The Exigent Duality
Evo 2023 - 15:42 CST, 8/11/23 (Sniper)
I really enjoyed this, it was spectacular! I've been playing "Street Fighter 6" a lot myself lately-- you can read my review here-- so the mechanics are fresh in my mind. Given that, it was easy for me to both understand what the players were doing, and also appreciate the positively world class levels of performance. The title has some peripheral issues-- that poor band, having to do live performances of that dreadful "music" during the tournament!-- but the core game engine is a beauty, and really shines in the hands of top-level players like these.

I was particularly impressed with Mena, and how he handled pressure. The guy played a zillion rounds up through the top six loser's bracket, and came back over and over again from "match point" situations. Between games, he'd calmly pull out his phone, swipe through a few notes, then pick a character. To be able to switch characters mid-competition and be elite with more than one was very impressive. But alas, I could tell he started to get fatigued at the end of the grand final: it was like watching an unlikely sports team making a miracle run through the playoffs-- they almost are never able to fully close the deal.

Busy Schedule

This weekend I'm helping my son finish up his space 4H project. I'll post some pictures once we're done affixing everything to the board itself. Then over the next several days I have to mow my entire property, plus do all of the weed trimming for the church cemetary, all in preparation for this next weekend: we're having this massive outdoor Mass where we're expecting a thousand people. That same weekend the kiddos are having a bunch of friends up from the Twin Cities-- simultaneously, we're probably taking on a sixth cat, in the form of a stray kitten a co-worker took home but can't keep due to allergies. If we do take it, we're going to name if "Neferpitou", after the "Hunter x Hunter" chimera ant.

Lazio This Season

This could wind up being Lazio's "final form" for this season, if the current negotiations all play out as intended. It's a solid team: two decent options at every position, provided we can sell Basic plus Marcos Antonio and get one more good midfield player.

FW: Zaccagni / Pedro -- Ciro / Taty Castellanos -- Anderson / Gustav Isaksen

MF: Alberto / ? -- Cataldi / Nicolo Rovella -- Daichi Kamada / Vecino

DF: Hysaj / Pellegrini -- Romagnoli / Patric -- Casale / Gila -- Marusic / Lazzari

GK: Provedel / Lloris