The Exigent Duality
Erase Whitey - 14:47 CDT, 2/09/23 (Sniper)
Regular readers of this blog know that I've been pointing out for years that "DIE"-- "Diversity, Inclusion, Equity"-- has been Marxist agitprop from the start. It dates back even to the 1960s and 70s, when the very first roots of putting token black people in ads, the promotion of sexually aberrant behavior, the normalization of eco-nuttery, and on and on started to be pushed on the population. The objective has never been to help gay people or trannies or blacks or the rain forests: rather, the concept was and is to systematically destabilize the old values regime, so a neo-Marxist one can be put in its place.

Here is some study material for anyone who still somehow denies this reality:

  • What is Cultural Marxism: [Video]
  • Yuri Bezmenov interview: [Video]

Often when I so much as hint at any of this stuff, people immediately tell me to "think optimistically" or to "not worry about it." Yup, head in the sand: like the hundreds of thousands of people who have keeled over due to cardiac arrest from the Clot Shots, which I also warned them about. My wife and I frequently joke, in gallows-humor style, that the day will come when normies will find men with rifles at their homes, to escort them to the gulag-- and they still won't get it. A funny example of this phenomenon just happened.

In the new "Hogwarts Legacy" game, you can't make white people via the character creator. You can find many threads about the topic via a simple search on Reddit. Apparently if you exploit strange behavior in the character creator by picking certain hair colors like ginger then fiddling with a "complexion" slider, you can sort of finagle a roughly white looking person in certain situations. But the skin color slider, all the way to the light-skinned side, produces tones like those of Middle Easterners.

Predictably, the moderators are locking all of the threads which point this out, as soon as those threads appear. What makes me laugh is how the people there don't get it: like this is some kind of a bug in the game, and not by design. This comment in particular made me both laugh and shake my head at the same time, bold emphasis is mine:

"POC have been justified in their long fight for representation and this game delivered when it comes to that... But why did that have to mean taking away that representation for others?"

Again, whomever wrote this comment will be in the act of physically being dragged to the gulag, and still won't make the connection. No amount of facts or data, even with pictures, will open their eyes, just like Bezmenov explains. They'll be trumpeting the woke nonsense-- their "POC" and their "LGBBQHGQAVZX++"-- right to the point when the bullet hits the back of their skull and their body falls into the ditch, not realizing even then how they were their own undoing.

In the case of this game, I suspect the backlash will be so great that they will patch in a way to make white people. But that's how all of this works: you do one thing, then the backlash, then "oops sorry", then push it a step further next time, then backpedal just a little again, and so forth. I've seen this cycle a hundred times. Over time you gradually ratchet the Overton Window more and more towards your side, to the point where today huge swathes of white people openly admit that they hate their race, and were literally bowing down to black people during the peak of the BLM riots.