The Exigent Duality
Death by Irony - 18:27 CST, 4/21/23 (Sniper)
I've had various scribblings for a blog post written for many days now, but I've been so busy I haven't had a chance to put it all together and post it!

Winter and Sports Cars

My new 2023 GR86 came in on Wednesday, but in absolutely ridiculous fashion my area received multiple inches of snow, two-thirds the way through April. As such, I had to postpone picking the vehicle up until this upcoming Monday. My sales manager buddy did send me a picture of it though:

I looked at the differences between this base model and the "Premium" trim. I prefer the smaller seventeen inch wheels, as tires are cheaper; I'm "take it or leave it" regarding the "duck" spoiler; the aluminum pedals are a gaping absence however, and I will address those with an aftermarket solution; the OEM tires are awful, but hopefully I won't be driving the car this next winter anyway.

It's a cool car, but I'm not "feeling" it, at least not yet.

Outside of the "as exciting as a toaster" SUV I bought for my wife many years ago-- and which we subsequently sold just a couple of years after that-- I haven't been this disinterested in a new car. In part, it feels like I'm going backwards from what was an expensive premium vehicle in 2002 with a big engine and rapid-acceleration-for-the-time, to an entry-level budget car with a four banger. This isn't the car I wanted, and I do hope my GR Supra comes in relatively soon so the GR86 can just be a stop-gap measure.

All the same, I'll go into it with an open mind. People say it's really fun to drive, and being able to take my car when hauling the kids around is going to be nice. From a financial standpoint, I would have been stupid to pass this opportunity as the car will appreciate by ten grand as soon as I drive it off the lot. I'm going to pay cash for it, so it will be a monstrous downpayment on the GR Supra, giving me low payments for that vehicle.

The Left and Religiosity

There was a fairly recent episode of "Tucker Carlson Tonight" which explored the religious nature of the "transgender" movement. I feel bad for the subset of these people who have legitimately damaged brains and hormone ratios, causing them to exhibit the mental illness known as "dysphoria". I have some "mental health" issues myself, so I'm sympathetic. That said I would never, in a million years, rampage through hallways shouting obscenities, like a toddler throwing a tantrum in a playpen, at people who disagree with me-- much less physically assault or shoot someone, for Pete's sake.

In the Riley Gaines segment, the police wouldn't help her, instead shutting her into a classroom for three hours. She said the cops wouldn't intervene because they "knew what that group was capable of"-- but that's not it at all. Remember Derek Chauvin? Violent criminal black guy passed counterfeit money; Chauvin pinioned the dude, straight out of the training materials, waiting for a squad car to arrive; dude is so loaded with Fentanyl that he died from a heart attack on the pavement; and the cop went to jail for doing his job, because black people are a legally-protected oppressor class, and the cop was a white male.

Given that context, the almost impossibly ideological White House, plus Soros-bought district attorneys all throughout the country, can you imagine if a cop had cuffed one of these mob members? Have fun spending years in prison. At least Riley Gaines is pressing charges against the people who laid hands on her-- it's all caught on film.


It's because of people like this creature that we are where we are today. This degenerate is a man who had children, then decided to become a tranny. The State let this individual keep custody of the kids. What a surprise, he's also a Jew. Just as surprising, he spends his free time writing books attacking Christian churches. This is one gross human being.

Mike Gallagher

Another reason for our current predicament involves Republican war hawks like this fellow, named "Mike Gallagher". According to the article's author, this man's role is "developing an action plan to defend the American people, its economy, and values from CCP aggression".

Last time I checked, China isn't threatening the American people: I don't think there are any Chinese warships sitting off the coast of New York City, and I haven't seen any Chinese jet fighters flying over my house. By contrast, the US is floating aircraft carriers through waters right off of their territory. I also don't think China is threatening America's economy; they manufacture almost literally everything we buy, and in exchange they get intrinsically worthless paper dollars-- if anything they are the ones getting the short end of the stick, economically.

So what is all of this about then? "Russia's ongoing conquest of Ukraine, and the United States' failure to deter it, contain all the lessons necessary to prepare for what comes next in Taiwan."


Russia invaded Ukraine because the West and NATO ignored decades of warnings and redlines from the Kremlim. It'd be like someone punching you repeatedly: "If you punch me one more time, I am going to punch you back". You punch them back, and the person screeches "Stop attacking me!" The Ukraine war is one hundred percent the fault of the West, and if I were Vladimir Putin I would have invaded even sooner. I hope Ukraine surrenders, Russia captures that entire country, and the Russians do a little taunting jig once they're done, for good measure.

