highway is crawling in a modern vehicle. Besides that, without speed limits people will still regulate their speed because they don't want to die-- they'll just use common sense. As for the one percent who will be reckless, they already ignore the speed limits.

Oh well.

I really enjoyed Kris Asick's commentary at the end of this video. I frequently feel bad for him: he's unemployable due to what I see as pretty severe Autism; he shares what is probably a tiny apartment with his father, who is also disabled as I understand it; and because of his vulnerability, he's adopted a hard case of Leftism, despite being a Gen X'er like me. His videos are great: no one else online like him, that I've ever found.

At the very beginning of this video, Vee talks about "Baldur's Gate 3". I'm interested in trying the game at some point, but a lot of the stuff he discusses would drive me crazy. Besides, I'd want to play at least part-way through the first two games, like I did prior to "Morrowind" coming out, prior to "Fallout 3" releasing, and on a few other occasions too. When I was 16, one of my fellow IT guys had the map from the just-released first title on his cube wall. I had recorded my boss's car in the also brand-new "Gran Turismo" on PSX, and he refused to watch it: "Nope! Too much video game stuff in the office already!", all because of that dude's map.

On another note, the message couldn't be any more clear here: cross the Establishment, and you're screwed. This particular dude was walking right past police officers, probably even chatting with them in a friendly way, and who made no attempt to stop him. Like the shaman guy, who was being escorted by the police and got in big trouble.

Finally, Lotito was trying to sign Manchester United exile Mason Greenwood at the very end of the mercato. People on various Lazio forums were objecting, not because of the player's potential character or what he may have done-- but rather because other people would say mean things on Twatter about the club. "That's the last thing we need, another reason for them to call us names!" That's the strength of the tribal instinct in most humans: getting ostracized is such a huge deal to them that they'll do almost anything to avoid it.