The Exigent Duality
End Times and Snatcher - 17:57 CST, 11/16/22 (Sniper)
Warning: This post has spoilers regarding the game "Snatcher"-- do not read any further if you plan to play through it!

Tonight I will be driving the kids to their weekly Faith Formation class. Rather than take two trips there, I just stay so I can sit in the church in front of the statue of Mary, and pray the Rosary. Then I move to the back and continue working my way through the Catechism. Tonight I'll be driving in the dark, silhouettes of moonlit trees illuminated in snowy fields all around me, along frost-coated roads. I have a little time to burn before we need to leave, and the idle time got me thinking about Snatcher's story, and where things are in general. Listening to Stratovarius's album "Desiny", I begin...

In the real life timeline, atheist Jews formed the self-proclaimed "Bolshevik" movement. They took over Russia, confiscating everyone's property, putting people on their knees, shooting them in the backs of the heads, or sending them on long exile marches to the middle of nowhere. Like all Leftists, even the more mild ones, they are preoccupied with power and have very little tolerance for other peoples' points of view. Once they'd conquered Russia and plunged it into their reign of terror, they turned themselves towards their greatest rival: the United States.

The best way to undermine an opposing culture is to rot it from within. So over time they installed Communist sympathizers in all levels of the American government, the media, the banks, and other positions of influence. It's interesting how McCarthy has a bad rap today, because as history has shown he was absolutely right: Communists were everywhere in the US. They took over the schools in particular, what's that famous quote, I think it was from Lenin... something to the effect of give me the children, and within one generation I can turn the public, or something like that.

And it worked. Kids today in America are indoctinated in Cultural Marxism from Kindergarten through college, and now even in their careers in giant corporations, where they are further infantilized. They are so fervent in their beliefs about literally, completely made-up narratives like "Gender fluidity", "climate change", "racism against blacks around every corner", and so forth, that they have formed their own religion, with its patron saints, scriptures, uniforms, holiday schedule, prayers, and so on. Like all zealots, anyone who questions this belief system is canceled on the spot.

The funny part about all of this? The Russian "Bolsheviks" who put all of this in motion didn't survive to see it work! The Soviet Union collapsed under its own weight in 1991! And this leads me to Snatcher.

In Snatcher's timeline, the Soviets created these robots, and intended to covertly install them into positions of power, particularly in the United States. But just like in real life, the original people behind the madness never got to reap the spoils-- in the game's version of events, Elijah Modnar deliberately caused a cataclysm which wiped Moscow off the map along with half the world's population. Either way and in both timelines, the Soviet Union was no more.

But here is where the two timelines re-converge: successors of the original perpetrators were standing by to pick up the pieces, and turn those pieces to their own advantage. In the game, it was Elijah Modnar himself but in real life it's, once again, atheist Jews-- the ones who control all of the media companies, the entire banking system, who provide over eighty percent of the the Democrat party's funding, among many other things-- who are on the verge of taking over the whole world, forcing the plebes into "Fahrenheit 451"-style stupidity and complacency, while they get unfathomably rich.

The WuFlu Scamdemic was the world's largest wealth transfer from the poor to the rich in human history. Expect more of the same, as these same people shove everyone into their "you will own nothing and be happy", "eat your bugs" model. Aside from isolated spots like Hungary and Poland these neo-Marxists have already conquered Europe. They have essentially succeeded in installing a uniparty apparatus in the United States, as the Republicans will probably never win another major "(s)election" ever again, between the rampant fraud and armies of brainwashed "Gen Z'ers". It's not clear to me how China will fit into that picture, as they are also seeking world domination, via national-level debt serfdom.

It's dark days ahead. Maybe even the final days? I've done all I can to keep my family safe, and into full love of Jesus. I pray that everyone else will also acknowledge Christ as their one and true king and savior, for the redemption of their souls.