The Exigent Duality
Assorted Morsels - 08:43 CDT, 12/06/22 (Sniper)
One of the most interesting things I've seen recently is this clip of George Soros explaining his origin story, so-to-speak. I won't spoil anything, other than to say his contradictions in thinking and the shameless way in which he explains them is breathtaking-- even moreso, it explains the justification for every action he is taking today.

In other news, here is Eric Peters breaking down the math for what the electrical grid would require in terms of capacity to support everyone moving to external combustion cars. Let's just say the obvious end goal is rationing, and the state telling people when they can go, and where they can go.

Changing subjects again, so many things are moving and have moved to the GPU, how long before IBM PCs are just tiny little motherboards with one giant, enclosed peripheral you plug into a socket? The "computer" will be housed almost entirely in the peripheral!

Finally, I've been on a roll with reviews lately, check out the most recent ones here. All five of the most recent have been personally interesting experiences. "Combat" on the Atari VCS was my first-ever video game, from when I was two or three years old-- it felt strange revisiting that. Similarly, playing the original "Sonic" in 16:9 felt odd.