The Exigent Duality
Gullible Written On Ceiling - 08:07 CST, 1/13/23 (Sniper)
Start watching at the 1:30 mark of this video, then gauge your frustration on a level of one to ten. Even setting aside the fact that the sociopaths running the "media" have ulterior motives and flip narratives to polar opposites at the press of a button to benefit the establishment, I also think there is a genuine sense of bewilderment from the foot soldiers further down the line.

Every human being has varying degrees of "bullshit detection" capabilities. This idiotic press secretary has never authentically answered a single question the entire time she's been on the job, and I picked up on it less than a minute into her first press conference. She's like the lady reading off the "news" on North Korean TV. For anyone with half a brain, it's obvious in seconds.

But for "normies" like these CBS press people, they are so conditioned to blindly trust "authority" that they can't detect a lie unless it smacks them in the face. Finally, finally, finally there is something so idiotic, so brazen, that even they are like, "You know, she's... she's not really answering the question, is she!" The way they proclaim it like it's some kind of profound realization is both hilarious and frustrating. And I can just visualize their audience nodding along: "I used to like this press secretary, but now I just don't know!"