The Exigent Duality
World Needs a Reboot - 15:55 CST, 5/04/23 (Sniper)
I keep listening to new albums via Apple Music. Today it's Symphony X's "V: The New Mythology Suite". They are sort of a one-trick pony as a band, but the trick is pretty good in this one.

Patience Required?

This reminds me of when the Cultural Marxism stuff started coming through several years ago, and just how nutty it was and is. Now it's apparently expanding, where people are blinding themselves or chopping off their nutsacks because they "identify" as crippled or as eunuchs.

The saving grace of the Woke movement is that hardly any of its members reproduce; in theory the genetic propensity to fall for this kind of Twilight Zone nonsense will breed itself out of the population. Unfortunately, the two generations indoctrinated in the ideology are very young: how much damage will they do over the ensuing decades until they pass from old age or from WuFlu booster shot number sixty seven?

Of course, we might not even be waiting that long: we could legitimately be in The End Times right now. I'm not an expert in those scriptural prophecies, but I know people who are, who are reasonably convinced we're close to the end of the road. 2033 would mark the two thousandth anniversary since Christ's Resurrection: there is an interesting symmetry there. Minimally, things will settle into some new equilibrium for the new First Turning. Unfortunately, "equilibrium" could be "New Soviet Union."

How Can It Get Worse?

On that very note, it's frightening listening to young people talk: "January 6th" protesters are being beaten in gulags without due process, while the Hair Sniffer In Chief went up on a Darth Vader black and blood red stage pronouncing that white people are terrorists-- and the young folks want a more "progressive" candidate? Lenin's corpse is still viable, maybe they can reanimate his brain too?

"No Justice No Peace", where "justice" means a law system built around the Victimhood Olympics. Is that "progress"? Or banning cars so no one can travel? How about eliminating "fossil fuels" so billions of people around the world starve? While we're at it, why not just round all white men up and simply execute them altogether? With how absurdly Left the world already is, what does "more progressive" even look like at this point?

Better Than I'd Thought?

My original hypothesis regarding Tucker Carlson was that his value derived from hitting millions of Boomer viewers every night with "75% towards the truth" realities, which that audience wouldn't normally get. In other words, if one were to dump him off a mainstream television network and into the wide pool of YouTubers, there are other people who are simply closer to the truth than him. Incidentally, these days my favorite is Vincent James, to whom I listen via Gab TV.

But the more I've heard from Tucker via recent interviews and podcasts which are suddenly surfacing, the more I'm shifting my opinion towards "Ok, this guy really does know his stuff-- he was just being heavily shackled by his employer." Now there are various clips, intended to make him look bad, which simply paint him in an even more positive light. I will very closely watch what Tucker decides to do next: perhaps he can team up with one of his best friends, the also-excellent Alex Jones?

End of Xbox

Take a listen to the ever obnoxiously corporate Phil Spencer on an equally nauseating podcast explain how the concept of "Xbox" consoles is not long for this world, and how the division is simply going to shift towards cloud streaming. He doesn't use those exact words, but it doesn't take a genius to interpret what he's saying. And there's no missing context either: feel free to rewind from the timestamp-- his words are what they are.

On the Nintendo front, everyone is just waiting for that "Switch 2" announcement, which has to be coming pretty soon. If it's backwards-compatible I will probably buy one, since I have an enormous library of physical Switch titles. As for Sony, the PlayStation 5 Pro is coming next year-- but what games are there to play within their ecosystem? Their first-party titles are either Hollywood walking simulators, have gross dykey protagonists such as in "The Last of Us 2", "Horizon: Forbidden West", and "Returnal", or both.

Then you've got PC, which has no exclusives outside of "pixelshit" indie titles: the PC is a third party-only platform, by its nature. And as we all know, third-party developers can't produce working software these days to save their lives. The industry could really use a brand new platform with deliberately-constrained specs: maybe it could be a 32-bit machine, like a new PSX with a simple-to-program SoC? That would force developers to keep their project scopes in check, go back to focusing more on rich gameplay, and allow for more risk taking.

Of course, nothing would stop them from making Woke or pretentious content on the new system as well. But maybe with 3DO-Saturn-PSX visuals, not enough red haired SJWs would even be interested in the ecosystem?