The Exigent Duality
Mirrored Opinion - 07:19 CDT, 2/25/23 (Sniper)
Even if these numbers are fluffed, it seems that Vladimir Putin's popularity is stratospheric compared to Creepy Joe's.

In other news, here is V observing that games today have a ninety-plus percent chance of being mediocre-to-horrible. Basic mechanics are either absent or completely broken. His take is that game developers are just rubbish today. He sounds like me! "What do you all do for entertainment? Because apparently video games can't be a part of it for me anymore." Sound familiar? "Play old games. I've already played the old games! I want something fresh." Again, sound familiar? "I finish all of my work and obligations, I have some time where I just want to relax, and... what should I even do with my time?" Yup, I've been having those episodes frequently, where I'm considering sweeping the floor for a third time.

Anecdotally, it seems like there are lots of planes crashing; lots of trains derailing; lots of military debacles; lots of skyrocketing crime; lots of power grids going down; lots of absent creativity in the arts; and so forth. The Left have been pushing their "erase whitey" replacement operation for years. Meritocracy is out, "DIE monoculture" is in. The labor force participation rate is way down because millions of white males have stopped working. Colleges are becoming SJW-exclusive. And now everything appears to be disintegrating, "Atlas Shrugged"-style.

Good news though is that I've heard back about the Sacristan work, and I'm going to shadow throughout March, and then being put on the actual rotation in April! That will help keep me busy, considering I will have obligations before and after Mass each Sunday, in addition to the Mass itself.