The Exigent Duality
Wokeness and the Great Reset - 12:40 CST, 1/14/23 (Sniper)
Here is an interesting Tom Woods episode where he interviews Michael Rectenwald about the latter's new book, which deals with the "Great Reset" question. Before I make an observation about the conversation, open up your browser's dev tools and add a "display: none" CSS rule to their ridiculous "clarification box" div. About that box, I remember a year or two ago where their "clarification" was that the "Great Reset" was an imaginary thing created by radical Right-wing nutjobs. Now, you'll notice, the box acknowledges that it's real but says that it's innocent.

It brings to mind the joke, "What's the difference between a 'conspiracy theory' and a fact?" Answer: "About three months".

Regarding their conversation, Rectenwald does a phenomenal job explaining the role of the "woke" ideology in their larger picture. If you try to confiscate property or otherwise abuse people, where they think that their property and accomplishments are earned due to hard work, endeavor, and discipline, they will fight you. But if you can convince them that everything they have is merely an accidental outcome of "privilege", that they don't deserve what they have and never did, and privileges can be both given and revoked, you can not only get them to succumb, but to take joy in having succumbed!

So why convince young men that they are worthless, and young women that they are perfect little princesses, sentiments I demolish in this post? It's because this cabal is Malthusian, from the top of their heads to their toes. If they can replace men with women in the career sphere, women will have fewer kids. It's that simple. It also serves an almost inadvertent secondary effect: of the two sexes it's men and not women who are more apt to fight back, so it's best to preemptively demoralize them as much as possible.