The Exigent Duality
Not Yet Anyway - 18:02 CST, 8/04/23 (Sniper)
Every day that I tell myself "I'm giving my muscles a day off to relax", I inevitably find myself doing my full weight routine anyway. It's an irresistible siren song! I put on some "Galneryus", and off I go.

Remember years ago, when Lauren Southern did that South Africa documentary, and she interviewed that government dude? "Oh, no no no no, we're not calling for the confiscation of property, no no no. That would be illegal! We would neeeever do anything illegal! No no no no, we follow all of the laws! Buuuut... if we were to make new laws requiring the confiscation of property, we would of course need to follow those laws!"

This clip is from the exact same vein, except even more hilarious-- it's out of a "Saturday Night Live" skit or something! "Crybabies!! Crybabies! I'm not calling for the killing of white people! I'm not! ... not yet anyway!" I'm dying from laughter, how can this even be real?

On to more social commentary, this is brilliant from Vee. Every person I follow has "their thing", and for the past four or five years, Vee has been my "go to" guy for Cultural Marxism, and understanding the Leftist religion. What I think prompted this explanation on his part was his purchase of "Baldur's Gate 3"-- which looks like a total cluster, incidentally-- and specifically the character creator within that game.

I took some time today to hook my PC up to the new LG C3. Of course being PC, I had to try three different HDMI cables, and I had to drag an old 1080p monitor out just to flip settings, before I could get the TV to recognize the signal-- versus my PS5, which I plugged in and it instantly worked perfectly. But once I did get the signal going and was able to set the Nvidia settings to 10-bit color, with HDR enabled, and set to 120 Hz, things looked impressive.

In 2016 I went from a 2006-vintage rear-projection SXRD set, to a 4K HDR TV. That upgrade was stratospheric. Going from that TV to this new OLED is nowhere near that kind of a leap-- it's diminishing returns, for sure. The improvements:

  • Better colors: They "pop" more on this TV than my last one.
  • Better uniformity: Being a backlit LED LCD panel, you could see the "FALD" zones on my previous TV. With OLED each pixel emits its own light, so the consistency is 100% across the entire panel.
  • Superior motion clarity: It's still nowhere near my CRT, but my old TV was a smeary mess when you would rotate the camera in a game. This TV is a big upgrade.

Everything else is more or less the same. This new TV is brighter when maxed out, but the old one also hurt my eyes when I'd crank it way up, so I have them both turned down from maximum anyway. Both TVs produce wonderful contrast. The 4K resolution on both is pristine. When watching anime, my daughter said she couldn't even tell it was a new TV. There is no question the new TV is superior, but again, it's very much into diminishing returns territory.

I did play "PrBoom+ RT" at 120 fps, and there again it is diminishing returns. I could tell the game was a little silkier, but not anything I'd probably notice if it wasn't pointed out to me. It is funny moving the mouse cursor on the desktop at 120 Hz though, it looks strange moving that smoothly.