The Exigent Duality
Saiki K. - 13:54 CST, 11/15/22 (Sniper)
The kids and I have been watching the anime series "The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.". Along with it being hilarious in general, it's also interesting to watch from an introvert's perspective.

All introverts go through sometimes elaborate planning on how to avoid people or uncomfortable situations: "Person A is always at door X around 15:15, while person B walks the hallway ten minutes afterwards-- so if I leave at 15:20, I should be able to go through the path without running into anyone." But in Saiki's scenario, he's a psychic with superpowers! So Saiki as a protagonist is both relatable on a personal level for introverts, but also serves as a sort of Superman for people with that disposition, in that he has a much wider array of tools to deal with others than a normal person.

Of course, this array of tools also gives the writers lots of latitude for putting Saiki in complex, challenging fantasy scenarios-- oftentimes self-inflicted-- that a normal introvert will never face. Seeing Saiki critically think and problem solve his way out of these situations is a huge part of the show's charm.