Let's also not forget that it's people like this Mike Gallagher, Boris Johnson, and other Western Globohomos who have been repeatedly sabotaging any peace overtures from the Kremlin. The Ukraine conflict would have been over a long, long time if it weren't for Western meddling. The West wants to sacrifice every last man, woman, and child in that country so they can depose Vladimir Putin, because they hilariously blame him for Hillary's loss in 2016.

It's all about regime change-- because that philosophy works so well at making the world safer for Americans.

Regarding Taiwan, I don't know enough about what commitments the idiotic US government has made to them in the past to know if the former are still obligated to provide protection to the latter-- but the fact that people like this Gallagher dude are using Yoo-Crane as some kind of analogy tells me a lot of what I need to know about the subject.

Testosterone Crisis

Here was Paolo Maldini, when he was young. Here is his son, at roughly the same age. Part of why I like watching professional sports is seeing "peak masculinity": huge muscles, square jawlines, big brow ridges, ruddy skin, and what those kinds of bodies can do while playing gridiron, tennis, football, rugby, or whatever. I still enjoy my football, but the really strange appearance of modern players is constantly distracting to me. They have the faces of eight or nine year-old boys, but bolted onto body frames which are six feet tall. This "Frankenstein's Monster", grafted and stitched-together appearance is unsettling.

America Today

Here are hundreds of blacks running around in Chicago smashing windows, destroying cars, and stealing things out of store fronts. Here is a group of fat drunk white guys and obese hispanic women beating each other up during a baseball game, with some "IQ of 40" rap music playing in the stadium. Here are some more blacks, this time at your friendly neighborhood gas station. Here are yet more blacks, this time saying they need to "get active" while beating a white woman to a bloody pulp. Here are some blacks and hispanics robbing a convenience store. Meanwhile in Baltimore, here is yet another mob of hundreds of blacks running around, with the sound of gunshots in the background.

Remember, the average American who goes off to college needs one-to-two-years of remedial education in reading comprehension and basic math skills. They don't know a thing about the country's history, or probably even where Europe is on a map.


As an ardent and devout Catholic, I view Protestants as fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. But every single time I see a picture like this, it's in a Protestant church. I think this is because many of the people attracted to Protestantism, in lieu of the Orthodox or Catholic faiths, are there because of sections in the Bible they don't agree with: so they accept a "watered down" form of Christianity, which gives them what they want. That's also why there are fifty bazillion Protestant denominations: they splinter each time they aren't allowed to get a divorce, or whatever other scripture interpretation they don't like.

I mean, they don't even believe Jesus's words "This is my body." So instead they drink little paper cups of grape juice. It may as well be Mountain Dew and Doritos, because the Eucharist doesn't mean anything substantive to them. I don't mean this as an attack-- it's just my opinion, the way I see it.

By contrast, the Catholic and Orthodox churches are more armored against this kind of usurpation, because they take a more hard-line view of scripture, and are more conservative in the sense that they don't change things very often-- and when they do, they take a lot of time to deliberate about the proposed alterations. Maybe some day there will be tranny story hour at a Catholic Church, but I tend to doubt it: the presiding priest would be excommunicated on the spot, and the congregation would shift to neighboring Catholic churches immediately.

Street Fighter VI

The "Street Fighter VI" PlayStation 5 demo came out yesterday. "V" was a dramatic departure from the traditional series gameplay, in that the camera was pulled way in, and the battles flowed more like those from grapple-oriented 3D fighters such as "Tekken" or "Virtual Fighter". Needless to say, I wasn't a fan. "VI" doubles down on that style.

In addition, "VI" goes so woke that the game feels like a parody, either of wokeness in general or of the fact there are "Gen Z" youngsters out there who actually like this sort of stuff. For example, one of the demo's videos features a muscular gay black guy with purple hair and garter straps. He's so over-the-top faggy in his mannerisms, that it immediately brought to mind this sub-boss from "Bare Knuckle III". In fact, the two designs are very similar.

The same goes for the new characters: there isn't just one crazy black haired lady, but two! And of course, there is this gem of a design, which will surely go down as a timeless classic in the same vein as those of Ryu, Guile, and Chun-Li.

When I was a kid and teenager in the 80s and 90s, we rightfully made fun of this stuff, and intentionally ridiculous characters in video games reflected that. Today's game designers make identical-to-the-former-parody designs, but in seriousness! That's how "Twilight Zone" our culture has become.

But in a bizarre twist, this all makes me more interested in "Street Fighter VI", to the point where I may in fact buy it at some point. If the future of wokeness is that it goes full circle and winds up eating its own tail, becoming a hilarious comic-relief caricature of its own core values, count me in: that would be an outcome I would readily embrace; death by irony! The game also features a "One Must Fall: 2097"-esque RPG mode, which sounds intriguing.