The Exigent Duality
Grifters and Math - 19:05 CST, 3/16/23 (Sniper)
This is a must watch. I've been told repeatedly by numerous younger Millennial and Gen-Z men that dating today is quite literally hopeless: finding a young woman who isn't a completely manipulative, psychopathic narcissist is virtually impossible. After seeing the women on display in that clip, I can understand what they're on about.

Interestingly, one of the vacuous female youngsters regurgitates an old hippy line from the 1960s, about how "now is the time to find yourself." Which means, of course, have promiscuous sex with as many random people as possible, totally succumbing to Satan's wishes and away from anything requiring truth, beauty, hard work, or self discipline.

"The Fourth Turning" predicted that young people of today would be the Boomers' little foot soldiers. You can mark that as a prediction come right.

White People Are Fed Up

First Clot Adams, now Eric Peters. I guess you can only spend so many years, at every single opportunity, telling white men that they are incompetent evil incarnates before they start to push back.

My take is that I didn't pounce on the opportunity to acquire my current house because there were materially zero black people in the area-- but if it had been in an area with lots of blacks, I would not have bought it: I would have passed on the opportunity.

If you overlay global maps of violent crimes, such as rape, with heatmaps reflecting the percentage of black people present, it's a direct correlation. Of course, you can't judge any individual black person, because there are lots of great ones out there. Who wouldn't want Thomas Sowell or Ben Carson as a neighbor.

But when you get large groups of blacks in an area, it's game over: time to leave. I don't know why they are so violent. Eighty average IQ and high Testosterone levels?

Didn't Get the Memo

Here is something I'd not seen to this point, at the 18:50 mark: a "diversity" officer who tried to treat the word according to its literal meaning, versus the Cultural Marxist definition.

The Cultural Marxist definition of "diversity" is "no whites" and "no men". An entire room filled with nothing but women is "diverse". An entire room filled with nothing but black men is "diverse". But this woman, Tabia Lee, took her job to mean literal diversity: lots of divergent opinions, even from conservatives, a mixture of all races and both sexes including white men, and so forth.

Predictably, she was completely shit-canned by her employer, and called every pejorative in the book. I guess she never got the "English-to-woke" translation memo.

White Men Shrugged

If you want to know who has all of the power, look at who you can't criticize. Number one on the list are Jews. Number two are trannies. Number three are blacks. Conversely, if you want to know who is oppressed, powerless, and under-privileged, look at who you can dump on with zero consequences. At the bottom of the pyramid is white males. They have, by far, the least power in today's society.

The trouble is, blue collar, salt-of-the-Earth, white male Trump voters are basically the most competent people in any room. They do all of the dirty jobs, the dangerous jobs, the laborious jobs, the fighting in wars, and are the only demographic combination which are net tax payers: they pull the wagon while everyone else rides in it.

What happens when you alienate those people, to the point where they say "Sayonara, suckers", Atlas Shrugged-style? You get simple fourteen mile train line extensions which are four years and seven hundred million dollars over budget.

Interested, I decided to look up who these "Met Council" people are.

Let's see, a "human rights commissioner" for "underrepresented"-- i.e. black-- people, a "diversity program director", some lady who dresses like a Romulan, some gal who "addresses complex policy issues for Asian, Pacific Islanders", a dude who "helps close employment and training gaps for communities of color and Indigenous communities", some guy whose only defining characteristic is that he's an Indian, a Somalian "community organizer", a Hispanic guy who "ensures equitable pay for workers", a "renewable energy" shill, a "Wonder Woman of the Year" whatever the hell that is, and a "policy developer community organizer".

Absent from that list seems to be anyone who can do basic math or work a calculator. I don't see one among them who has ever had a real job.

Heck, just look at them. If you walked into the room and glanced around at that motley crew of truly bizarre looking grifters sitting around the table, would you have a lot of confidence?

It brings to mind that study which found that on average people on the Right were better looking than Leftoids, by some margin. They concluded that ugly kids are treated worse as children and so go on to become Lefties, projecting the powerlessness of their childhoods on the rest of the world.

Peter Schiff Was Right, Part Forty

Peter Schiff has been saying for years, once again to derision and mockery, that far from unwinding their balance sheet, the Fed would restart QE the second things got ugly. Sure enough, in just a few days, they wiped out literally half of the entire "Quantitative Tightening" program!

Of course, they aren't calling it QE. The only thing Janet Yellen and company are good at is coming up with dorky names and metaphors. This time around the parlor trick is "Bank Term Funding Program", or "BTFP". I wonder if this will fill up the bath tub and help the economy achieve escape velocity?

I once had a Fed apologist tell me that "inflation lubricates the economy". He got mad at me when I pointed out, "oh, it lubricates something all right". The little people, as always, are paying once again to bail out billionaire Jews and their friends. A friend of the wife's makes $40k per year, and after apartment rent and bills has $35 left over per week for food. This is all coming to a breaking point, and it's not going to be pretty.

Warp Speeds

My son just took various Star Trek warp speeds, did the math to convert the values into AU/sec, then did fly-bys of the solar system in "Space Engine". It's funny how slow the Star Trek ships are, compared to where they are supposedly traveling in the episodes. At warp one, Jupiter barely pans out of your view as you go by. Even at warp five, it would take them years to get between the various systems they are purportedly visiting.

And who cares, if the episodes are entertaining. But it's still fun to see how the math doesn't quite work out.